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Hello community! The question is not strictly Webcon related. Does anyone have experience with SAP, specifically how the sending of IDOC works? I need to receive the file but am banging my head against the wall how this works. Any ideas/tips would be much appreciated! Cheers, Martin

Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone else has been having this problem. When i try to add (upload) a file to an item list using a local attachments column there seems to be a hard 4MB (4096kb) limit. When i delete the line, save my process and then link an existing attachment it works fine but for my purposes this is not acceptable behaviour. Is there any way around this? Thanks for your feeback Pasquale PS: I'm using 2022.1.4.61 Update: It seems that it has to do with the limita (...)

Hi there, For security reasons, we need to add a timeout for all user logins such that after a couple of hours, after login, the user will be prompted to log in again. I looked through the GlobalParameters data base and found the following (line 44 - PortalTokenSigningKey) ..."Expiration":"00:00:00","RefreshTokenExpiration":"0.00:00:00","AuthCookieExpiration":"0.00:00:00","AuthCookieSlidingExpiration":true} I am not sure if it's the right place, what format it uses (days:hours:minutes (...)

Hi, How to set up multiple sender email addresses? In the configuration of sending emails you can settup only one account and our custommer would like to send emails from different inboxes depending on the application. They use Graph for the email configuration. Graph is capable of sending emails from multiple accounts, but can we settup this somehow in webcon? I find it strange not to be able to as it is quite an important functionality especialy when webcon allows multiple applications to (...)

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