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(...) Applies to version: 2020.3.x and above; author: Konrad Wojtycza   Introduction Data export from the Data table form field of the MODERN form is a useful functionality that has been added to version 2020.1.1. This option makes it easier to access and work on data stored in WEBCON BPS.   Configuration and data export The ability to export is available in the advanced confi (...)

(...) ns. Until now, when transferring applications between DEV/TEST/PROD environments, the BPS group must be transferred manually e.g. created again on each of the environments. From version 2020.1.3. the export-import mechanism will also transfer BPS groups along with the application. This article shows an example of such a BPS groups migration.   Configuration The “Managers_test” (...)

(...) Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Michał Kastelik   The article is an update of the already existing article, for the original see Importing and exporting data from an item list.   Introduction WEBCON BPS offers you the ability of importing data to the item list from an Excel file and exporting rows from the item list to an xlsx file. This article describes the c (...)

(...) Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Michał Kastelik The WEBCON BPS platform has mechanisms for importing and exporting application templates between environments, e.g., test and production environment or WEBCON BPS On-Premises and the Cloud Platform environment. One of the possible uses of this functionality is testing your application in the test environment, exporting the application template, (...)

(...) We have a use-case, where people need to export data from an SQL-Grid to Excel for data-verification. Unfortunately the export to excel only allows exporting the header + 999 rows of data - At least i couldn't find a way to raise the limit. It would be very helpful to get a parameter for a variable maximum row count for the export in the SQL-grid configuration. Thanks!

(...) Hi, we have the situation, that some globals and dictionaries are shared between applications. If I export an application all other applications, which use the same dictionaries, are exported too. At least I believe that the dictionaries are the case. This applies to the current version 2020.1.3.441. Of course, I can uncheck the unrelated applications, but this is error prone. In my opinion the appl (...)

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WEBCON: Business Process Automation and Management as its best WEBCON develops the Low-Code Business Process Automation Platform, WEBCON BPS (Business Process Suite). This enterprise-grade system allows organizations to embrace digital transformation by digitalizing their workflows and building comprehensive, scalable, process-centric and future-proof applications applying t

(...) s created manually (without using a wizard) and requires manual configuration. The result is that the dictionary thus created is not standardized. In this type of process there is no option to import/export data between environments. But all other features available to regular processes are present.   Differences between processes The table below presents the differences in individual feat (...)

(...) ied signature: Requires personal identity verification – notarized or official. The certificate must be stored on a secure device and must be protected with a PIN. It is not possible to export them outside the device. It is equivalent to a handwritten signature – it can act as evidence in court. It verifies itself automatically – in PDF readers you can see that certificate (...)

(...) After saving the changes, a new logo will appear on Portal in the top left corner:   Fig. 6. The Portal site with logo changed   Good to know By using the themes import/export mechanism, the logo configured in this way will also be transferred.   Fig. 7. A import/export mechanism configuration window

(...) important shortcuts: Ctrl + N – a shortcut used to create new objects e.g. applications Ctrl + Delete – a shortcut used to delete the objects Ctrl + E – a shortcut used to export of the selected component (application, process form field, workflow etc.) Ctrl + D – a shortcut used to generate the documentation of the selected process Ctrl + W – a shortcut used (...)

(...) s type. Most settings are identical to those we have seen in regular table reports on Portal, but the dedicated Document Template report comes with a number of preconfigured options, e.g. buttons for exporting and importing files on the top bar.   Fig.5. Adding a report with templates   One of the basic functionalities of the new dictionary processes is the ability to export an (...)

(...) Applies to version 2020.1.64.x; Author: Mateusz Kunior   Introduction Adding the dictionary processes Dictionary processes – report Importing/exporting dictionary processes   Introduction WEBCON 2020 version introduces the possibility of using dedicated processes as standardized data dictionaries. Thanks to this, we have the possibility to easily create and (...)

(...) z   When working in environments managed in parallel by many people (or teams) there is often a need for two types of processes to coexist within one environment – supported by the export/import mechanism and those implemented directly in the production environment. In this situation we cannot block the environment from editing. To ensure consistency and make it more difficult to u (...)

(...) to the brand new look:     Summary Theme created on one of the environments: developer, test or production can be easily copied across all the other thanks to import and export functions.   Choosing “export” will generate a .json file.   After copying the file to the target environment click on “Import” which will add it to (...)

(...) egory Type Level Microsoft Graph Delegated Group.Read.All Microsoft Graph Application Group.Read.All Microsoft Graph Delegated User.export.All Microsoft Graph Application User.export.All Microsoft Graph Delegated User.Read Microsoft Graph Delegated User.Read.All Mic (...)

(...) With the ‘as is’ license, WEBCON additionally provides an external tool, which exports all translatable phrases from a process to an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains additional columns, named after the languages defined in Designer Studio. After entering the desired translations into the Excel file, they can imported into WEBCON BPS.    

(...) . 4. WEBCON BPS Designer Studio – the template import   Business case If you already have some way of storing information about employees in the internal database, and you want to export them to an Excel file, see how to easily convert the data to match the template. The #Users tab has been created that stores user’s data:   Fig. 5. The SQL query   (...)

(...) /adfs/ls/idpinitiatedsignon.htm to open a test login page.   After that, you are ready to start the customization.   To avoid creating CSS styles and the scripts from scratch, export our theme (you will find two versions attached at the bottom of the article). To do this, create an empty directory on the disk, e.g., with the same name as the theme, and use the command: export- (...)

(...) as many buttons as you need, and every one of them can start a different process or workflow, WEBCON start buttons will streamline your work.   What is more, start buttons are imported or exported together with the process they belong to. Thanks to this, you can reuse them, for example, by putting them on your SharePoint site. Another interesting option is adding start buttons to the dashboa (...)