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(...) il now, when transferring applications between DEV/TEST/PROD environments, the BPS group must be transferred manually e.g. created again on each of the environments. From version 2020.1.3. the export-import mechanism will also transfer BPS groups along with the application. This article shows an example of such a BPS groups migration.   Configuration The “Managers_test” BPS gro (...)

(...)   When working in environments managed in parallel by many people (or teams) there is often a need for two types of processes to coexist within one environment – supported by the export/import mechanism and those implemented directly in the production environment. In this situation we cannot block the environment from editing. To ensure consistency and make it more difficult to unintent (...)

(...) Save the file and go to Designer Studio. In the place where the file has been downloaded, you can add the filled-out file.   Fig. 4. WEBCON BPS Designer Studio – the template import   Business case If you already have some way of storing information about employees in the internal database, and you want to export them to an Excel file, see how to easily convert the (...)

(...) Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Michał Kastelik   The article is an update of the already existing article, for the original see importing and exporting data from an item list.   Introduction WEBCON BPS offers you the ability of importing data to the item list from an Excel file and exporting rows from the item list to an xlsx file. This article describes the c (...)

(...) Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Michał Kastelik The WEBCON BPS platform has mechanisms for importing and exporting application templates between environments, e.g., test and production environment or WEBCON BPS On-Premises and the Cloud Platform environment. One of the possible uses of this functionality is testing your application in the test environment, exporting the application template, (...)

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(...) Designer Studio is a great tool, and visual workflow editor is a great tool too, but it's missing a compliance with visual proces definition standards, like BPMN 2.0. Can you please implement a BPMN import feature ? Sure it won't be easy (since the differences in process/workflow definitions) but still it should be posiible to implement some basic imports, even if not all data from BPMN diagrams could (...)

(...) Please add feature to define delay (i.e. 60 seconds) before file gets imported from HotFolder. I have a situation where scanner creates an empty file at beginning of scanning, and WEBCON gets this file before it's complete. I use script to copy files from "temp scan" folder to HotFolder, but such feature directly in WEBCON BPS could bypass this workaround. Any comments and feedback here is more than w (...)


(...) stage, some parameters of the process can change which may cause inconsistencies in the subsequent stages of work. To avoid them, you can create a process that contains the history of changes of the important project parameters. Therefore, whenever a key parameter changes, we want to have a mechanism that will archive them in an instance showing the history of changes in the parameters of this project. (...)

(...) ecipients (Fig. 4).   Fig. 4. The example e-mail redirected by the system   The deployment mode set at the process level is often enabled/disabled per environment. If in the imported process e-mails should be redirected – remember to check the “Deployment mode” option (Fig. 5). Otherwise, e-mail notifications will not be redirected to the target environment. (...)

(...) the process and is updated whenever the configuration of the dictionary process changes. This process is created by using the wizard and its workflows are always structured the same. One of the most important features is the ability to migrate the data in the workflow instances between environments. For more information see: Dictionary processes (   The standard processes (...)

(...) inistrator directs the instance to the “Rejected” step and the user who has made the mistake, register a new request.   Fig. 6. The “Rejected” step   important! This action finishes tasks for all users assigned to a given step, regardless of their number.   Check if the task has been finished in the administration mode To check if the task (...)

(...) ash; “Document external ID”. The next section is “Message content”. In the “Subject” and “Content” fields select your fields from the form. The most important field is “Sender details” that defines whether the person sending document should also sign them. There are two available options: Viewer – only people defined on the list (...)

(...) author: Anna Puka   Introduction Digitally signing attachments ensures the integrity and authenticity of approved documents and improves the entire approval process. This is especially important now when more and more businesses are choosing to allow remote work and have little time to implement a paperless office model. The standard WEBCON BPS functionalities allow both digital and (...)

(...) nbsp; After saving the changes, a new logo will appear on Portal in the top left corner:   Fig. 6. The Portal site with logo changed   Good to know By using the themes import/export mechanism, the logo configured in this way will also be transferred.   Fig. 7. A import/export mechanism configuration window

(...) d. The shortcut information can be found in the right part of the selection window.   Fig. 14. The example view of the Menu available under the right mouse button   The most important shortcuts: Ctrl + N – a shortcut used to create new objects e.g. applications Ctrl + Delete – a shortcut used to delete the objects Ctrl + E – a shortcut used to export (...)

(...) Applies to version 2020.1.x, author: Dawid Golonka   Introduction When creating support for business processes in WEBCON BPS, it is important to remember that even the simplest workflow with a minimum number of steps and form fields will be reflected in the database – all of its instances and settings are represented in the content database – which is the main place of the (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Franciszek Sakławski   Introduction During document processing, it is important to check the correctness of the entered data – mostly to make sure that an incorrect value doesn’t cause issues further down the workflow. WEBCON BPS gives access to multiple avenues of form validation: RegEx, ‘Validate form’ action, a (...)

(...) ation wizard and go to step 3. After sending the file with the identifier you can stop the activation process until you receive an e-mail. In the meantime, the system will work in the DEMO mode. important! If you worked on the Express license for over 90 days – the demo license will no longer be active, so you must wait for the enterprise license activation. Step 3. Service activat (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Dawid Golonka   Introduction There are various reasons why companies implement electronic document workflow software.One of the most important is the need for business process automation. One example of such automation processes is the use of serial correspondence which generates documents based on the specific template in which the fiel (...)