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(...) able shows what components are currently supported for WEBCON BPS 2021, 2022, and 2023, and when we plan to end support for them. The last section shows the minimum platform version required for WEBCON BPS 2024  at launch (Please note that SharePoint and Windows Server will also need versions compatible with one another).     BPS 2021 BPS 2022 BPS 2023 BPS 202 (...)

Applies to all versions; Single-Use Access licenses available from 2023.1.1 and above. Licensing models WEBCON BPS is currently available in two licensing models – as a subscription or perpetual license paired with an annual Software Assurance payment (which allows updating to newer versions). Perpetual licensing is not usually offered on most modern markets, except for obta

Applies to version: 2023 R1 and above; author: Łukasz Maciaszkiewicz   Introduction Effective competition on the current market demands that companies possess a high degree of flexibility and the capability to access and make use of external resources. Many times, particularly when the internal resources of a company or its division appear to be insufficient, it is necessary to invo

(...) (eg from 2019 to 2024) check if you have the appropriate license for the WEBCON BPS version. We recommend that you activate the required license BEFORE upgrading the WEBCON BPS system.  WEBCON BPS 2024  Additional files   File Description ABBYY Findreader Engine 12 1487 MB ABBYY Finereader Engine 11 876 MB SDK Mig (...)

Applies to version: 2024 R1 and above, author: Krystyna Gawryał   Introduction WEBCON BPS is equipped with application export and import mechanisms, enabling users to create applications in one environment (DEV/TEST/PROD) and then deploy them in another. Until now, export and import operations have been initiated by administrators in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio, requiring user input

Applies to version: 2024 R1 and above; author: Marek Pęcikiewicz   Version 2024.1.1 of WEBCON BPS has introduced significant changes to the way Webviews operate in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio and the Outlook Classic add-in. In order to function properly, they require the installation of the "Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime environment", which was previously distributed as par

(...) Applies to version: 2024.1 and above; author: Marcin Kapusta    Introduction In WEBCON BPS 2024 R1, the Search Server component uses a new version of the Apache Solr index to search for data – 9.6.0. Because of this, updating WEBCON BPS will require additional steps. Most of these steps will be carried out automatically by the installer, nonetheless, some will need to be handled manua (...)