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(...) When adding or updating elements via Rest api, for picker fields it is required to provide Id and name. Quite often the name is known, but not the id. As picker fields are usually based on datasources, it would by great, when the api would be extended with methods to query datasources. There should be at least two methods: 1) getting a list of all available datasources (overall / by application) (...)

(...) This would be great! Also relating to the api would be great if we could do some sort of instance search on a certain field(column from wfelements). We are finding quite often the need of returning all the instances that match a certain filed value.

(...) gainst unwanted access, 3. Accessing REST/SOAP data sources would introduce an unnecessary round trip. You could use them directly. Since you are already storing credentials for connecting to the BPS api there's not much difference in storing the others also. The only benefit would be to access external MSSQL/Oracle databases. If your IDs are based on workflows you could make use of the Report api. (...)

Hello everyone! Have u stumble upon this error when u make a request through the action and map the body on a field? In the body field as mentioned in the picture should be the body , the json but, is shown the type of collection ( System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Object] )

Hi Iulian, maybe it's just me but I only see something blurry and no picture. Without the mentioned picture I don't really understand your question. Best regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel and Iulian, I have the same issue after the upgrade. Instead of full Json response I get this as the response body. Best regards, Aleš

Same problem. Ales Jurak picture is what I get too. Sometimes mapping the body contents with the webcon action is not enough. So I was saving the entire body in a technical field, then manipulating it via js/sql/webcon functions. Now I can't get the webcon body anymore. I get the same value(System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Object]) instead of the actual body json.

If this is a changed behavior after updating it looks to me like this is an unintended result of this feature: l In the REST action configuration in WEBCON Designer Studio it is now possible to build a request using JSON - Grid table structure containing objects, collections and collections of values. The image in the change log looks like the body could be based on the dictionary like it is w

I will do a support ticket and keep you updated on this thread. Thanks!

Hello The described behavior is a reported bug and will be implemented in the next 2021.1.2 release. It should be published this month.

(...) Hi all! Does anyone configured a start worflow in sharepoint using an api? I've following the tutorial video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3hC1fAjvAk) to start a subworkflow using MS Flow (now called Power Automate) but when I need to configure the Get Token Action I only have the options in the picture and they are premium. Anyone with ideas? Using the json in the column of the item (...)

As far as I know, you need to enroll additional license per flow or per user to use those actions. There were some changes in licensing plans, and that one included in standard O365 plans, allows to use actions within O365 context only.

Hi everyone, the new version has been published and I think this is fixed: Change log entry: Fixed an error caused by a change of the Response:Body mapping in the REST action configuration. Best regards, Daniel

In WEBCON the development is so fast and agile that it started to create bottlenecks in the deployment activity. We are using Azure DevOps and it would be great if some kind of pipeline could be created in order to start and deploy things in an automated manner.

Maybe add configuration option to connect DEV/TEST/PRO environments and then add a one click "copy proces to ..." button. That would be much better then export import with files.

That would be a great functionality as long as only some users would have access to that and also notification of deployment should be sent to a list of user or something like that.

There are indeed customers out there, who would like to use DevOps for deployments. We are currently taking part at a tender, where they also ask for Azure DevOps integration.

(...) t i extended our powershell cmdlets with a use weblogin feature. Fiddler and a bit of research in the web provided the right approach quite fast. Authentication works fine, but when using the rest api i receive an "invalid scope" exception. Seems that the rest api is only working with registered apps. Would be super cool having the possibility to grant permissions for using the rest api als (...)

(...) s, could you go a little further on the scenario you want to achieve? From what I understand, at the moment you have successfully get the token from the studio endpoint and want to use it for public api endpoints and hence the scope error. Regarding api support without dedicated accounts, I'm pretty sure we'll always need registered apps, but that doesn't prevent you from using the api as a user. (...)

(...) app registration. Browser based authentication would make the usage easier. Like PnP powershell has this option for authentication. In the link below you will find an extended version of the rest-api dataimporter, where i tried to implement a Use-Web-Login option. It works well so far, but as i wrote before, i receive a "invalid scope" exception when i use the extracted token. Could be that i mi (...)