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(...) barcode   BPS users and groups BPS users list synchronization Delete BPS user - allows you to delete a BPS user Delete BPS group - allows you to delete a BPS group create bps group - allows you to create a BPS group Add/Remove single user to BPS groups Add/Remove multiple users to BPS group Create BPS user - allows you to create a BPS user Edit BPS user&n (...)

(...) n The simple workflow has been created that allows you to submit a request for adding and deleting a BPS group. The request is sent to the accepting person who can approve or reject it. The “create bps group” and “Delete BPS group” actions are executed on the “Accept” path. In the “Request type” field, a user can select the appropriate action (Add/Delete). &n (...)

(...) e 1 presents the exemplary configuration for WEBCON BPS PL business entity.    Fig. 1. Business entity configuration in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio   The next step is to create bps groups and assign users their users. See: BPS groups in Standalone installation type. Figure 2 presents the list of created groups. When configurating groups the following format was applied, as in the (...)

Applies to version: 2019.1.4.x and above; author: Wacław Stawiarski   WEBCON BPS 2019 is our first product that can operate without SharePoint in what we call a Standalone version. In the year 2019 the Standalone version was gradually improved with mechanisms emulating/replacing functionalities of the full installation – especially those regarding the operations of the SharePoi