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(...) Applies to version 2021.1.1; author: Michał Kastelik   WEBCON BPS 2021 has introduced new appearance and display options that allow you to further customize your application's start buttons. Read this article if you want to learn what they are and how to use them.     Hiding buttons    After enabling the Portal editing mode, users (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020 and 2021.1; author: Krzysztof Gaszczyk start buttons start a process or workflow in WEBCON BPS. This article shows you how to create and configure them using Designer Studio or Portal. First, we explain how to do it in Studio and then how to do it on Portal. Both configurations are very similar. Configuring start buttons in Designer Studio To configure a start button, open De (...)

(...) wn dashboard Apart from the standard application, the “Suggested dashboards and reports” can be placed of any dashboard – in the same way as other dashboard’s elements like start buttons, reports, or search engine.   Fig. 3. The configuration of the suggested reports on dashboards   You can set the prepared dashboard as a start page of the application. &n (...)

(...) The application’s description and a list of the suggested reports, and dashboards appear on the application’s page.     To get access to the all report list and the start buttons, expand the side menu on the application’s page by using the “>” button.     Form view The mobile form contains all features of the desktop version incl (...)

(...) s (Agreement), form type names (Agreement), workflow names (Agreement), step names (Start, Finish (positive)), etc.   The following elements are also a part of the configuration: start buttons, reports and dashboards. In this case, the translations can be provided in WEBCON Designer Studio, but also in WEBCON BPS Portal in the edit mode.   Translation of the presentation layer (...)

(...) ve instances on the report.     Another difference is in the “Views” tab. An Start button is automatically added to the report – as with all such report-based start buttons, we can only select one Form type and Workflow per button.     After adding a new instance to the workflow and marking it as “Active” using the checkbox form field, (...)

(...) methods have been included in Portal that allow you to search not only the content of the workflow instances but also the structure of all applications available on Portal (e.g. reports, dashboards, start buttons). This article describes where and what you can search from the Portal level – information about the search mechanism can be found in the Searching structure in WEBCON BPS Portal article. (...)

(...) ting of the “Presentation” section   Fig. 9. Configuration table related to the presentation settings   AppStarts – it contains the configuration of the start buttons AppReports – information about the report configuration (AppReportViews – information about the user’s report views) AppDashboard – information about the configuratio (...)

(...) d a new appearance which is more compact and legible.    Fig. 2. Task counters on the WEBCON BPS 2021 main page   Fig. 3. Task counters in version 2020   start buttons start buttons can now be displayed in compact mode. Thanks to this, more start buttons can be placed on the application page. It is also possible to define any color for a start button. For more i (...)


(...)   Start After adding the "Start" element, select the starts buttons to be displayed on the dashboard. For more information about this widget, see How to create and configure start buttons in WEBCON BPS 2020 and 2021.   Fig. 7. The configuration of the Start widget   Text After selecting the "Text" element, an editable window will be displayed, wh (...)

(...) p; Project name and description – basic information about the project Form designer – creating the form Workflow designer – creating the workflow Starts – creating start buttons Reports –creating reports On the left, there are links to data sources and reports (if previously created), and the Add new” button which enables: Defining reports Creating (...)

(...) Hi there, this week i used "compact start buttons" for the first time. With our windows settings [FullHD, Text Scale 100%], e.g. the small 'g' is cut off a little bit at the buttom. It's no big issue, but a few more pixels in the next version should work perfect. Thanks, Bjoern Poller

(...) Hello there, with working much more with compact start buttons, i am optimizing our older dashboard layouts. We have a few applications, which have many start buttons. So i was wondering, if, maybe, in further coming WEBCON versions there could be the possibility to add 2 more "section layouts" like i posted in the picture. Mostly the usefull one would be: half side left, and two small columns in the right (...)