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2-level grouping and showing available views in report-menu
01.12.2020 10:50

Currently our report-menu for some processes is getting longer and longer. One reason for that is the fact, that some people have issues understanding they have to choose a report and can then navigate on the other side of the form by the views we have set up for them. Mostly people who count their daily clicks and tell you to change the system if they have to do 10 more a day, because you have set something up the way it makes sense. Hence: instead of discussing they get a report. Anyways...

It came to my mind that this problem might be solved by 2 level grouping in the report menu, and the possibility to expand each report-entry to see the available views already in the menu - not only after you opened the report, just like the grouping works in the views.

For example if we have a report containing all our invoices and views for "factual check", "financing check" and "accounting step" plus a report for all our contract based payments and the steps "financing check", "paid", "not paid" which use different fields and need to be kept in a different report - it might look like this:

+ Invoices
My Tasks (17)
My Invoices (120)
Factual check
Financing check

+ Contract based payments
My Tasks (3)
Financing check
Not paid

and so on. This would really help at not getting a messy menu in the applications. It would be even more awesome if there was an optional number indicating the count of entries in that view (in brackets in the example).

I then would use this to replace the standard "My Tasks"- section which i think is a good idea but not of much use, because it's lacking:

a) possibility to fade the "Instance preview cards" out - this bar just uses way too much space that might be missing on the form then
b) a chance to filter for workflows (and maybe other parameters)