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Hello, ho can You install Webcon BPS add-in for word on a computer without Internet Explorer i.e Windows 11 ?

Hello all, I have a process that would require the automatic start of workflows in webcon. The format of the email content is text and a table however I can change it to be fields only. I have everything set up but I'm only able to copy the content into a text field but I need to have the information as an item list. Does anyone tried to do this? How can you pick up the text field and work it somehow to have columns and the information as rows? Hope anyone has ideas! Thank you

I am using the free version with a limit of 10GB. Recently I received a message - Failed to execute 'setitem' on Storage: Setting the value of 'ExpandFormButtonLogID' exceeded the quota. I checked and the base was 9600MB. I did a shring database and reduced it to 4500MB. Today, I have the same error with a 4600MB database. Is this the end of working with the free version?

Hi, here is another task I need your help to get it completed: 1) Scenario A hot mailbox creates a new instance within the process and from there WEBCON BPS sends an email out. The user replies to this second email and the hotmailbox has been configured to add this reply into the original instance as attachment. This is done by adding the instance ID into the mail body and works without issues. 2) Request The body of the second email, the reply of the user, shall be added into a multi (...)

Hi, I want to limit one column in list position , which is multiline text to show only first 40 characters smth like: <?php echo substr(get_the_title(),0,40).' ...'; ?> after click in '...' it will show all text

I have a scenario where i need to get a variable amount of CSV files as attachments into a running process instance. The problem is that these CSV files are created by an outside system and can only be identified by the path in which they are stored and the creation date of the file. I can find these files with a PowerShell action but i have no clue how to add them as attachments to my workflow. At the point in time the files are created by the 3rd part system my workflow is not yet running so (...)

Hello, here is a question that I have not found suitable hints so far. As our customer is sort of in a hurry, I want to place this question here: Can a multi-factor-authentication be used with the Mobile App for WEBCON BPS? The customer uses AAD for authentication and I would assume that setting MFA there would invoke the app to ask for the 2nd factor if the password was saved. But this does not happen at the iOS devices they use. Is there any hint that you can give? Thank you (...)


Hello, I have the following scenario: - Webconapps - Data Sources > Connections > MSSQL Database > Azure_SQL: I have server name, database, user and password filled. When I click Test, I get "OK" so Webcon can connect to the database. However, when I try to create a MSSQL database Data Source and chose the above connection, I get the following error: "Unknown error: The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'table_name', database 'database_name', schema 'dbo'..." Using SSMS the (...)

Hi, I can't hide from navigation menu the item: Searching Structures->Archive ( img: itemMenuNavigation_Hide.png) Is it posible to do this? Thank you , Raluca Lupu

Dear Community, just a general question about e-mail notification with Microsoft 365 accounts. On 01.10.2022 Microsoft will disable Basic authentication. How do you plan to keep working e-mail notifications with SMTP from M365?

Hi, just testing with SOAP web service requests after resolving the issue I had with a customer project. My question is: Does WEBCON support a 1:m:n relation within SOAP requests? The issue with the former request not working was a structure reflecting this. As I cannot configure an item list within an item list I would assume the answer to be "No". Any guesses? Best, Ingo

Hello again, here is a next issue that I assumed to have fixed with the latest version of BPS, using 2022.1.3.65. I have a web service that has the structure as given in screenshot 1 (attached). The screenshot shows my configuration within a little test app. When I start this action, the request body fully ignores all data regarding the item lists as given in the dump below. (Hint: The error has been forced by the web service to receive the dump.) With POSTMAN the web service oper (...)

Good morning, following information to resolve another issue with one server I updated this from 2022.1.2.59 to 2022.1.3.65, including all pre-requisites. Installation and database conversion as well as service start went through without error. But unfortunatly the portal does not come up again; also a connect through Designer Studio fails. The web browser tells an error: HTTP Error 502.5 - ANCM Out-Of-Process Startup Failure Investigating this I started the file "" within path "" (...)

Hi, I just want to help my friend with installation free version of WEBCON BPS Everything is fine but after install in the right corner I have error everytime. No idea what is wrong because it's a new installation. Screenshots in att. Best regards, Jakub

Hi, this question may be silly, but I found no sufficient solution yet: Task: After generating sub workflows from item list entries get the item list entries removed. Approach: Use the action to change item list values with "Replace" Effect: One item list entry is created, all the others are removed Question: How do I get an item list blanked, all entries removed from the database *without* one entry being inserted? If anybody has a hint for me, it will be very helpful. Thank you f (...)

Hello, During an export I get a process export error like below: Invalid reference tag occurences: Business rule (13551) - "Column "BasicDesignerXml" in table "WFBusinessRuleDefinitions" contains a variable referencing object "Form field" with an ID of 11805. Referenced object does not exist" The thing is I don't have any form field with ID 11805 and I don't use any business roles in that process. How to get rid of this error?


The instance number of our process contains a field that is settup by the user in the form at the first step. What do we do when the instance is automaticaly started by hotmailbox activity in the fisrt step. In that moment we don't have that field filled in yet. A user will take that instance and move it forward after filling in that field. How can we update the instance number in that instance and avoid instance numbers like in the second screensot? The documentation seems a little confusi (...)

Hello, I have a strange thing that prevents any application from being exported: When the assistant analyzes the environment the following error message is delivered: see below Using the GUID given in the error message on the table 'dbo.translates' I receive one line with columns that seems to deliver the error. Sadly I am lacking information on the columns 'TRANS_ELEMID' and 'TRANS_OBJID' to furtherly investigate this issue. My assumption: An application group with an existing name ha (...)

Hi, after running (WebCon.Outlook_2022_1_3_47) the "vsto" file, this error message is displayed : The solution is to manually create the "application files" directory in the source. After that, the vsto file is imported correctly, but I open outlook and there is an inactive element in the addins - "Failed to load. A startup error occurred while loading the COM architecture plugin." Where can there be a mistake? thank you, mv

We are facing an error related to form field item list, when we add a required attachment column then try to submit the form, it shows an error message that the attachment does not exist when it’s attached. Note: version 2022.1.2.59