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Andreia Correia
08.04.2021 13:42
09.04.2021 15:54
Subworkflow to Create new entries in a dictionary

Hello all! I have a process where the user will be entering Addresses and I'm saving the new entries in a Dictionary. I have the subworkflow set up and it's working but I need to add some rules in order to not create duplicates neither empty rows. For my case, the information to be checked will be Customer Name and Address (because a customer name can have more than one address). I was trying to follow the query below but I'm not sure on how to add the dictionary there (in the database d (...)

Razvan Ogrezeanu - ENCORSA Romania
07.04.2021 11:31
09.04.2021 16:20
Using WebDav

Hi, I am trying to use WebDav in order to edit other types of documents (Others than office apps). I have installed the server side plugin and the client side plugins, but I have no idea how to enable any sort of edit button in WEBCON that would trigger the WebDav App. I have tried the demo in this website: https://www.webdavserver.com/ and works, but that only confirms that I have the client side plugins installed correctly. Thanks!

Raluca-Mirabela Lupu
07.04.2021 10:24
09.04.2021 07:57
SDK Action

What would be the best method to remove rows from the item list of an instance inside an SDK plugin in order to make use of them in C# code? I tried to remove rows from the item list in the code C# (SDK plugin ) using function : WebCon.WorkFlow.SDK.Documents.Model.ItemsLists.ItemsList.RemoveAt(int index), but can't delete all the rows because I get the error from the image

Daniel Ursu-Balaci
01.04.2021 12:45
09.04.2021 15:54
How Archive workflow instance works?

Hello, I need to find a way to automatically delete some workflow instances. I know that we can use the Archive workflow instance action, but it doesn't work. In the reports menu, we have a section named "Archive workflow instances queue", I found all my instances there, but I need a way to delete them all automatically

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
26.03.2021 15:27
09.04.2021 07:56
Warning: Check default schema of database user used for installation/upgrade

Hello everyone, before you install/upgrade BPS check the default schema of the database user under which the installation/upgrade will be executed. Make sure that the default schema is dbo. If this is a different schema new objects may be created using this schema. This may lead to unexpected errors later on which will be hard to debug. Here's a little script to change it. SELECT name AS [Name], SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name, type_desc, create_date, mod (...)

Kluthe-Köhler, Tim
25.03.2021 07:30
07.04.2021 11:57
Location of SDK Logs

When creating an SDK action there is an option to use the Logger Class to create logs (https://developer.webcon.com/2021/resources/online-documentation-sdk/html/2c254e06-3ac3-3a82-7c44-dae3d829d1e4.htm) Does anyone know where these logs are located (log file on file system or a specific database table)?

Raluca-Mirabela Lupu
24.03.2021 16:44
07.04.2021 11:39
SDK Action

What would be the best method to get the attachments of an instance inside an SDK plugin in order to make use of them in C# code?

Andreia Correia
23.03.2021 12:23
02.04.2021 07:43
Coloring Item List Cell when Value change

Hello all, Hope you're doing great! Does anyone configured a rule that will color a cell in a item list upon value change? I have an item list that will be initialized with values and if the user changes one of them, I want that cell to be marked so it's easier to check the value. I have found some examples but it's using a rule (like > than X) and it's painting the entire row. In the new release there are new item list actions which allow to paint one cell but I don't know how to wr (...)

Andreia Correia
22.03.2021 20:04
07.04.2021 12:02
Initialize Item List with SQL Query from Oracle DB

Hello all, Does anyone configured an Item List to be initialized with a SQL query that will query from another database? In this case I want to query from an Oracle DB and initialize the columns with the columns from the query: select milestone as {DCNCOL:185}, milestone_date as {DCNCOL:186}, amount as {DCNCOL:187}, currency_code as {DCNCOL:188}, amount_euro as {DCNCOL:189} from PL_Invoicing I'm trying to this but it's not working. Hope anyone has ideas for this! Thank yo (...)

22.03.2021 11:35
09.04.2021 15:57
installation WEBCON Express 2021

Hi guys, I'm totally new to WEBCON. I tried to install Webcon Express 2021, all looks fine but when I go to set up Portal URL I can't understand what kind of address I have to type. Read few times manual but I can't understand. Tried several things but I can't connect to WEBCON BPS 2021 Designer Studio. Any advice and recommendations are welcome.

Diana Ghindaoanu
18.03.2021 15:48
07.04.2021 13:49
Error on Add Barcode Action

Hello, I am trying to create an "Add Barcode" action. After I set it up I was trying to test it and this error showed up (it was the first test, it never worked).

Aleš Jurak
17.03.2021 15:54
09.04.2021 15:57
Soap Action - limitation

Hi, I am trying to connect to SOAP Webservice that has a structure with more than the allowed dept level (10). I tried to find the configuration for this setting, without any success. Has anyone else stumbled upon this issue?

Jacek Korpusik
16.03.2021 08:12
02.04.2021 08:21
Type of environment changing.

Is it possible to change the type of environment from PROD to TEST? Due to the expansion of the server room, we would like to transfer the production environment to another server, and leave the current one as a test environment. Is there a procedure to migrate the PROD -> TEST environment and export the application to the new PROD environment?

Aleš Jurak
15.03.2021 15:56
07.04.2021 11:37
Add Chart to Word template

Hi, On the form, I am using the Chart data field. I am wondering whether it is possible to use the chart field in the Word printout report. Is there an alternative way to draw a chart based on the form data in the report? Maybe in HTML report. I was also thinking to put chart into the Picture field that is supported in Word templates. Any insight on how to approach this would be appreciated. Best regards Aleš

Adam Hatak
13.03.2021 13:00
07.04.2021 11:44
Reset solr password

Hi, Is there any solution to reset 'solr' password in running WEBCON 2020 Standalone installation? Regards.

Andreia Correia
12.03.2021 17:25
15.03.2021 08:24
Sharepoint API to start a new workflow

Hi all! Does anyone configured a start worflow in sharepoint using an API? I've following the tutorial video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3hC1fAjvAk) to start a subworkflow using MS Flow (now called Power Automate) but when I need to configure the Get Token Action I only have the options in the picture and they are premium. Anyone with ideas? Using the json in the column of the item list is not working. Thank you!

Klaus Seidler
12.03.2021 10:52
23.03.2021 09:57
Interact with Microsoft Business Central

Are there best practices how interaction with business central (formerly known as MS Dynamics NAV) can take place? What would be the preferred interface? I remember a communication with Webcon where comon data source was mentioned. Where are we here?

Andreia Correia
11.03.2021 14:11
22.03.2021 11:12
Start Workflow using Sharepoint Library

Hi all, I'm taking some time to explore the possibilities of Sharepoint and Webcon. I have a process set up to approve internal documents and they need to be renewed after 1 year from the previous date. I was trying to set up the beginning of the process in the Library List (and in the future use the renewal date do display the Start Workflow option for the line) and took the example of https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/starting-workflow-from-the-sharepoint-document-library/54 (...)

Andreia Correia
11.03.2021 13:01
07.04.2021 11:45
Add Item List for Sharepoint Calendar

Hello all, Does anyone set up an action to add items in a Sharepoint Calendar? I'm using this https://howto.webcon.com/sharepoint-calendar-adding-entries-from-bps-workflows/ to help in the configurations and I'm able to send the information to Sharepoint: Message Log for my Action Message Address of a Sharepoint list: https://visionboxdomain.sharepoint.com/sites/customers/Lists/Calendar Inserting values: Title: Renovation Doc, Location: PT, EventDate: 3/12/2021 12:00 AM, EndDate: 3/14/ (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
10.03.2021 23:57
12.03.2021 07:21
Using Tags in thread names

Hi everyone, I learned today that you can close threads, which prevents adding additional answers. This is fine but I believe that we that an additional hint in the thread title would help, too. There are two reasons: 1) it's easier to notice 2) It's a better user experience. If you hide an option the user will wonder why something isn't available also it should be. If you "disable" it instead and provide an explanation everything is clear. Therefore I would suggest to add [Closed] as a prefi (...)