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Hello, I have a question regarding: Global action -> On start (cyclical). If I create an automation that runs every minute (infinitely) - for example: syncing users from another external database to the local BPS groups. From your experience, do you see any concerns or risks? Are these runs saved to a table in the database? Thanks.

Hi, When editing a step, under Forms tab, in the Task form group, there is a "Form:" dropdown, to which list you can add another form - which I did. The second form shoul present the same information as the Default form, but visually groupped some other way. I found no documentation on how to use this feature, could you please show me where to look? The actual need is to have different visual appearence for the same data - if not task form, then how can this be achieved? Thanks, Mihail

Can I search for historical information using report search? I mean retrieving information from previous versions of forms (with WFHistoryElements)

I have got 3 different flows but on each flow I have got the same data in one variable (key). in flow 1 is Signature in flow 2 is WFD_AttChoose5 {72} in flow 3 is WFD_AttChoose6 {692} how to do SQL request or more interesting is how to do report where I can: filter Signature = WFD_AttChoose5 {72} = WFD_AttChoose6 {692} In Webcon reports I don't see process fields if I add 2 or more processes to report :/ so I can't do filter on request :/ so maybe in Source create Source by SQL (...)

IS there a way to extract the information with sql about the bps groups via sql command?

Hi all! An element in a process disappeared (there is a gap in signature numbering), so I guess it must have been deleted in admin mode. Is there a way to trace any history of such an event (what was it, who deleted it)?

Hi, I don't think the "Replace Item List Values" action is working properly. When I provide a BPS source in the configuration and use a filter to select data, the filter does not work on the form. The filter in Designer Studio works during testing. This problem does not occur in the "Update Item List Values" action, so I used a workaround: "Clear Item List" + "Update Item List Values" / Add new rows from the data source. Do you also have such a problem? However, using the SQL query instea (...)

Hello everyone, I have an email workflow that is triggered every day at a fixed time and sends an information email to a fixed group of recipients. Unfortunately, this no longer works after the update to Designer Studio version 2023.1.3.29. But I didn't knowingly change anything about it. To find the error I am now searching the changelog. Unfortunately I can't find all objects by name. Can I somehow search for the ID to get to the relevant location? Example ID 25 Thank you in advance. (...)

I encountered a problem with removing the connection to the data source. The studio reports that the connection is in use. The usage sheet reports that the connection is not in use. I found where it is used... I searched in studio and indeed the 'Workflow' connection was used in sql command.

Hello, I've developed a process (start - finish). In the System Settings, I've configured a HotMailbox using Microsoft Graph, specifying a user mailbox, and the connection is OK. The issue I'm encountering is that 90% of emails are returning a validation error and the workflow is not starting and e-mails are not moved to the ERROR folder either. For other emails, it has moved them to the Error folder and i dont understand why. And just for 10% it worked fine - starting new workflow in (...)

Hello, I would like to import some templates in my environment but i have version 2023_1_2 and i get this error: Incorrect branch number of application's database. Application has been exported in version 2023_1_3, currently installed version 2023_1_2. You can not import applications from older versions. Is there something i can do? Can i find these templates in other versions too? https://community.webcon.com/online-store/free Thanks.

Hi, I would like to import new elements into a process that is not a dictionary process, it is a list of employees, I know how to do it in a dictionary process using the import from Excels function, but in this situation I have no idea. Regards Darek

Hi, I have just upgraded the environment from version 2023.1.2.68 to 2023.1.3.29. Unfortunately, AD authentication has stopped working. WebCon BPS Portal is not located at the specified address - this is the message I receive from Designer Studio, and from the BPS Portal level, after authentication, the login window pops up again. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? I will add that I restarted the WebCon service, restarted the application server and IIS. When restoring the server from (...)

Hello, I would like to create a Word document using a normal template, but in landscape. In my case I need to add an item list to my template, but it is too long so I thought that changing the layout to landscape would be a simple operation. Sadly when the action creates the file, it is in portrait mode. Does anyone know how is it possible to create a Word file in landscape ? Thank you!

Hello everyone, How can I find out more information about the cause using an error ID? Where can I enter the ID in the Designer Studio to get to the form field that is causing the error? I tried to adapt a data source to a "data table" form field because not all existing values ​​were displayed. Now I always get the error "Failed with an unknown exception Error ID: 6f351188-04d9-4049-bd2b-d3da66c64976" Unfortunately the error code doesn't help me understand what exactly happened... Ma (...)

Hi I'm looking for steps or best practices how to do it correctly - restore db prod on test env ?

I have problem - in dictionary I have companies with have got: name like: "ABC " - Factory Company in name is quote sign on beginning (data from polish national VAT/NIP databese) I was testing: if in string is " or ' all time I have got error if I remove from string [name] " or ' - then workflow is working [code] <div style="text-align: Center;"> <button style="text-align: center;" font-weight: bold; onclick="StartElementInNewWindow(#{WF:28}#,#{DT:58}#,'WFD_AttChoose1='+encodeURI (...)

Hello dear community! I have a question regarding OneDrive. I've set up a path that loops back to the same step. On this path, I have the action 'Start editing a file using OneDrive'. Additionally, I have established a data connection to my OneDrive in 'Data Sources', which works when tested. However, when I execute everything, it loads for a bit, and then I receive the error message: 'Error transferring the file test.docx', even though the document is in my OneDrive folder as configured. Regar (...)

Hello Community, is it possible to deactivate in the calendar in the DateTime attribute the possibility to select dates from months before the current month and dates from months after the current month ? Example in the picture - January no possibility of selection (disable), February possibility of selection (enable).

Hi, Does anyone know where in the database I can look for recent activities? I mean the ones that are on the Dashboard, specifically "Delete of instance".