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Nikolaus Schusser
22.01.2021 11:39
22.01.2021 13:02
Access datasource or BPS internal view via Javascript

Hi all! I am new to WebCon BPS. I wonder if it is possible to get all items of a process or a datasource/dictionary defined in BPS from client side via REST API. In SharePoint I did something like this: _api/web/lists/getbytitle('MyList')/items?select=Title... This does not seem to be possible with BPS REST API or at least I did not find it ;-) I am thankful for every hint pushing me into the right direction. Thanks in advance, best regards, Nik

Martin Meze (Freelancer)
20.01.2021 13:42
21.01.2021 15:20
ADFS Customization

Hi everyone! I read the article about ADFS Customization: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/adfs-customization/208 My issue is that my Windows server is not configured correctly and I lack knowledge to configure it. I started reading the MS documentation and it's huge. There are a lot of settings to configure and I'm not sure what's needed and what not. I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to point me in the right direction... Thanks, Martin

Praßl, Georg (DCCS)
20.01.2021 07:19
21.01.2021 16:37
Language of Attachment-Label

Hello all, again its me =) Do you have any idea if I can change the lable of the attachment? Somehow its always in English, but customer wants it in German. I added a screenshot, that you understand what I mean. Greets and have a nice day, Georg

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
14.01.2021 14:56
18.01.2021 06:21
Experience with updated Database Compatibility Level

Hello everyone, did someone update the database compatibility level from the default 'SQL Server 2008 (100)' to a newer one and can share their experience? I really would like to make use of those "new" functions instead of using hard to read workarounds. Best regards, Daniel

Praßl, Georg (DCCS)
13.01.2021 13:37
20.01.2021 14:33
External user access WebCon2021

Hey all, again I need your help. Do you know any possibilities to create a new user when you register with the new openID feature? For example, a new user register over openID. After redirect the user has no access to the application, because he only exists in, for example, azure ad but not as a bps user on the plattform. I hope my question is clear enough =) Greets Georg

10.01.2021 22:01
18.01.2021 06:24
Connect to SP Online and exchange files

Hello Everyone, I am looking for solution to exchange files between WebCon and SharePoint Online. I was thinking about built-in actions in WebCon ("add an attachment to a list") as described in this article: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/creating-a-sharepoint-site-with-a-webcon-bps-action/203/3 Unfortunately probably because of MFA I am not able to establish connection with SPO (I get error "The sign-in name or password does not match one in the Microsoft account system"). I don't h (...)

Martin Meze (Freelancer)
08.01.2021 10:43
19.01.2021 06:29
External data on report

Does anyone know if it's possible to show data not present in an application on the report? I have read the article about calculated columns (https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/using-calculated-columns/196/3) but that's not my case. What I would like to do is join the items from the report to a table in a different database (on the same server) or to an existing MSSQL data source. In many processes I have a global field with the unique identifier. I would like to use this key for a 1:1 jo (...)

Martin Meze (Freelancer)
08.01.2021 07:52
11.01.2021 21:33
Call external REST API behind corporate proxy

Hello! Is there anyone who could help me figure out how to call an external REST API from behind a corporate proxy? I manage to successfully call it using Postman application installed on the server where Webcon is installed. However, when the same call is made from Webcon, it doesn't work. I'm using the POST method of the "Invoke REST Web service" action on a menu button. If I enable "Use proxy" in System settings I get the following error: Request Url: https://test.findynamic.com/iris/credit- (...)

Iulian Amaricai
07.01.2021 11:05
08.01.2021 10:58
How to add rows to item list using sdk BPS 2020 Extension Logic- BPS ItemList Extension Logic? (not empty rows)

What type should be predefined in the input parameters to read a type field itemlist/enum in a sdk BPS 2020 Exteinsion Logic- BPS Custom Action utilizand ConfigEditableEnum/ ConfigEditableItemList?

Praßl, Georg (DCCS)
07.01.2021 08:22
15.01.2021 08:55
Error while login to BPS Studio 2021

Hey all, I have the following problem. When I try to open BSP-Studio on my local machine I always get the error in the picture. On the server it works fine. Do you have any suggestions Greets Georg

Markus Jenni
04.01.2021 10:56
13.01.2021 08:50
WEBCON BPS 2021: An extended/enhanced REST web service action

In the release notes of WEBCON BPS 2021 the new option of using the openid authentication flow is mentioned. However, i did not find an option to use this authentication when calling Rest API's. https://webcon.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/WEBCON-BPS-2021-New-Release-Overview.pdf Did i miss something or is it not yet released?

Damian Kołomyjski
03.01.2021 14:24
08.01.2021 10:19
Gantt chart in a process

Hello, Do you know the possibility how to place a gantt chart in a process that was not created as a "Vacation" by template? I have columns: "person", "date from" and "date to"

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
29.12.2020 19:28
19.01.2021 14:15
Your highlights of 2021.1.1

Yeah, the new version is released and based on the change log, these are my three highlights: 4.11. Using variables representing configuration objects’ ID Item list improvements. Ok, this is cheating but there are a lot of useful changes :) 4.17. Report views in the navigation menu I didn't list the new WEBCON BPS Designer Desk because it's not comparable and would probably be on everyone's top list.

Praßl, Georg (DCCS)
21.12.2020 12:20
19.01.2021 14:36
Href on Buttons

Hello again, Is there a possibility to add an HTML Button to a dashboard, which leads to another dashboard? I Implemented an simple button, but when I add an href with the URL from dev system and import this version on prod, it doesn't work anymore, because the URL doesn't match anymore. Greets Georg

18.12.2020 16:45
04.01.2021 10:50
Maintain relationship between two Item lists

Between Item lists there is relationship 1:C. How row in the parent Item list can be protected to be updated or deleted if in the child item list there is a row referenced on ID of row in the parent Item list. Is there any sample that can help to overcome this issue. Both Item lists are in the same step.

17.12.2020 19:21
08.01.2021 13:50
Send emails to users from item list.

What is the best way to send email to users from item list? I think it will be nice to have this option directly in "Send a custom email" action configuration". For now you have to use intermediate solution to get users list using SQL/CAML querry.

Praßl, Georg (DCCS)
17.12.2020 12:30
06.01.2021 11:15

Hey communiy, I have a question to you. Are there any possibilities to "access" the CSS. For example I want to hide the start-placeholder icons on all dashboards, but I don't want to place an html element on each dashboard with the same css declaration. I hope my question is clear for you. Greets Georg

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
04.12.2020 16:08
19.12.2020 09:08
Step Wait for sub-workflows: usage of advanced settings /verification path

Has anyone used the advanced settings or verification path option of the step "Wait for sub-workflows"? Advanced settings The default options are limited to all positive or one negative. So the parent workflow would continue as soon as the first sub workflow has been finished negativ. In my case it should wait until all sub workflow finished negative or positive. I thought about using the advanced settings, but I have no idea how. Documentation: You can also define the path dynamically. To do t (...)

Markus Jenni
24.11.2020 20:51
06.01.2021 11:15
SDK configuration with a dynamic grid

I have the challenge to read form fields of a pdf document and store them in the workflow instance. The idea is, to implement an sdk custom action, where I am able to configure a mapping between the pdf form fields and fields of the workflow instance. The ideal solution is having two columns in a dynamic grid (similar as in the image attached), where i am able to add as many rows as i need. One to define a name of the form field (text) and another to pick from my workflow fields. I found som (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
18.11.2020 21:05
08.01.2021 17:29
Using reports as a REST data source in excel

Hi everyone, is someone here how understands power query? I got a task to retrieve data from a BPS report in excel to use it for additional analysis. I was able to retrieve the data but transforming the json response to a table is beyond me. Just in case there's someone who would be able to do it but doesn't know how to retrieve the data I add the logic below which can be put into the advanced editor. You need to create an APP with impersonation. For some reason the report was returned but wi (...)