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26.05.2022 09:47
26.05.2022 21:39
How to freeze data in 'data table' field type?

Hi, Is there any way to freeze data in 'data table' field type? My case is following: The 'data field' form field downloads data from Oracle database. The data in Oracle database changes every hour. An user completes a form on T day, so the data in the 'data table' form field is refreshed. Then (after a few days) his manager opens the form to accept it. The manager should see the data in 'data table' field as of T day, so as of the day when the user filled up the form.

Błażej Kołek
25.05.2022 11:14
26.05.2022 07:10
Open Sinature in new window Line position

I have the Decisions Card applications and I can choose several budget items (one - many) for them. Then I have an invoice app where on the list of items I choose the decision cards with budget items on the list that tell me the rest of the data, but the most important thing is that I would like to open the decision card after selecting the decision card and budget item. At the moment I have 2 bugs. If I set the DET_ID field in the data source, it opens a custom form for me. If I choose ID, I wi (...)

23.05.2022 17:32
24.05.2022 09:03
Choice Tree intermediate nodes

I made the recent upgrade to Version: 2022.1.2.31 and I have noticed I can no longer limit the choice tree node selection to the last leaf I have rechecked that the option 'Allow also choosing intermediate nodes' is unselected on the choice tree configuration options Checked older workflows and they are also now not limited to the last node. As this breaks a relational dependency its something I can't leave this up to the wisdom of the user Is this a known issue?

Nikolaus Schusser
23.05.2022 14:03
24.05.2022 09:03
Update related workflow instance

Hi all! We have to update some columns in a workflow dependent on other columns from the same workflow item, e.g. WFD_AttDecimal1 = WFD_AttDecimal2 * WFD_AttDecimal3. Sounds trivial, but it isn't, especially in a SaaS system, where 'Run an SQL procedure' is missing. Another approach for us was to use 'Update related workflow instance' action, but this approach obviously leads to nowhere (maybe this is a bug or document context is missing here). We tried this in a minimal example, ju (...)

20.05.2022 10:46
26.05.2022 12:45
Slow processing documents by Solr

Hi Everybody I hope you can advise me about processing documents by Solr, it does it extremely slowly in the queue, it takes about 1-3 seconds per document without attachment. I have about 300-500 thousand documents to modify, recently when I filled the queue with 80 thousand, it was unloaded for 4 days: / My configuration: Webcon 2020.1.3.434 Solr (version 8.3.0) info from dashboard: Physical Memory (63%) - 32GB Swap Space (48%) - 36GB JVM-Memory (54%) - 8GB

19.05.2022 20:31
25.05.2022 16:05
Filtering by step doesn't work correctly

I have a process with 2 workflows. Those workflows have similar steps. When I would like to filter elements by step, but the number for elements is incorrect. When I check one value, a second value with the same name is checked too, but I see data only from one workflow.

Grzegorz Sz.
18.05.2022 15:38
20.05.2022 11:01
Generating QR code from text attribute

Is it possible to generate a QR code other than the database document ID in Webcon BPS? I used the action described below but it is not optimal for me. I have an action (javascript) that generates a QR code and puts it in an HTML attribute. The QR code is created from the value of the text attribute. I want to insert this QR code into the attachment created from the document process. HTML created in this way cannot be added to an attachment. I added an image type attribute, I can drag from H (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
18.05.2022 15:38
26.05.2022 12:39
Ideas for item list choice field with target fields

Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to solve a situation where I have a questionnaire with answers from which the users has to choose one. The answer will set other fields in the item list. The questions and answers come from a dictionary. Since it's a questionnaire I would have liked to have a drop down for the answers but since this doesn't have an option to define target fields. I moved to the autocomplete alternative. This in turn has the drawback that the it takes 2-3 seconds to load th (...)

Stanisław Projs
18.05.2022 15:22
25.05.2022 14:33
Problem with data source (choice field returns no data for some user)

Hi, I have some problem with privilages. I have the choice field which is sourcing by BPS Internal view. One of user don't see the data in this field (she see field but data source is empty for her). I checked already if there is some space sign or any other which limited the search result. She has privilages to application, form, on choice field there is no limit. I've seen everything because I have an admin privilages but even if I revoke permission (to replicate the problem) I stil (...)

18.05.2022 11:26
20.05.2022 10:56
add the inscription history next to the icon

can I change the appearance of the history button on the form? Just add the inscription history next to the icon?

18.05.2022 11:22
23.05.2022 15:32
Change tab in the View

Can I create a separate tab for dictionaries in the view (apart from reports)? Can I hide the suggested tab and the archive?

18.05.2022 11:19
20.05.2022 10:34
bold one word for attribute name

Can the appearance of the name of the attributes be changed? Only bold one word for the entire attribute name?

Błażej Kołek
18.05.2022 00:07
20.05.2022 10:32
Error when trying to export the application

Hi. I have a Dev environment and i try to export my apps but I have a problem. When I click export an app, I receive error. This error I upload with attachment. Why I have a problem with export ?

Kuchling, Fabian (DCCS)
17.05.2022 15:33
20.05.2022 10:30
Possibility of creating variables which are usable in a workflow/step?

Hi folks, as we want to move away from using technical fields as variable replacement because of the sometimes pretty strict field limit, I was looking into alternatives. I know that with the new version, it is possible to create automation variables which are VERY useful, but is there a possibility to create a variable ( maybe through JS formrule or something along this line ) which is usable in a whole workflow or step. Thanks in advance :)

Krzysztof Kozłowski
17.05.2022 11:48
20.05.2022 10:29
Using {COM_NIP} in Word files

I'm using {COM_NIP} field in generated html files. How can I use this field in DOCX?

17.05.2022 11:15
20.05.2022 10:28
Create excel from item list with dropdown but only value

Hi, it is posible to export data from item list to Excel in action but only id from column value? Only way i found is map item list to excel table (Sheet1!Table1). In this way the whole (id and name) of column is exported. But I want only id or name.

Kuchling, Fabian (DCCS)
16.05.2022 09:31
20.05.2022 10:27
How to Hide/Show tables in Word Add-In dynamically

Hi folks, We have a Word File with three data tables from Webcon in there, which will be generated and converted to PDF, then put into the attachments. The thing I have struggled to figure out until now is, how to hide or not show a table when the corresponding data table in Webcon is empty. I know that it is possible to use Business Rules in there, but again none which use parameters. Is there a way to bring a bit of dynamicity into the Word Add-In? Best regards Fabian

Ingo Doerrie
13.05.2022 09:13
18.05.2022 10:54
REST API with User Context

Hello, just struggeling with setting up the REST API to create new elements from external app. It works fine in application context but I do not find a suitable guide on how to do this in user context. Do I have to enter the username and user e-mail-address in the mask as I assume? What is the "Authorized Redirect URIs" good for and where do I get this from? And: What is the main purpose of this setup instead of an application context? Can someone please deliver a good example? (...)

Kobina Dadzie
10.05.2022 23:58
12.05.2022 16:20
Creating DEV/TEST/PROD Environments

How does one go about creating separate environments for different purposes

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
10.05.2022 13:44
17.05.2022 11:05
Exporting SQL data rows from within the designer studio

Hi everyone, I just had the need to get multiple rows of data without having access the the SQL database. I didn't want to create a field for this one time use case. Unfortunately the 'Test' result window of the expression editor, didn't have the option to copy the result. Luckily I thought of the Administration Tools\Search Logs. As you can see in the attached picture, I was able to execute an arbitrary SQL statement and could export the result to Excel. :) Best regards, Daniel