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Kobina Dadzie
16.09.2021 19:06
16.09.2021 22:33
On change Value on Choice Field

Is it possible to change a choice field to empty when the option picked has no exact match in the option set/ data? If yes, how is that done?

Kuchling, Fabian (DCCS)
15.09.2021 13:25
16.09.2021 11:43
Possibility of using two form types in one workflow to rearrange form fields for one step only

The structure of the form fields does not suit one specific step in a workflow. How could I rearrange the form fields for this one step?

Bjoern Poller
15.09.2021 11:51
15.09.2021 11:51

Hi everyone, while designing a new Dashboard for my latest application, i am wondering wether it is possible to use the REPORT TILE logic in HTML, so i could optimize the free space usage (eg. a two column table for 2 report tiles instead of two seperate report tiles). Does anyone of you managed this already? Thanks for your help in advance, Bjoern Poller

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
13.09.2021 17:48
13.09.2021 17:49
SQL statement to verify that all actions are logged

Hi everyone, I just stumbled about an action which executions hasn't been logged. The reason is simple, the according checkbox wasn't ticked. If you want to verify that all you actions are logged you can run this SQL statement. It displays all actions which aren't logged. Maybe for a reason or due to some misconfiguration: SELECT AGR_Name, APP_Name, DEF_Name, WF_Name, STP_Name, ACT_Name FROM [dbo].[WFActions] actions join WFSteps on ACT_STPID = STP_ID join WorkFlows on STP_WFID = WF_ (...)

Klaus Seidler
10.09.2021 14:48
16.09.2021 11:56
Stored Procedure as Datasource

Hello. Is there a way to use a stored procedure as datasource instead of a view or table or Select statement? I use at the moment a query on two tables (UNION) which has an inner join on another table. The speed is not really breathtaking, thus I wanted to use a stored procedure where I can perform all the timetaking steps already on the SQL server. Regards Klaus

Michał Ludwiczak
08.09.2021 12:19
08.09.2021 15:37
Attachments in dictionaries

Hi everyone, Is there a way to add attachments to dictionary process type entries? I only need one attachment per entry and if this will not be possible, I will have to redesign the process to the standard version.

08.09.2021 11:00
08.09.2021 12:27
How to create required parralel tasks?

Hello all, my first post here. :) I have an issue with creating parralel tasks that should all be required. The user has 3 checkboxes on the form. Depending on which of them are checked, there should be created a specific task for each in a single step. The tasks are being created in the action of "Approve" path of the previous step. It's all fine for now. (ex. if (checkbox1) -> create Task1 etc.) The problem is, before moving to the next step all of those tasks should be completed. Instead (...)

Andreia Correia
07.09.2021 15:29
08.09.2021 18:10
How to relate Subworkflow which is Parallel and not Child

Hello all, First of all I would like to thank you for taking time reading my post! I'm working on a current process where I need to trigger many subworkflows to request information for the main one. Because the main one will keep being edited after the subworkflows are launched, I've decided to set them as parallel. They will be started through a item list and after one person for the task is selected in that item list. This is bringing me many issues and challenges. First of all, (...)

Vitalii Lukash
07.09.2021 14:19
07.09.2021 14:49
Raport Export to Excel

Hello, I made a report in WEBCON Designer Studio and one of the columns is "Link". However, when I export that report to excel, that column is converted to a simple text (not a link). Can I in some way configure it to receive in the exported excel that column as link? Best regards, Vitalii Lukash

Andreia Correia
06.09.2021 15:48
07.09.2021 15:17
Check Users defined in Business Rules

Hi all, I'm implementing an application for user management taking the guide done by Webcon: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/checking-user-and-group-privileges/258/3 So far, I'm able to check Applications and Processes privileges but when it comes to the Business Rules, I get an error for the column they use as Users (users . BRD_Users) : select users . BRD_ID , isnull ( DEF_Name, '<Global>' ) as DEF_Name , usage. BRD_Name , usage. BRD_Documentation from WFBusinessRule (...)

Sebastian Gębuś
03.09.2021 09:32
16.09.2021 19:07
Default value does not cause entering the values from the columns into the target fields

Hello everyone, After updating to 2021.1.3.205, I noticed that setting values from available columns to target fields, stopped working when the field is initialized with a default value. Setting the value only works when I manually change the value in the field. I have not noticed such change in changelog (but maybe it is), so I wonder if maybe it is a bug? Maybe some of you have noticed such a change, or encountered the same problem? EDIT: Since I was testing mostly on the default value of the (...)

Bjoern Poller
02.09.2021 16:34
07.09.2021 10:43
[SOLVED] ITEM LIST: Generating clickable link from column of same row -> How?

Hi there, i am struggling with generating a clickable link from column of same row. I would like the user to enter a link in the column LINK and a clickable link should be generated in the next row column (LINK-TEST) on every value change (see attached picture). The perfect way would be a little HTML button, so i should be able to set the "[TECH] angeschaut" checkbox when clicking. What i am searching for: 1) a way to implement EMBEDDED HTML with usage of row value as parameter OR (...)

02.09.2021 12:14
02.09.2021 14:44
Hide history of an element/task from a specific group of users

Dear Community, is there any method to hide history of an element/task from a specific group of users? KR, InnFlow Team

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
02.09.2021 09:09
09.09.2021 14:41
Any option for getting next tasks assignments?

Hi everyone, does anyone have an idea whether it's possible to retrieve the users to whom a task will be assigned in the next step? What I've tested so far: - Verified that the variable 'System fields\Assigned persons' contains the current persons during path transition, exit and entry. - Created an SQL statement which returned the latest row from WFElementTasks, and executed this in an action during path transition, exit and entry. They all returned the old row. - SDK object RunCustomActionPa (...)

Michał Ludwiczak
01.09.2021 14:54
12.09.2021 23:28
Grouping in reports

Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone noticed in their enviroment a rather unwanted and dangerous behavior of grouping in reports. Today an acountant showed me, that when you apply grouping something really strange happens (ver. 2021.1.3.205). As seen on the attached screenshot the number of items in grouping is different than the one shown in the rectangle. This can be very misleading. And there is something even dangerous - in the ungrouped report I see some item that don't even show on the grouped (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
31.08.2021 13:17
08.09.2021 23:14
Form: Changing left/right layout from 50%/50% -> 75%/25%

Hi everyone, this is just a simple JavaScript which changes the assigned space of the left and right panel from 50% for each to 75% for the right and 25% for the left. The JavaScript can be copy&pasted into a JS Form Rule (1) which gets added to Behavior tab (2) so it get's executed. window.ccls = window.ccls || {}; ccls.changePanelWidth = {}; ccls.changePanelWidth.Timeout = 0; ccls.changePanelWidth.TimeoutMax = 4; ccls.changePanelWidth.execute = function (pathId,alternativeLabel){ va (...)

Agnieszka Adamska
30.08.2021 14:50
11.09.2021 22:38
Report execution - takes too long

Hello, I have designed a solution for users so they can access their workflow documents via a simple report, that shows a list of documents with links. This seemed to be the most user-friendly way of presenting documents list. The report shows a list of documents from specified document flow definition. Unfortunately, the report runs very slow, even though there are not many documents in the database yet (about 40), and the users have to wait until the page refreshes. Are there any parameters t (...)

Grzegorz Sz.
30.08.2021 12:59
02.09.2021 15:11
Constant, excel, document template process

Hi, I use process level constants when I need to generate MS Word attachments. This gives me consistency when transferring processes between DEV / TEST / PROD. I don't have to think about replacing the name /DOCTEMP/f8e86bc...e967af9b62 with another guid in appropriate action. The same I wanted to do for generating MS Excel attachments. Unfortunately I get the error: WebCon.WorkFlow.Common.Exceptions.WorkFlowException: An (name) action execution error on a menu button occurred. ---> System.Net. (...)

27.08.2021 10:25
06.09.2021 15:43
Automatic opening sub-workflows

Hi All, I want to do automatically open sub workflow after parent workflow started. Now I have to open parent workflow and find there sub workflow button. I want something like this: 1. Fill parent form and start flow to save and start sub-workflow. 2. Sub workflow starts and now I want tha this sub-flow opens automatically in the same tab. Probably "hyperlink" action can do this but I don't know hoe to configure it:/ Can anybody help?

Błażej Kołek
25.08.2021 21:43
27.08.2021 10:07
Change ElementAdress CSS elements in email template

Hi. I have an old Webcon BPS. I try to create a template and I have a problem with CSS. I don't know how to change [|ElementAdress|] element to my preference. I want change text-decoration change to none, change color to white and a want to add padding and bottom. It is my code : <DIV style="FONT-SIZE: 24px; TEXT-DECORATION: none; MAX-WIDTH: 150px; BORDER-TOP: black 2px solid; BORDER-RIGHT: black 2px solid; BORDER-BOTTOM: black 2px solid; COLOR: white; TEXT-ALIGN: center; MARGIN-LEFT: auto; (...)