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After upgrading WebCon to version 2022_1_4_204, a problem arose with synchronizing BPS users lists with Azure Active Directory. When synchronizing, the Event Viewer displays the following error. System.Memory Category: Exception Role: UserSynchronization System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Numerics.Vectors, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The located assembly's manifest definition does not matc (...)

I'm having trouble running the SQL subworkflow. The query entered during the configuration works fine in testing. However, when I try to run the subworkflow in the application, I receive an error message that says, "An error occurred while executing the start subworkflow (SQL) action at the path. (Step: Verify application, Path: Submit for review) Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'from'." What could be the cause of the error if the test query displays values correctly?

Hello, As usually, after encountering an error during tests, I have tried to Remove data of instances no longer in archive database option. Unfortunatelly, it is not working. Blue bar is sliding from left to right for about 10 minutes now. In Designer Studio, I can't remove the steps associated with the corrupted task, and the task also can't be removed because it doesn't load. Is there any tip, how to remove that? Best regards

Hi, I want to use the action - Send a custom email and get email addresses from a Dictionary. I checked "Selecting addresses by SQL/CAML query" and as Data source: i chose my Dictionary When i write a SQL query it doesn't filter. It shows all columns and rows. In my workflow i have a choice field Vendor name (from a Dictionary - it contains Vendor Name, Vendor Email). When i pick that vendor, i want to send an email to that vendor. Can you help? Thanks.

Hello, I try update webcon with SharePoint Foundation 2013 Update Webcon from 2021_1_4_55 to 2021_1_5_367 and i have error with webcon.sharepoint.core.wsp. Deploy solution dosent work Anyone know why this happen? Solution Deployment : Looking for 'ReceiverClass' attribute in manifest root node for solution 'webcon.sharepoint.core.wsp' Solution Deployment : Missing one or more of the following attributes from the root node in solution webcon.sharepoint.core.wsp: assembly '', type ''. Th (...)

Hi all, I would like to ask if anyone has configured or knows how to have a bulk update in a item list. For example, the idea is to have many lines and select the ones that will move from Project A to Project B and then all of those lines will create a subworkflow to request an approval from person X. Also, is there any option to select prior the lines that will be in the item list? Like a pop-up table with all the lines, and then only the ones chosen will be in the form. Thank you!

Hi there. before I search forever; has anybody a hint how I could define an action (Invoke REST Web Service) where I can read a picture from an URL ( e.g. https://qr.myurl.com/wp-content/uploads/qyrr/177/qr-code.png)via GET and store it in a picture field? Thanks in advance! Klaus

Dear Community, I have a question regarding serach option (Search everywhere on top in portal version). When I add permissions to the process (via permissions tab in BPS Studio) for some user / group of users (i.e. permission to all elements with attachments) how can I trigger any action to index it in Solr? From user perspective, when he / she search for particular document in search everywhere not all results are available. I can edit single document and save it, so it triggers Solr i (...)

Hi, Suppose I changed Webcon to a version without sharpoint. I have a PROD database and I would like to select the last year from the database and overwrite TEST, is this possible?

Hello. Have any of you done archived (completed)process migration from Sharepoint? Are there any built-in solutions? I would appreciate for any hints.

Hi all! I am really struggling with this action. I am trying to send JSON data to a REST web service. JSON string is generated by a business rule, which contains a JSON Query (FOR JSON). Testing this business rule works fine, also umlauts are shown. My configuration in request body is body type: Binary, which is the only way to send dynamic JSON data. Somehow my encoding (which should be UTF-8) gets lost. I am sending Content-Type:application/json in binary part headers, my ass (...)

Hi, I am attempting to change the number of decimal places in a floating point field. I am getting: System.NullReferenceException Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Any ideas how to solve this? What can I do to give you more information? Thanks

Hi community! We have 2 choice fields, first one is a dropdown (field1), second one has behaviour autocomplete (field2). Dependent on selection in field1, datasource of field2 (which is an SQL query containing value of field1) changes. This is working as expected. Picker search mode of field2 is set to 'Contains', minimum characters = 3. Regardless of what is entered in field2, all available entries are shown and are not filtered. Any ideas why this does not work as expected? W (...)


Hi everyone, I think any changes to JavaScript is worth a dedicated thread, since these won't effect everyone and can be quite technical. As everyone has read the change log, it should be no surprise that we need to apply some changes to any JavaScript based modifications. The cash-dom library has replaced the former jQuery library. The change may affect how form rules work in JavaScript mode if the rules used the functionality provided by jQuery. For a description of the differences (...)


Hi everyone, maybe we can gather all the changes anyone encounters when testing the new version in a single thread. It won't take much of your time and will potentially save you more when others do the same. I will start with this one: SQL command: Varriable WFCONCOL_ID : WFD_DTYPEID = {DT:12} and {WFCONCOL_ID:153} = {WFD_ID} has been "translated" to WFD_DTYPEID = 1 and dbo.ClearWFElemId(WFD_AttChoose1) = 2 and is now replaced by the Calculated field WFD_DTYPEID = 1 and WFD_AttCh (...)

UWAGA! Najnowszy pakiet 2023.1.1.41 w pliku instalatora WebCon.WorkFlow.Service.Installer.msi zawiera wirusa IL:Trojan.MSILZilla.11432 po instalacji wirus przenosi się z plikiem usługi do C:\Program Files (x86)\WEBCON\WEBCON BPS WorkFlow Service\WebCon.WorkFlow.Service.exe

Hi everyone! I am developing a document repository. Has anyone come to a solution on how to record each attachment access by a user? Users will access documents that are already in the archive (finish step) and will not be assigned to anyone. In some cases I would like to know who read a document in pdf attached to a process. Any ideas on how can this be accomplished?

Hi, Is there the ability to run actions in the background without being forced to wait for them to finish in the loading screen? I have created an automation which invokes a SOAP service and it takes some time (20 seconds). This thing must be disturbing for the user. As i see, actions are executed synchronously, meaning the user interface waits for the action to complete before allowing further interactions. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hello all, I have an item list where I want to display some column color based on the value that will be the outcome of 2 dates. I would like something like if it's zero, the column should be green, if it's between 0 and 30 days, it should be yellow and if more than 31 days, it should be red. I'm trying to use this, but it's not working: if ('{SFD:-4}' = 0) select '#90EE90' if ('{SFD:-4}' > 0 or '{SFD:-4}' <= 30) select '#FFFACD' else ('{SFD:-4}' > =31) select '#FF6347' I've al (...)

Hello, I configured the action "Send a custom email" to send email: - Direct -> Dynamic: field - Author - CC -> Dynamic: field - choose substitute When i send email, i receive the email without CC: person showing, and the person in CC receives the email, but there is not showing the person in To: Is it a bug or i did not configure it right? My field "choose substitute" is a Person or group. In 2nd scenario, i configured this field to allow multiple selection. When i added 2 people (...)