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Hi Community, for the reason of proper premissions managment I need to change the form type for 500+ instances. Obviously I would like to avoid manual work. Do you have ANY idea if the 'change form type' can be somehow automated? I need to change form type X to Y, no diferentiation whatsoever. Maybe some SQL? Changing WFD_DTYPEID in WFElements and WFHistoryElements will be enough? What do you think? Thanks in advance. Wojtek

Hello all, I know this is not the best practice but I have an approval step where the users might need to have that rejected to make changes in the form. The step is only handled by the approver and I don't want to use admin options to change the status for a specific request. I thought about adding a timeout to check if New comments were added in the request. I know that in the notification configuration, I can select the last comment entered. But I want to create a SQL rule to active/i (...)

At the end of the approval process I'm sending email with some details and all atachments to specific mailboxes. But from time to time I'm getting error "ErrorAccessDenied Message: Access is denied. Check credentials and try again". Credentials are ok - it is sending 100 emails and giving this error on 10 another cases. Might be connected that Webcon app is sending 100 emails in like 2-3 minutes and Microsoft Graph has some limitations?

Hello, I have a weird situation, I gave the user access to application and then to the process for access all instances and attachments. If I use the impersonation option, I can see the application, I can access it as well as reports. When I open any instance I can only see all info but no edit option. The purpose is not to manually access instances from this process, but to search for them using the global search. Sadly it does not work. It should be able to search using info from pdf t (...)

Hi, I have a question about the service configuration. In the Services configuration -> Services -> Service_name -> Configuration tab, the database components are configured. How can I increase the number of action threads for timeout? I would like to parallelize several timeouts and not wait for the transition after each of them is completed. Do you have any idea for this? Regards ;)

Hello all, Does anyone have a timeout defined that is using the Executed at specific hours options selected? I'm trying to set the timeout to run at midnight but eveytime that I save, it changes it for 11PM. I have a date field, I want to use that date as the Start Date and then make the timeout run at Date + 12AM. For example: 17/17/2024 12:00 AM Thank you

Hello all, Does anyone have a timeout defined that is using the Executed at specific hours options selected? I'm trying to set the timeout to run at midnight but eveytime that I save, it changes it for 11PM. I have a date field, I want to use that date as the Start Date and then make the timeout run at Date + 12AM. For example: 17/17/2024 12:00 AM Thank you


Hi, Do someone know how can to create an attachment instances with content and filegroup for send in specific instances? I need for version sdk 2023 I attached the cod fromversion 2022. NewAttachmentData newAttachmentData = new NewAttachmentData(args.Context,Configuration.informationNecessary.FileName, fileMerge_Necorupt); newAttachmentData.FileGroup = new AttachmentsGroup(Configuration.informationNecessary.GropuName.Split('#')[0], Configuration.informationNecessary.GropuName.Spli (...)

Hello, In Field Matrix in "Standard areas", last tab, there is a checkmark for "user manual". What does that do? Thank you, Regards

Hi, Does anyone know how to do autosave after completing a field in form?

Hello all, I have a process that can be started either from a Parent workflow or in the workflow, using a menu option (creating a sub-task). In the start step, I have editability rules, if the user is creating a sub-task, some fields can be edited, but if the task has come from another process, those fields cannot be changed. In the URL, I'm passing the ID when the user creates a sub-task to a field in order to use it as editability parameter. However, although the field has information o (...)

Hello there :) I have yet another problem, regarding the form validation. I've attached the rules that I've applied. What I want to do is I want to block the occurence of choosing current day while it's after 9.00 A.M. Otherwise If the day is <> than Today() then the result is TRUE, which means, you are able to go further. Best Regards, Igor

Hi Folks, whenever I try to execute [Menu button] action, which should open a hyperlink, I get an error: "Error in Menu button action Start Counterparty Card. The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_WFElementDatails_WFD". The conflict occurred in database "BPS_Content", table "dbo.WFElements", column 'WFD_ID'. The statement has been terminated." I have exactly same button configured in other workflow in the same application and it works fine. It is irrelevant wha (...)

Hi I have a question. I want to return all weekend days in SQL for my form validation. This is my SQL Code that returns these days, but only for the current month: WITH Dates AS ( SELECT CAST(DATEADD(MONTH, DATEDIFF(MONTH, 0, GETDATE()), 0) AS DATE) AS DateValue UNION ALL SELECT DATEADD(DAY, 1, DateValue) FROM Dates WHERE DATEADD(DAY, 1, DateValue) < DATEADD(MONTH, DATEDIFF(MONTH, 0, GETDATE()) + 1, 0) ) SELECT DateValue FROM Dates WHERE DATEPART(WEEKDAY, Date (...)

We would like to run a PowerShell script periodically, to prepare data for selected cases in one of our interfaces. BPS Studio version 2023.1.3.202 doesn't give us an option to add that type of action in global actions (configured for the process). So currently we have to use a task, that is configured in TaskScheduler on the application server, to run it. Is there an option in BPS Studio to run a PowerShell script that is not connected to only one particular case data? Are there any plans to (...)

Hi guys, i just have another question... we need to create an Excel file from an item list. Basically, this works well using an appropriate Excel template. However, I have fields in the item list that are filled from a fixed value list and the action then creates an entry in the column in the format [ID#Name]. But I only want to see [Name]. What am I doing wrong?

Hello, We moved from 2021 to 2023 version of webcon and now we have a problem with initializing item lists in preview mode. When in edit mode everything works fine, but in preview mode item lists do not initilize. Is there a way to achive such a functionality. What was the reason to change it ?

Hello there! We are encountering a similar issue as described here: https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/4743?messageid=4743 Despite checking everything, we still haven't found a solution. After a few seconds, the license service stops and gets disconnected... The problem seems to be: The connection is initially established but after refreshing a few times it gets disconnected. How can we resolve this issue? We have already set the TCP inbound rule to 8002. The system time is (...)


Hi everyone, Jarosław created a threat in which he points out that <buttons> elements are no longer rendered if they are used in an item list data row column.: https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/5247 I tested the most common/likely elements and to verify which are supported by using this SQL query: select '<a>a tag</a>' + '<br/>'+ '<button>button tag</button>' + '<br/>'+ '<div>div tag</div>' + '<br/>'+ '<i class=''ms-Icon--EditContact ms-Icon'' title=''In Bearbeitung''></i>' (...)

Hi guys, is it possible to display a dynamic tooltip/information via the description on a form field? I should display a value including VAT on a value field that has no VAT and i don't want to use a new field. e.g. something like that: "Amount incl. VAT : {FD:166} * 1.19" Is there perhaps another way to display a tooltip on a form field other than via the field description?