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Christian Amler
16.06.2021 17:27
17.06.2021 11:19
Picker field in item list buggy again in V 2021.1.3.163

Hi, despite the bug described in this thread: https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/555/46 having been removed in 2021.1.3.143 (tested, worked fine), something similar is happening in 2021.1.3.163 when you use a picker field in an item list, and map it's data source-columns into other columns of the item list. It then throws: "b.map is not a function"-error, see attached screenshot. If I dont map data source columns to other columns it doesn't throw an error.

Bo Jamison
16.06.2021 16:13
18.06.2021 13:11
Modifying the attachment area?

Is there a way to do a little more modification to the attachments portion of a form? We'd like all attachments, email msgs included to be shown on the first tab. Failing that, hiding the first 2 tabs and only showing the "all attachments" tab.

Christian Amler
16.06.2021 15:40
17.06.2021 17:06
Problems when saving rules with "SELECT VALUES" from itemlist

Hi everyone! I was just evaluating the latest version (2021.1.3.163) on our DEV system, and wanted to prepare new functions for my processes. I had issues when trying to save a rule that included the new "select values" function to check if a collection of values from an item list is not empty. In the testing window the rule works as expected, it just wont let me save it because of invalid rule configuration. As soon as i remove select values and replace it with something else it works. Is t (...)

Markus Jenni
14.06.2021 17:28
16.06.2021 15:03
Copy attachment to other element

We have a supporting workflow which is being started via hot-folder. The name of the attached file is then being analysed (we have a naming convention) and based on the attributes we want to move the file to a target workflow elements. Is there a way to do this via standard actions? I've struggled to find one and we might be required to create a sdk action to copy the file.

Michał Jaworski
14.06.2021 10:02
14.06.2021 10:03
Email about error on timeout

Hello, I've recently got an email about error about action execution on timeout. Is it new functionality? Because I've never seen that. Is it also available on old sharepoint forms?

Razvan Ogrezeanu - ENCORSA Romania
10.06.2021 16:00
17.06.2021 09:17
Some information required about multiple content databases.

Hi, I have noticed that you can create multiple content databases on one Webcon installation. Why and how would you actually use that? It would be great if you could segregate the instances of different business entities in different databases, but I am not sure that is possible. What else do you know about this subject of multiple content databases on the same Webcon portal. Thanks, Razvan

10.06.2021 11:14
13.06.2021 17:04
Designer Desk- problem with saving the form

Hi everyone. I've prepared my first prototype in Designer Desk and now I'm trying to test the workflow (before publishing the process in Designer Studio). When I'm trying to go to the next step I get an error.

Michał Jaworski
10.06.2021 11:02
10.06.2021 11:02
Replace polish letters during creating and editing BPS user

Hello, during creating bps users (through action or designer studio) it replace polish letters like "ą ę ś ..." to "a e s ..." in user names. Is there any possibility to fix this?

Raluca-Mirabela Lupu
10.06.2021 10:08
13.06.2021 17:04
Error action 'create a task'

Hello, I tried to create a task action on a save path in the dictionary. After saving the task is created but I can't close the task. How can I close the task created? Thank you, Raluca

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
09.06.2021 23:22
16.06.2021 15:04
Testers for "report subscriptions"?

Who runs 2021.1.2.136 and wants to help me testing "report subscriptions"? I'm currently evaluating an option to "subscribe" to reports/view. My aim is that the user will be able to select a schedule, define a report and receive this report by mail. This is currently in an alpha state. The business rule seems to work well but the BPS application is just in a proof of concept state. Maybe there's someone who can help me test the SDK/identify some issues. Fingers crossed, I'm going on vacation (...)

Nawrocki Patryk (LIZARD)
09.06.2021 16:14
13.06.2021 17:07
Designer - portal connection through https

Dear Forum, We have completed our test installation of webcon environment but can't connect to designer with https. Webcon portal, and main access to system works through https but with designer we're getting an error that portal is not under that address. when we switch to http it works. Where do we change this setting for designer?

Razvan Ogrezeanu - ENCORSA Romania
09.06.2021 09:48
10.06.2021 16:02
Exception on Light Outlook web version

Hi, After installing the web Outlook plugin I am getting some error on the "Show context item form" button. All the other action buttons work properly, but I am getting the following error on the first one: {"type":"Exception","message":"Cannot use cache in config db context","errorGuid":"f8b38a8e-7220-461b-83f6-f2f8d65aae47","stacktrace":"","innerError":null} You can also see the attached pictures. Any quick fixes for that? Thanks!

Siddharth Nigam
08.06.2021 16:54
13.06.2021 17:07
Exception launching Designer Studio

Hi All, I am unable to launch Designer Studio. Getting Cache Load Exception(added screenshot). The error is coming after providing the credentials while launching the application. If anyone can please suggest what is the cause of this error and how it can be fixed. I have already tried deleting browser cache, reinstalling the designer studio, etc. Thanks, Siddharth

08.06.2021 14:24
09.06.2021 18:42
Cascading dropdown fields

Hi, I have a category list and sub-category list and I want to create a two picker fields where the second one will be based on the first one. Category(picker dropdown): * A * B Sub-category(picker dropdown): *A1 *A2 *B1 *B2 If I will choose Category A, the second picker field should show only A1 and A2 option. How to achive it?

Sandra Sosnowska
08.06.2021 13:01
17.06.2021 17:01
Prevent duplicate entries in Item lists

Hello, I would like to prevent users entering duplicate values in item list. The solution on KB is out of date and doesn't work. How do I prevent the user to enter a value that already use in the item list ? Thank you.

Nikolaus Schusser
07.06.2021 10:39
07.06.2021 16:20
Webcon Form & Language Switch

Hi community! We are currently facing a new requirement, where it should be possible to change the browser language with a series of buttons in the form (approximately 20 different languages). Every click on a language button should change UI labelling on current form to selected button language. e.g. [German] [English] [French] ... <-- HTML field [Form content goes here] I know this is possible with different browser languages, but is this possible with button action (and maybe some (...)

George Tudose - ENCORSA Romania
03.06.2021 12:33
10.06.2021 10:07
Possible E-Mail Bug

Hello, I am trying to send a custom mail via the action. In the direct recipients I need to have a hardcoded e-mail address and in the CC I have to have another hardcoded e-mail address. This is not a restriction, but it's the way I firstly tried. It came as a surprise when for each e-mail address a separate mail was sent. For the example above, a mail is sent for the direct recipient and another mail is sent to the e-mail address in CC. The first mail has no person in CC and is sent only to t (...)

02.06.2021 22:44
03.06.2021 22:40
Designer studio login issue

We are in the process of setting up Sandbox environment. Installed 2021.1.2.136 version successfully , Activated temporary license received from webcon and activated it. When tried to login to Designer studio initially , it's giving that "No rights for designer Studio " message. How can I assign designer studio access? Not sure what is missing.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
02.06.2021 15:22
10.06.2021 11:09
Warning: Provide Translations if you use REST Designer Studio in 2021.1.2.136

Hi everyone, I just noticed that for some reason step names are no longer displayed in reports or data grids using internal views. The root cause of this is that I used the REST Designer Studio. When you save a process using the REST designer studio unset translation of changed objects are saved as a blank string instead of null. This may lead to empty Step and Form Type columns in reports and other objects using internal views. If you are already affected by this you can decide whether to wa (...)

Michał Jaworski
30.05.2021 14:19
11.06.2021 14:31
Using CTE Tables in attribute configuration

Is it possible to use CTE Tables in sql commands in the attribute configuration? If yes, could someone show me an example?