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Arno van der Heijden
03.12.2021 17:23
07.12.2021 09:51
Filter a data source

I hope I can explain it right... I'm trying to add an autocomplete column to an item list that is filtered on a multi select column. So I have a projects dictionary, and want to select a project from that. Each project can have multiple employees working on it, therefore I created a multi-user selection in the project dictionary. When selecting the project I want to get all projects where my account is in the employees field, like: Filter: [Employee(Login)] is in [Data source columns(Employees) (...)

03.12.2021 10:57
03.12.2021 10:57
Yellow exclamation marks in SWE, fields not showing on form

Hi, Has anyone encountered this yet - we have a couple of yellow exclamation marks in the SWE configuration under "Data Presentation". These fields are not showing on the form. I don't think permission should be an issue, since everybody has access to these fields. Are there any configuration details I should check? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Marcin Woźniak
30.11.2021 10:53
30.11.2021 12:27
Problem with searching (Solr?) after upgrade

Hi everyone, I've recently upgraded WebCon from 2020 to 2021 and everything went ok except quick search. The "search everything" in our main application results in no elements founded. However when switched to "All aplication" view I can see all results and everything works fine. I suspect that the WEBCON Search service and its index is not up to date. Is there a way to rebuild that index?

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
29.11.2021 22:54
29.11.2021 22:54
Executing a form rule via JavaScript in all environments

Hi everyone, experienced BPS Designers will remember a time when form rules didn't have an 'Edit mode', where you could select JavaScript or Form rule. You only had JavaScript. :) In the meantime the 'Form rule' option has been added an the JavaScript mode gets little attention, if at all. But how can you do some of the 'Form rule' actions with pure JavaScript? If you click on the "Show" button in the expression preview you will the JavaScript representing the graphic rules. In my case I want (...)

Kamil Górski
29.11.2021 14:46
30.11.2021 09:33
Timeout during deleting instances

Hello everyone! I have a trouble during deleting instances - i always get timeout after 30 seconds. Is there any way to make the system button faster or to increase timeout time? I didnt find anything in webcon configurations unfortunately. I dont think it is a version problem since deleting on test environment works just fine. Edit: I just managed to get the same problem on test environment. Best Regars Kamil Górski

26.11.2021 09:54
02.12.2021 09:38
Sharepoint 2016 Full Trust version: Form on sharepoint can not be displayed

Hi everyone, after creating an application i right-clicked on it and chose "show application in process". Unfortunately, only a blank page is displayed instead of the Standard Form. What could be the reason? Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? PS: 1) i noticed, that i unfortunately took the root path as Portal URL - because the installer proposed it and i unfortunately did not change it (see image below). root/Webconbps is the same path where the designer studio portal is located. M (...)

25.11.2021 15:26
25.11.2021 15:29
"BPS_readonly" does not exist, this type of principal cannot be impersonated, or you do not have permission

In the browser, the portal WEBCON shows the following error: Cannot execute as the server principal because the principal "BPS_readonly" does not exist, this type of principal cannot be impersonated, or you do not have permission. the BPS_readonly account exists in DB\Security\Logins and has access to the Content database. How to fix it?

25.11.2021 12:47
30.11.2021 10:47
Problem with launching the WEBCON portal after a new installation

Problem with launching the WEBCON portal after a new installation according to the instructions "WEBCON BPS standalone installation" (windows 2019 and updates, .net 4.7 installed automatically with the system, .net core hosting bundle 2.0.9, MSSQL 2019 express, Ms Sql Server Management Studio 18, IIS with Windows Authentication) -in the browser error http 500.19 - internal server error. Additionally, it is not possible to start the website configuration from the iis level (error in the web.conf (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
23.11.2021 20:54
24.11.2021 08:36
Business rule: Calculate new date respecting the working day calendar

Hi everyone, I had the requirement to calculate a reminder date based on a due date. This should be x days before while respecting the working day calendar. SQL Command for calculating a date _after_ the base date, attachment (1): select Top 1 [CAL_WorkingDate] from ( -- Top: number of working days before the base date SELECT TOP {BRP:13} [CAL_WorkingDate],[CAL_IsWorkingDay] FROM [dbo].[Calendars] where [CAL_WorkingDate] > '{BRP:14}' and CAL_IsWorkingDay = 1 orde (...)

22.11.2021 17:00
23.11.2021 17:29
On-Prem Sharepoint Installation: Installer does not find Sharepoint Web Application

Hello everyone, because the first installation attempt did not work out (login problems webcon designer studio), i uninstalled webcon and sharepoint. I installed Sharepoint 2016 again and also the latest security update. Now the installer does not recognize the sharepoint web parts (see picture below). Did anybody have this issue yet? Do you have any idea how to fix this? Is it ok, to skip this? Kind regards, Christian

Andreas Schmidt
22.11.2021 14:27
29.11.2021 10:05
Support for Azure SQL

Hi there, as far as I know there is no official support for Azure SQL for the WEBCON BPS databases today. If we implement WEBCON BPS in a customer's own Azure tenant as their private cloud, it would be smart to use Azure SQL, because of the integrated HA features, scalability and low maintenance effort. WEBCON BPS is very well integrated with Microsoft technology and has great integrations with Microsoft services, i.e. M365. I would strongly appreciate, if support for Azure SQL could be added in (...)

Adam Hatak
19.11.2021 12:48
22.11.2021 15:16
Select barcode printer in print barcode label action

Dear All, sorry if this is an extremely easy question, but how do I select printer in action Print barcode label? I have an option to select primary printer and accounting printer. But how do I select "Document entry points" with assigned printers there? What if we have more than two barcode printers in company? How can we point that for specific process we will use this printer, and for other process we will use different printer? Anyone found a solution for that? Anyone faced same issue? T (...)

Kobina Dadzie
18.11.2021 21:23
22.11.2021 14:45
Unable to save: error(Sequence contains no matching element)

I am unable to save my progress. I do not know why this is happening. Hoping someone can help?

18.11.2021 11:50
22.11.2021 14:45
on Prem Sharepoint 2016 installation: Did not setup a windows user while NOT using integrated security

Hi everyone, i installed WEBCON WITHOUT integrated authentication. Unfortunately, i skipped the step, where you have the option to setup a Windows User (see pic 1) - the manual said, it is not required (even though recommended). Now i cannot log into the Webcon BPS Designer Studio. Do you have an idea, how to setup the Windows authentication Connection to the Database afterwards - without integrated authentication? Thank you for your help.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
16.11.2021 22:58
26.11.2021 09:08
SQL command: Populating a multilingual choice field with form type names

Hi everyone, I had the requirement to provide a drop down which can be used to select a form type. Since I'm a fan of doing things the right way I've chosen to provide a multilingual label. Example: TMeasure$$de$$Maßnahme$$en$$Measure I'm not sure whether I'm missed something because of the late hour, but I didn't found a better option than creating this on my own. If someone else has a similar need, either selecting form types, workflows or whatever this command can be used as a template: se (...)

Dan Popescu - ENCORSA Romania
16.11.2021 10:38
19.11.2021 13:33
Can we save sent e-mails as attachments?

Hello Everyone, We have a process by which we send e-mails, but at the same time I'd like to save the e-mails sent as attachments. Does someone know a way to do so? Thank you!

Michał Ludwiczak
15.11.2021 15:23
22.11.2021 14:36
XML Invoices comming soon

Hi everyone! I've recently heard that we are soon to have electronic invoices in XML format (in Poland) instead of PDFs. This should shorten invoice processing in Webcon as we could read fields straight into the form with no errors and no OCR verification step. This sounds very good, but will Webcon be ready for this? Will there be actions allowing to read data from xml structure and map them to the form? Or maybe there is something working already? Michal

Kuchling, Fabian (DCCS)
12.11.2021 11:41
22.11.2021 15:16
How to implement Google Tag Manager into the generated Webcon Portal Header in a dashboard

We have to iclude the Google Tag Manager into the Head and Body of the generated Webcon site of a dashboard. Including into the body seems to be possible via a HTML field. But we seemingly have no option to put it into the page header. Does anyone have any experience with Google Tag Manager and Webcon?

11.11.2021 11:12
18.11.2021 10:11
On-Prem Sharepoint Installation: .NET Hosting Bundle 2.1 installed, but not recognized by installer

Hello Community, i tried to install the newest version of WebCon on a server as - Sharepoint/Full Trust installation - WEBCON BPS Portal + WEBCON BPS Classic package (We first installed the .NET Hosting Bundle 1.9, then the System compontents check displayed that Version 2.1 is required.) When clicking on the "Warning-Sign" next to "not installed", it shows the the alert (see below in the screenshot). AFTER installing the .NET Hosting Bundle 2.1, the Warning Sign is still there. What coul (...)

Damian Kołomyjski
05.11.2021 17:24
18.11.2021 10:11
Error while trying to synchronize with Active Directory

Hi, I get an error when trying to sync with a domain: Unable to find Net Bios Name for domain. With synchronization of another domain there is not problem. The permissions have been added. Have any of you had a similar problem? Log below: Download Active Directory data: - An error occurred while preparing directory path for domain: 'partners.somesite.pl'. Exception: System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryOperationException: Cannot find Net Bios Name for domain "DC=partn (...)