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Hello community! The question is not strictly Webcon related. Does anyone have experience with SAP, specifically how the sending of IDOC works? I need to receive the file but am banging my head against the wall how this works. Any ideas/tips would be much appreciated! Cheers, Martin

Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone else has been having this problem. When i try to add (upload) a file to an item list using a local attachments column there seems to be a hard 4MB (4096kb) limit. When i delete the line, save my process and then link an existing attachment it works fine but for my purposes this is not acceptable behaviour. Is there any way around this? Thanks for your feeback Pasquale PS: I'm using 2022.1.4.61 Update: It seems that it has to do with the limita (...)

Hi there, For security reasons, we need to add a timeout for all user logins such that after a couple of hours, after login, the user will be prompted to log in again. I looked through the GlobalParameters data base and found the following (line 44 - PortalTokenSigningKey) ..."Expiration":"00:00:00","RefreshTokenExpiration":"0.00:00:00","AuthCookieExpiration":"0.00:00:00","AuthCookieSlidingExpiration":true} I am not sure if it's the right place, what format it uses (days:hours:minutes (...)

Hi, How to set up multiple sender email addresses? In the configuration of sending emails you can settup only one account and our custommer would like to send emails from different inboxes depending on the application. They use Graph for the email configuration. Graph is capable of sending emails from multiple accounts, but can we settup this somehow in webcon? I find it strange not to be able to as it is quite an important functionality especialy when webcon allows multiple applications to (...)

Hi, During user synchronization I get hundreds of warnings like - Could not find group with BPS ID 'bps_startdk_kon_2u30@wbps.pl' for relation stored in database. - Could not find group with BPS ID 'bps_kon_edycjaslownikow_2s4w@wbps.pl' for relation stored in database. As a result members of groups don't have access to documents through group permissions. When I add user to group through User management > Local groups everything is correct - users membership are added to BPS_Conf (...)

I have a rather curious scenario, when I look up an archived instance, I am able to bring up the form and see the files attached. However when I try to open/download the attachment it throws errors. Curiously if I go the history of the instance and scroll down to the attachment link, it opens the file just fine. Is this a known issue? Error during saga execution: Unexpected token 'A', "Attachment"... is not valid JSON SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'A', "Attachment"... is not valid JSON at JS (...)

Hi, I've created quick paths on reports but it is not always showing in the report. When I logged in as a one particular user on my laptop, it's working. When the same user is logged in on her laptop to Webcon, quick path is not not showing at all. Also if I add "Mass actions" buttons, on my laptops are shown, on the same user are always inactive.

Hello! I'm looking for a way how to block a view of first / first two item list columns when scrolling from left to right. I'd be grateful for any hints. Thank you in advance! :)

After upgrading the program to version 2022.1.4, the system informs that it is in maintenance mode. I thought the update went fine. SQL Server, IIS and WebCon process works correctly. What else should I check? How to "turn off" maintenenace mode?

Hi all, Is there a way to edit MS Word attachments online and save the result as updated version of the attachment?

Hi, is there any way to hide searching structures? Best Rafał

Hi community! Is anyone trying to write your own SDK based on Webcon 2022 Exstensions on MacOS? I wanted to try on my private macbook but when i downloaded extension, it appeard in .vsix format. It turned out that Visual studio can't read this format of file. I downloaded this from official Microsoft marketplace. I can't find it inside VS marketplace in 'extension for download' after launch application. On Windows everything goes fine. I know about VS Code but I'm searching information for Vi (...)


We are having a document template with check boxes which should be checked/unchecked based on form field values. Does anyone have experience how to achieve this? I've been trying the approach of using wingdings 2 which basically worked but failed during the conversion to pdf.

Like in title. Is there dbo procedure in database to move attachment from one wfd id to another with all necessary metadatada?

Hi, I've got workflow with contract database. Since 2 days strange things are happening. From time to time, the report showing all conctracts is doubling some rows. In BPS Content database there is only one instance with this ID number, but on the report some instances appears twice. I delete report, recreated and same situation. Does anyone knows how to solve this issue?

Is there a reference guide to scaling up solr configs beyond the setup done by the installer. I have narrowed down my performance issues to the solr timeout on memory from the logs


Hi everyone! I'd like to pick your brain for a challenge I'm facing. Does anyone know if there's a way to color report cells similarly to how Excel colors duplicate values? So when a duplicate value is found in COLUMN1, the cells from both rows would get e.g. red background color? TIA, Martin

Hello, Did enyone meet a System.NullReferenceException after installing Webcon trial version 2022.1.4.111? Error occurs from the first run of studion so it is not possible to do any activity, creating appliction, proces and so on. Another error tha occurs simultaneously i System.InvalidOperationException

Hi, I've got 2 VMs for development and production environment. Only difference is RAM: DEV: 16GB, PROD: 20GB, rest is the same. On DEV environment Designer Studio is crashing and crashing all the time. Cannot do anything. Tried to repair installation (fatal error during installation), reinstalled Designer Studio. Nothing works. Has anyone got similar issue?

Hi, After updating BPS to version 2022.1.4.111, I can't see the data source columns for dictionary processes. This applies to creating filters. Fixed value lists do not have this problem. What is causing this problem or change in behavior?