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Hi, Can I achieve such an effect in an calculated column? In SQL it works but in webcon I have an error If atrubut is empty display the grouped attribute from the item list Code: select ISNULL(WFD_AttChoose5, STRING_AGG (CAST(DET_Att1 AS NVARCHAR(MAX)), ';')) from WFElements W left join WFElementDetails WD on W.WFD_ID = WD.DET_WFDID group by WFD_AttChoose5 What needs to be corrected or is there no way to make it work?

Can the size of attachment icons be changed in Webcon? I would like to enlarge the icons. See the attachment.

Hi, I have one major problem with the Add privileges action. It works when I add privileges to single users but doesn't apply when I choose a group as a USER / SQL query. On the Instance level there is information that the Group has privileges but members of the group do not have access to the instance. Additionally when I add privileges to the group manually users of the group can see the contents. Where am I making a mistake? ver. 2023.1.3.169

Hey, I am creating a workflow where I would like to give option [Send Back for LEGAL Check] on different steps (Screen shot added ). However, I want to create a restriction so on the legal check step users can see only paths related to the step that it came from. Not all paths because that would be extremely confusing (screenshot of all paths added). So for clarification if the flow was send to "legal check" from step "Business Approval" I want user on the "legal check" step only to see path (...)


Hello community! I'm facing a challenge for which i don't see any solutions, maybe You will be able to find it. Use case: User registers new form (parent), to that form, he needs to register additional forms (children). It's 2 level tree childrens are leafs, they can't be parents. On those children forms, there are validation rules, which depends on data from the parent form, and a path [Validate] which checks for required fields. To make sure that children forms are filled properly (...)

Hi all! Maybe I didn't read the manual carefully and maybe this question has been asked many times before, but I am asking it anyway ;-) Is there a way in Webcon BPS Portal to start a workflow with anonymous access (without authentication)? What we need here is some kind of public form for new registration of users. This form also should have path authorization, to verify a new registered user (e.g. by sending a code via email). But I think this only user-related and only works with alr (...)


Hi, I have a date & time field. I want the timeout to execute one hour from the date and time set in that field. How can I achieve this? From my testing, it seems to only consider the date and not the time. Thanks, Raluca

How to import files from a folder into the Webcon application. It's not about using the HotFolder functionality. Do you have any ideas?

I searched the site and found the latest post on AAD from 2021, and only one request for help with EntraID... Nobody seems to have a problem with this? Or maybe no one uses WebCon without local domains? Impossible! So... How to build WebCon BPS with EntraID as the only source of identity? I have some ideas for preparing some business processes in a cloud environment (Azure) that will never have access to classic domain controllers I need a full user database on EntraID (AAD). I trie (...)

Hello, I have a question, how can I change a value of a choice field using a normal action, but only giving him the Name (not ID, not ID#Name)? The choice field is configured as ID and Name. Version: 2023.1.3.29 p.s. I know in the past this was not an issue, but on newer version this become a problem especially when only ID or ID#Name works. Regards

Hey, we are looking to introduce possibility of Digital signature in WEBCON. I have found information that Certificate X.509 and DocuSign are support. However our business wants to use PandaDoc, do you know if it is supported? I cannot find any information about it. Kind regards, Jan

I would like to send an email with a link to the client. Clicking on the link signifies ACCEPTANCE. Such acceptance would trigger a transition path in WEBCON. How can this be done? Do you have any ideas? The client is an external user.

I have three environments: PROD, TEST and DEV. My current WebCon BPS version: 2023.1.3.169. There was a global problem with business rules in the TEST environment (it also occurred before the system update, i.e. 2023.1.3.76) - it is not possible to introduce a single new rule because an error immediately appears, as follows: Typ: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException ------------------------------------------------------- Wiadomość:Zgłoszono wyjątek typu 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException'. (...)

Hi guys, got element with over 17k versions in history - it has been updated every 30 mins with a cyclical action. I would like to remove it completely, but am not able to. Got timeout using [Delete] button on element, as in the attachment. Also tried the archive action in button (removing completely from the database) with no luck as well. Do not want to remove it manually from DB. Any ideas how to do that? Version 2023.1.2.68

I would like to conduct tests in the context of a specific user, using their permissions as an example. How do you do this?

I need to change 2 values with REST, I use'd API v3 and PATCH method. This values is in another workflow. JSON [ { "data": { "guid": "3567e810-6f44-41e5-9ac3-794d6e055db1", "value": "2024-05-27T14:02:26" }, "wynik": { "guid": "56e078eb-dc11-4960-a662-3974f0f837da", "value": "Ryzyko niskie" } } ] In other workflow history I have only infpormation about Save workflow by ServiceWebconApiProd - Registered App.

Hi, in this version, data verification takes place for each field of the type: Choice field, regardless of whether 'Attribute validation' is selected on the path or not. I need advice on how to get around this problem in the case of paths such as: Reject, Reverse, where these fields contain random data, e.g. set via OCR - without any intervention in the fields by the user. Regards


Hi, sometimes when trying to import an older .bpe package you might encounter error message like this: "The version of the import package does not match the installed WEBCON BPS version.". It's somewhat helpful, we know the reason, but we don't know the version of the package, in case we would like to be able to use it there is a need to setup an environment with that specific version, and update it. So how do we find a version number in .bpe package? First let's start with extracting it (...)


Hi, in case you have choose fields, which reference information from another workflow you should prevent the user from entering special characters. Example: A subworkflow is linked to a parent workflow with a choose field and uses the Title field as the display name. If a user enters ; or # in the value of the field, this will break the choose field logic. The system will be interpreted as a delimiter for a new choose field. This can be achieved by using a regular expression. RegEx (...)

Hello everyone, I have a question about visual element. How to change (or set) a witdh of coulmn in attribute of data presentation such as "array data" (PL: "tabela danych") I tried below example changes in global CSS style, but it didnt work: th[data-key="WFD_AttLong1"] { color: blue; width: 200px; } td[data-column="WFD_AttLong1"] { color: blue; width: 200px; }