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Hello, is there any way to connect other data sources (MySQL or Generic-ODBC)? If not, is there a plan to implement this in the future? Thanks in advance Markus

Hi. Usually, when a user completes his task he will be redirected to the applications dashboard. In a particular use case I have revoked access to the dashboard for certain users. Therefore, upon completion the system attempts to redirect but since there's no permission it will throw an error. Is this possible to prevent/circumvent? Thanks.

Hello, Do you know how can i find what query is exactly executed when i'm using raports in WEBCON. What SQL SELECT is inside, I knew that i can find it some where in the console(debug mode) F12, but I can't find it right now. Or there is some database table with this ?

Hello, I am trying to call this API so i can grant "readonly" privilege to a group on a instance. /api/data/v4.0/db/{dbid}/elements/{id}/admin/privileges I have added App.Elements.Admin.All permission. But i get error: Invoke REST Web service - Request Url: https://domain/api/data/v4.0/db/1/elements/2450/admin/privileges Response Code: BadRequest (400) Exceptions: Rest service call failed. Http code BadRequest (400). Inspect log to get more information. Can someone help? Thank (...)

Hi! I need your help regarding setting focus on the last row of the item list. Business wants to perform the following scenario. Batch of barcode lables from paper documents are to be scanned with hendheld scanner. Each scanned id is to be inserted into ID column of item list table. Based on the ID some additiona data are to displayed in other columns. What I have already done is the form rule that ADDs NEW ROW every time the value of ID item list column is changed. It works ok. The problem is (...)

Hi all I got a process that uses values from a dictionary process in a field [picker field] (the user can select an element from the dictionary process in the form). Sometimes an element that the user wants to select does not yet exist. I have now given the user the possibility to select with a checkbox that the element does not yet exist. After completing the input (form), i.e. when the user passes on the process, a dictionary process should now be started "automatically" for the user (...)

Hi, I'm working on preparing a report based on my process. It's something similar to task manager. I can create a task with field responsible person nad some dates (deadline and end of task). I;m makieng report, where I want to show all responsible people who have tasks divided on Active task, Active task after deadline, Finished task in time and Finished task after deadline. I've made calculated column: case when WFD_AttDateTime5 < WFD_AttDateTime6 then 'YELLOW' when WFD_AttDateTime (...)

Hi everyone! We are currently using BPS 2023.1.2.44 in our office. Is it possible to exclude certain report columns from an Excel export? We need to display the columns in the Web report, but don't want to show them in Excel. Best regards, Christoph

Hi all, I'm trying to create an HTML field on a form that uses the mailto:-Tag. So in the HTML I put <a href=”mailto:user@domain.com”>Message Support</a> However, on the live form this string is appended to the Portal url's pointer to the app->form itself. Looks like this: https://webcon.finnova.com/db/1/app/15/element/57427/%E2%80%9D<a href=”mailto:user@domain.com”>Message Support</a> This way it prevents from opening external links. Is this by design or am I doing something wron (...)

I would like to update the WEBCON Platform from version 2021.1.5.292 to 2022.1.4.297. While preparing for the update, I receive a message that there are no components installed: 1. "ASP.NET Core 6 Hosting Bundle" 2. ".NET 6" What versions to install (SDK, Runtime), where to download them? So that there are no problems with the operation of the platform and that I can update it?

Hello, I have a workflow and after clicking on the path button I want to assign it to the another workflow as a sub-workflow. In start step I have an attribute where I can choose the instance of workflows and after clicking the path button, this workflow will be a sub-workflow of choosen workflow. I don't know if I write it clearly :) Regards Adam

Hello everyone! We use WEBCON BPS in a multi-company configuration. We are the government institution, Our organizational structure consists of branches, not companies. So using the "Business entity" label can be misleading. I wonder if there is any way to change the "Busines entity" label to, for example: "Branch" label? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi. I have a big request. How to calculate the number of days entered in the calendar on the form, but excluding holidays - only working days Alternatively, the second way: How to validate the form: if in the final step date = holidays, a message will appear. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello, Is there a possibility to implement an automation mechanism for granting application privileges, such as the "Metadata access", "Access all workflow instances" permissions etc? I have created a Global action - On start (cyclical) that is creating a group and adding a user to that group, but also i have to add that group to Application privileges so they can access the app. How can i do that automatically? Thank you.

Hi, After upgrading to Webcon2023 (ver. 2023.1.2.44) we found errors during Form rule executions on page load. It is caused by trying to hide/show/set/etc attributes that are not visible on the form. In the 2022 versions, there were no issues with the same configuration cases. These errors appear during Diagnostics and additionally prevent saving the Diagnostics Session. Does anybody have similar issues with Webcon 2023? I tried to find it in the changelogs but with no success. MS (...)

Hello, I have a parent process with Item list. This item list is list of tasks. I can add positions to this list and I have a button to initialize this list as a tasks. In this list I have a title, responsible person, status of the task and section (it should be item list with attributes in the form?). When I add the position and put in all data (title, person responsible and section) I hit the button, and I make new process Task to responsible person - new workflow. I have 2 problems: (...)


Did any of you try to make a chart with a sum aggregation on a calculated decimal column? In both 2022 and 2023, we seem to get the following error. If I select count, it works, but any other calculation (sum, avg, min, max) gives the same error.

What I have is working, but just for one item: 1. dictionary with shipping company: a) DHL, GLS ect. b) parcel tracking link with marking place: [tracking_no] 2. business rule is changing [tracking_no] and set to text field as hyperlink and "grab" the tracking individual string (see all screenshots) What I would like to have: the same functionality but add multiple lines (divided shipping ... :/ ) Item list, where I can add rows with shipping tracking link which opens I read this (...)


Hi, The name of the virtual machine where the service was installed has been changed. Does anyone know the required steps to get WebCon working again? Thanks, Raluca

Hello, I want to hide/show the buttons in an item list for : add row, delete row and clone but based on rule. To be more specific, I want the 3 buttons to be visible when the instance is using business entity 1, 2 and 3 , but when i use the business entity 4 i want them to be hidden. The only way I made it possible is by using a form rule with a Java Script, but could not see any build in Webcon options. If anyone knows other ways to make this happen, I would appreciate it a lot. Thanx