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Free templates

Employee Dashboard
This is a complete employee dashboard that shows you everything: your time clock, your tasks, your log, time any documents you have to read, consent requests, incoming and outgoing mail. Everything in one place.
A simple and effective solution for managing issues, designed to be low impact on users.
Procurement Requests
Discover the missing piece of procurement: here is where employees ask managers to order things for them. This is piece of the procurement process where the employees ask their managers to order stuff for them.
Manage physical mail that comes in – and order outgoing mail to be send out. Sending out an item to have somebody, tell me whether or not they want me to forward it to them, scan it or leave it on their desk.
Document Distribution
Notify coworkers about documents they need to read, get their feedback, track and document it. This one is all about our remote work applications if you need to send a document to everybody and make sure they read it and possibly provide consent or refusal on it.
Task Assignment
Keep track of your tasks, log your work, create sub-tasks, assign them to others and combine those tasks with all tasks across all applications.
Time Clock
Punch in, report on the tasks you are working on, and document your work for review. All of it without entering much data! The Time clock application is designed to help managers and employees alike. Punch in, choose the task you are working on (or create it), and that's it! When you finish your workday, punch out, and the application will document how long you have been working on a given task. It will come in handy at the evaluation!
Employee Profile
Collect information on who works for you, at what location, how to reach them and when they are at their desks. From day to day from location to location tell us where you're going to be so that we can reliably know when to check to see if you're online of those hours where you said you're working.
Advances is an application used to support the process of issuing and settling advance payments for employees. A request for an advance is registered by an employee, it is then evaluated by their direct superior, and by a member of the accounting department after that. Once the request receives both approvals and the advance payment is issued, it is then settled and must again be approved by the supervisor and accounting department.
Car Fleet Management
You can use the Car Fleet Management application to create a list of available cars in the organization and describe them with parameters. In addition, it contains the workflow used to manage the process of renting cars by employees.
Expense report
Expense report is an application designed to help evaluate and approve various expenses requested by employees.
The Investments application is used to create investment requests. Allows the registration of investment costs and their approval and also contains a list of vendors.