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Works with latest WEBCON BPS version


The Investments application is used to create investment requests. Allows the registration of investment costs and their approval and also contains a list of vendors.

Processes & Workflows

The Investments application is built from three processes:

  • Investment Application – is the main process of the application. At the first step a request author completes basic information about the planned investment: name, short description and planned start and end date of the project. In the “Cost approver” field indicates a person responsible for cost approval. Whereas in the “Investment goals” table sets out the project goals and then in the “Schedule of expenses” table lists the planned investment costs.
  • Cost registration – the simple process of approving and assigning expenses to the previously defined investment requests. When registering a new instance, in the “Investment details” section the author selects an investment request, the responsible person in the “Cost approver” field is automatically read. A person registering the invoice selects a vendor from the vendor database and then completes the instance details. An approver can approve (the path “Approve”), reject (the path “Reject”) or return a request to the author. By clicking on the “Investment name” field (on the right side of the form), the responsible person can easily preview the request.


The request after approval goes to the “Investment in progress” step.

  • Vendors – is a dictionary process used to register vendors taking part in the investment. Contains basic address data that can be expanded to additional fields (e.g. the invoice number or responsible people). The registered vendor may have the “Active” or “Inactive” status. By opening the card you can see the recently registered invoices (their numbers and the total amount of expenses).


Main workflow diagram

Actors & Roles

  • Request author - a person who submits a request for approval. Completes the form and then sends all necessary information to the approver person.
  • Cost approver – receives an investment request for approval.


Analysis & Reports

  • Applications – a list of all registered requests in the application
  • Vendors – a list of vendors taking part in the investments
  • Cost documents – a list of all registered cost instances, the “Basic” view contains a simple list with the ability of filtering, the “By investment” view the instances are grouped by the investment requests.


FAQ & Additional tidbits

How is the connection between the “Investment application” workflow and “Cost registration” workflow in the “Registered cost” form field built?
In the “Data sources” tab in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio, the “BPS internal view” source called “[Investments] Costs” has been defined. It contains all the necessary fields from the “Cost approval” workflow. To display in the main workflow only costs of a specific project, on the “Registered costs” form field, the special filter was applied. On one hand, the column from the data source to which the system field [Instance ID] was assigned.