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History of changes in response to vulnerabilities

Up to date as of 2024-02-14

The security of our platform is of utmost importance. We monitor the net for news on emerging vulnerabilities, run security audits, and react to issues raised by our clients. We constantly update WEBCON BPS to remove any known security vulnerabilities.

On this page, we will compile information regarding security vulnerabilities detected in the system. Each problem listed in this table will have a CVE/CWE identifier or short description (if the vulnerability occurred in a specific part of the system), severity rating, status indicator, and the version where the issue was resolved. Vulnerabilities are listed chronologically, with the newest at the top of the list.

The 5 most recent vulnerabilities:

CVE / CWE Detection date Severity Status Version containing fix
CVE-2023-26115 CWE-1333 2024-02-13 Low Open -
CVE-2023-28154 CWE-265 2024-02-13 High Open -
CVE-2023-26136 CWE-1321 2024-02-13 Medium Open -
CVE-2022-25858 CWE-1333 2024-02-13 Medium Open -
CWE-79 2024-02-13 Medium Open -


 Full list of vulnerabilities (PDF)