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Hello everybody, we are working on a prototype to document defects. Therefore, we would like to use a new kind of form field: It should act as an image field to upload an image, but then act as a handwritten signature form field to mark something on the image. We tried that with the existing elements and it worked in a way. But the image scaling isn't really good, we couldn't change the pencil color and so on. So as a suggestion: Please combine these two form fields to create a pimped (...)


Designing Word-Templates is quite straight forward. However to check to look of the final document you have to run the action somewhere in the process. So this can be quite time consuming. Having a preview functionality would add a great value to WEBCON BPS. As we already have the option to load the form values from a workflow instance, the next step would be hitting the preview button to have a look at the filled template in a new document. Like it is being done in Word when using the mail (...)


There all always questions whether we can change the menu of an application or not. It would be great having a Customnavigtion node under the presentation node. We should be able to create two level menus with an icon and whether the link should open in same tab or a new one.


Hi, I haven't realized before that the REST Api doesn't contain any information about the database column. I agree in most cases this is of no use and would only create unnecessary traffic. There's one use case though were one needs it. When you read the metadata information so that you can provide a configuration option in another system to start a workflow using the URL parameters: ...?com_id=1&AttText1=Value1&AttText4=Value2 In this case we need to know the database column names of (...)

Hi, I'm sure the „additional navigation link“ is used in different ways. In our case, we reference an information portal. But if the user want to use this sites, he/she/it will lost the webcon form... Suggestion: 1. Add a checkbox for html-attribute „target“ to set target="_blank | _self" 2. Add a textbox to set the html-attribute „title“ -> the title-Attribute is important for screenreader and a barrier-free design. What is the „additional navigation link“: https://community.webco (...)

Dear Webcon Community, as you probably know, dark mode is very popular in most modern applications. It has many benefits, but the most important is that looking at the screen for 8 hours is less exhausting for our eyes if we use dark mode. I really hope we can add this to WEBCON BPS Designer Studio :)


Hi, from time to time we have the use case that an item list row may not be delete under specific circumstances by the user. Currently there's no easy way to prevent this. One option could be to display "virtual" columns for these actions in the item list, so that one could make use of the existing functionality "column edit restriction". With this we could define whether the action should be displayed for this row like it is possible to define whether a cell is editable or not. Best re (...)

Can you add path button style options (in Global parameters - appearance) for every path color available in a workflow diagram (8 colors) ? So, changing a path color should apply corresponding button style in the path. This would greatly improve development time, in a big workflow entering path button style for every path is time consuming. Also, this will keep colors consistent between workflow diagram and the form.

Hi, would it be possible to have an option for radio buttons to be formatted to appear horizontally on the form instead of vertically? Would be a good addition to help save space on a form. kind regards, Dean

Hi, is it possible to implement some sort of offline mode for when users are entering data into a form to help with preventing the loss of data? People will use the Mobile App while on site and it's possible they will lose connection and lose all the data they have entered before they could save or submit. For the form to work again they will need to reconnect and unfortunately refresh the form causing them to lose everything they have entered. kind regards, Dean


Hi everyone, I noticed on version 2022.1.2.31 that it can take a really long time to populate the target field of choice field, if the data source is a web service data source. In this case the data source is a REST data source and the picker field is of type popup search. Once I activated the diagnostic mode I noticed that after getting the picker results (1) the chosen value is validated again before the target field is set. In the attached image, to which the numbers refer, this val (...)


Hi everyone, have you ever imported a process and thought, damn I forgot to tick this or untick the other field? In my case this has happened more than I want to admit. Most times everything works fine but know and then you get disturbed and you make a mistake in the selection. Of course one could have a check list to verify everything, but even this will fail. So I'm wondering whether one or both of these ideas could help with this human error problem. 1. Changing from checkbox to a (...)

It would be nice if you had the possibility to define the language in which a custom email is sent based on a form field or item list column. We have multiple applications where recipients of e-mails have to addressed in their own language regardless of the user language which is used in the form.

Hi, I propose to add in Bussines and Form rules internal parameters like in automatizations. I will be helpful for calculating or savng data to compare, not using JS mode.

Dear All, We have a widely used Incoming Invoice process, which manage validation and approval of digitized invoices. We use valueable feature of Attachment Preview on form to show invoice image during some validation/approval steps. (We use other feature for OCR verification) We register invoices as "Invoice" category attachment, but there can be other connecting documents. On Classis form in Sharepoint it worked perfectly, Preview showed first document (min att_id) which was always the in (...)


The pop-up search window gives the possibility to search in a specific field or in all fields. We've found many cases where an "advanced search" mode would be extremely helpful. To achive this, the configuration section of the choice field, should be extended with an additional checkbox column "Advanced Search (PopUp)". If any field is checked in this section, the popup search window should behave in one of the following ways. 1. Showing an "Advanced Search" button, which would then togg (...)

Dear Webcon Team, we are still looking forward to get a helpful tool for getting barcodes / qr-codes on mobile phone into fields. Now we realized, that the WebCon App has a build in functionality for scaning codes. However this helps only for searching documents / contents. Would it be possible to combine this build in functionality with fields input? It would be really great to be able to configure the "Keyboard type on mobile devices:" to "scan", which leads to following behaviour in t (...)

Hi, since version 2022.1.2.59 (my last 2021.1.4.118) i can't copy & paste group elements. Is it possible to get back this feature!? For example: we have for all workflows and steps the same headline and a specific subtitle. With copy & paste I can create very fast the basics of a (new) workflow... Thanks and best regards Daniel

Hi, the „new” feature automations is very helpful, but i´ve missed the very often used option „create template”. Are you planning to reimplement this old feature to the actions and automations? Thanks and best regards Daniel

Hi @all, I´ve many processes they use the same rest-request to fill choice fields, table, etc. But the request requires a dynamic values in _url-parameter_ or _request-body_. At the moment i´ve to clone the *same* data source for every process... not nice ;-) ! A parameter would solve the problem - like as parameter into rules! Thanks and best regards Daniel