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A simple change, there is a button 'Ask a question' on both Forum and User Voice, lets make it different :) 'Ask a question' is good for forum, that's what forums are for. For User Voice maybe change it to something like 'Make a suggestion' or 'Share an idea' ? - it will be clear what kind of input is expected in specific subsite of community.

Hi, Is it possible to add {userlan} support for column grouping? This would be very helpful when translating calculated columns.

Let's start with a use case. I'll be working soon on a process for ordering buisness cards, which will include graphic, who is responsilbe for preparing files which are sent to printing company. On the buisness cards there should be QR code with vCard data. We want to avoid manual process of copy/pasting data between webcon and other qr generation system. Action which adds code to attachment already exists, so i can always have empty pdf file to which i'll add generated QR code, but i'm (...)

Hello, I think it would be great to have different kinds of choice fields. Radio button, checkbox (with multiselect option), toggle. Thank you!

Hello, please update Autenti SDK for Webcon 2023. Latest release https://github.com/WEBCON-BPS/BPSExt-Signing-Autenti/releases/tag/2022.1 is not working anymore. Best regards, Marcin


Hi everyone, I think it would be great to have an opportunity to add the option to execute a form rule in case of a 'Validate form' action fails. In most of my cases there some special condition which relates to a field/tab. Having the option to execute a form rule would allow to: - focus the field - show the tab - execute some JavaScript which would could display a subworkflow which needs to be closed. - etc When writing this it came to my mind, that it may be even possible to (...)


Functionalities like import/export applications, update plugin-packages and the generation of process documentations are only available within Designer Studio. Doing things manually tend to end up in inconsistencies. E.g. when packaging a new release, we might forget to update the documentation. Not sure what's best / easier, extending the rest api or making the functions available in a cmd line tool. Functions to nice to be automated: - Import/export of applications - Import/export o (...)

Hello! I'd like to propose new functions for item lists: 1) freezing view of the selected (first 'n') columns -> following the thread: https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/2603?page=1#m2610; 2) enabling (showing) / disabling (hiding) rows in the previously initialized item list -> business case: in the step after initialization we disable (or hide) all the rows except for the selected ones (preferably); after the data was entered to the required columns of a current row, that row is (...)

Hi, Is it possible to add an annual view to the calendar report? The max currently is the month view but an annual view would be beneficial. kind regards, Dean

Po podniesieniu wersji do 2022.1.4.174 straciłem możliwość zakładania oraz aktualizowania użytkowników AD przez Webcon BPS. Może Ktoś już walczył z tym Problemem?

Dear All, maybe in Studio there could be a check option if signature format is used by any other process or form type? When you have many processes it gets harder to keep all acronyms unique. What do you think?

I was searching for some information about the "REMOVE PERSONAL DATA" action, but WEBCON does not have a vaild link anymore: INTRODUCTION TO ACTIONS IN WEBCON BPS https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/introduction-to-actions-in-webcon-bps/172 -> Remove personal data [ http://howto.webcon.com/gdpr-personal-data-administration-process/ ] -> File not found I didn't check the other links. Thank you in advance, Bjoern Poller

The last "under review" entry is from Mai 2022, so i post this request just another time. It would be such a great advantage, if you would at a "delete row(s)" function to WEBCON Action templates. Thanks, Bjoern

Hello, It would by great to change Keyboard TAB button behavior in sql or js editor. I think TAB should make spacings for beautify code, not change focus to window buttons.

Hello, is it possible to set the category of attachments to collapsed by default?


Hi everyone, for data sources you can define a common data source and add child sources for the parent "Superior source". These child sources can then be associated to business entities, which allow you to target different backend system for each business entity. If I haven't missed anything I don't have a similar option for the Connection themselves. This is fine as long as I can use the connection in a data source. But if I use a "Invoke SOAP/REST Web service" there's no such option. I (...)


Could you please consider adding a setting that would align all input fields left/right/center? It's a little annoying having all fields aligned left and only floating-point values aligned right.

Hello, it would be nice to have an option of inserting a "CAML command" similarly as it is done with "SQL command". It would help in setting conditions and checking the outputs of sharepoint actions.

Hi, Can you please add the ability to choose a dark theme for the Designer Studio app? It will save users eyes and improve the comfort of working for many hours in a row :)

Hi, In the 2017 version of WEBCON there was a filter web-part, which would filter all the reports on the page. Is this something that could be implemented in a future release to help with filtering multiple reports quickly on a dashboard? kind regards, Dean