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Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
23.11.2021 20:57
06.12.2021 09:54
Display descriptions of parameters

Hi everyone, it would be nice if the description of a rule parameter would be displayed in addition to its type, when hovering above a parameter. Best regards, Daniel

Bjoern Poller
22.11.2021 07:51
01.12.2021 16:06
[SOLVED] ERROR in 2021.1.4.84: Emojis on Path-Buttons are only black (no more colors)

Good morning WEBCON team, we installed version 2021.1.4.84 last week and i found all my emojis used on path buttons are no longer with color but since the update only black. If its possible, please give me back the colors in the next version ;-). Thanks, Bjoern Poller

Markus Jenni
02.11.2021 14:46
22.11.2021 09:32
Add description for BPS groups

It would be great having an additional field "Description" for local groups.



Martin Meze (Freelancer)
28.10.2021 14:32
29.11.2021 15:57
Extending Reports with external data

When creating the reports it would be useful to have the option of joining the WFElements table to other external tables in order to show data from other systems in the same report without the need to duplicate this data on Webcon. ​This way the integrations with other systems would be even easier and there would be no need to duplicate data that already exist in some other system. Can you consider developing such functionality?

Christian Amler
27.10.2021 18:53
28.10.2021 17:19
Grouping for datetime columns should show values according to column display option

Hi, I have created a report, in which i am only interested in showing the Year-portion of a datetime-field. This works good until i try to group for the shown values in there. The groups are not built by the years in this case, but still on the entire value. It would make more sense to group according to the display option the grouped column is set to. Especially because i dont know how to do calculated columns in SOLR reports like i used to in SQL-reports. ;) I have attached a screenshot t (...)

Hubert Chadaj
22.10.2021 06:42
22.10.2021 22:03
Enable using camera for no mobile devices

HI, I propose to add possibility to do photos from builded cameras in laps/computer/no mobile devices like mobile. So to not do photo, save it on device and now addind to element. But to add exact after to the photo by camera, and run camera from element. It's could by by custom action or use build funcionality. That problems show on Windows Surfface oraz normal windows where we can't use such functions.

Marcin Cudny
19.10.2021 09:46
26.11.2021 09:04
Problem with " An item with the same key has already been added."

Does anybody has such a problem "An item with the same key has already been added."? It shows everywhere Leave of absence report is added I changed the source of data ( distinct, top 1) and nothing has changed.

Bjoern Poller
17.10.2021 03:14
01.12.2021 16:08
Suggestion: WEBCON 2021 - New layout option for DASHBOARD [50%-25%-25%]

Hello there, with working much more with compact start buttons, i am optimizing our older dashboard layouts. We have a few applications, which have many start buttons. So i was wondering, if, maybe, in further coming WEBCON versions there could be the possibility to add 2 more "section layouts" like i posted in the picture. Mostly the usefull one would be: half side left, and two small columns in the right half. With this layout options designing dashboards and grouping buttons would work muc (...)



Andreia Correia
16.10.2021 03:12
18.10.2021 08:28
Buttons for Instance and Site link in notifications always visible if Instance and Site links are set to be Hidden

In the notifications, if the user does not want to show the instance link and site link, the buttons keep showing up in the email but empty. If you want to erase them, the only option is to create a new template and discover in the HTML code where the buttons are configured. This makes no sense because the buttons don't have any other usage as showing the links so if the person chooses to hide them, it should behave as one compound only and not 2 separate things as the buttons alone, don't s (...)

Wiesław Grządziel
15.10.2021 19:58
02.12.2021 19:23
Webcon 2021.1.3.188 Problem with parameters order in form rule

Hi there, I have observed the problem. During the transfer between DEV-TEST-PROD environments there is an uncontrolled change in the order of formal parameters in the form rules. This results wrong assigning the actual parameters when the rule was called after import.

Thomas Dengler
11.10.2021 20:08
14.10.2021 22:10
WebCon 2021.1.4.55 Misbehaviour Form Field - Floating Point number

Dear WebCon Team, in our view, we found following misbehaviour of the form field typ - Floating Point. If you try to set this field with a periodical fraction like (14/15)*100 = 93,333333... you will get an error message. In our oppinion this is a misbehaviour, because the field itself should handle such an "exception". And it is hard to find ;) A possible solution is to wrap the "Round" function around the rule/result before setting the value to the field. Could you please check, if this cou (...)

Thomas Dengler
01.10.2021 01:38
08.10.2021 20:43
Standard Function "Attachments count" does not work any longer in 2021.1.4.55 on Start - Step

Dear WebCon Team, we just updated to 2021.1.4.55 and recognized, that the so long working function "Attachments Count" does not work properly any longer on the intital step of a workflow as long there is no Instance ID. For Example I would like to validate if there is an attachment uploaded or not (see picture). If I do a path on the step itself --> Instance ID --> the rule works fine!!! I think it is a bug. Thanks a lot

Bjoern Poller
01.10.2021 00:23
26.10.2021 03:23
DASHBOARD changes from 2021.1.3.434 to 2021.1.4.55: The space for start button text is now far too limited

Hi, we just did the upgrade from 2021.1.3.434 to 2021.1.4.55: One of the changes also concerns the look of the start buttons on dashboards. Because we like to use longer names, we now have a little problem with the limitation of space as you can see in the attached picture. Maybe in upcoming versions it is possible to rethink this change. Thanks in advance, Bjoern Poller

Bjoern Poller
01.10.2021 00:14
12.10.2021 18:14
PORTAL changes from 2021.1.3.434 to 2021.1.4.55: The space for application names is now far too limited

Hi, we just did the upgrade from 2021.1.3.434 to 2021.1.4.55: One of the changes also concerns the look of the portal elements. Because we like to use longer application names, we now have a little problem with the limitation of space as you can see in the attached picture. Maybe in upcoming versions it is possible to rethink this change. Thanks in advance, Bjoern Poller

Markus Jenni
18.09.2021 02:50
20.09.2021 17:28
Possibility to configure minimal amount of letters in search panel of reports

Reports have a nice feature, which forces people to submit a search before showing results. However it is possible to submit the search without entering anything. So all result would be returned. It would be a great feature to configure a minimal amount of letter to enter before being able to submit the search.

Andreia Correia
09.09.2021 01:03
03.11.2021 11:43
Subworkflow SQL - Saving the ID

When the user sets up a Subworkflow using the SQL version, it's not possible to save the ID of the instance created. This is only allowed doing other type of actions and most of the times returning Concurrency Errors in the system. This is allowed already in the Subworkflow normal version.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
09.09.2021 00:53
16.09.2021 23:56
Designer Studio: Adding windows spell checking

Hi everyone, I'm not sure whether I'm the only one, but I got so used to the native spell checking of Windows that I tend to forget to the spelling. Sometimes it happens because I make a mistake and sometimes it happens because of latency or other issues in an RDP session. Currently I'm using the BPS translation tool and checking the texts in word. I'm wondering if native Windows spell check could be added to the Designer Studio: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.windows.cont (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
09.09.2021 00:31
05.11.2021 14:10
Updates to BPS Translation Tool

Hi everyone, I would be glad if the following changes would be implemented: 1. Adding the new Input placeholder 2. In case of data tables the display name should be used instead of the column name. This is especially a problem if the data source is a BPS internal view. WFD_AttChoose1 isn't really helpful for translating. :) 3. There's a slight labeling issue. The PathAndTasks sheet doesn't contain the correct label for object type 33. It should be PathDocumentation instead of PathDescription. (...)



27.08.2021 19:20
16.09.2021 23:57
Webcon Portal - export to Excel from Data table bug?

Data table attribute gives opportunity to export containing data to Excel using its default configuration, the sole problem is it can only export top 1000 rows, when its quite common to display bigger chunks of data in that form field. Documentation that redirects to below website doesn't mention anything about such limit: https://howto.webcon.com/exporting-a-data-table-form-field-to-an-excel-file/ I am aware of alternatives such as user actions / sdk, but it is about using built-in functi (...)

Razvan Ogrezeanu - ENCORSA Romania
26.08.2021 02:42
24.11.2021 10:56
Form rule foreach line in item list expanded functionality

It was a great addition when the foreach functionality was added in form rules for item lists, but they seem to be limited only to get and set values. There are plenty of reasons for witch you could need to disable a field or color ii differently using form rules. It would be great if styling fields with the foreach functionality would also be possible. I have attached an example where the fields marked with yellow should be disabled if the checkbox on the row is checked.