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Hello, It would by great to change Keyboard TAB button behavior in sql or js editor. I think TAB should make spacings for beautify code, not change focus to window buttons.

Hello, is it possible to set the category of attachments to collapsed by default?


Hi everyone, for data sources you can define a common data source and add child sources for the parent "Superior source". These child sources can then be associated to business entities, which allow you to target different backend system for each business entity. If I haven't missed anything I don't have a similar option for the Connection themselves. This is fine as long as I can use the connection in a data source. But if I use a "Invoke SOAP/REST Web service" there's no such option. I (...)


Could you please consider adding a setting that would align all input fields left/right/center? It's a little annoying having all fields aligned left and only floating-point values aligned right.

Hello, it would be nice to have an option of inserting a "CAML command" similarly as it is done with "SQL command". It would help in setting conditions and checking the outputs of sharepoint actions.

Hi, Can you please add the ability to choose a dark theme for the Designer Studio app? It will save users eyes and improve the comfort of working for many hours in a row :)

Hi, In the 2017 version of WEBCON there was a filter web-part, which would filter all the reports on the page. Is this something that could be implemented in a future release to help with filtering multiple reports quickly on a dashboard? kind regards, Dean


I can see that you are using the Aspose.NET library to show the preview of various file types. Would it be possible to add the .md files to the list? Currently if I upload the .md file I can't open it in a preview as it works for docx, xlsx, pdf, txt...

This idea is from my good colleague Sebastian Paziewski. When users enter many rows in item list the header is not visible (hidden on top). Maybe hearder could be floating when scrolling down the list. Or there could be a "copy" of headers on bottom of the list (when the list is longer than visible area of item list).


Massactions in reports are quite usefull, but they only support path transitions. There are cases, where you would like to apply changes to workflow elements which are in different steps. For those cases i would be great having the option to just update the element rather than moving to another step. Background of this idea is a potentially new customer where we have to replace their current mass action functionality (e.g. sending e-mails, mail merge letters). Adding to possibility t (...)

Hello, I have a suggestion to add functionality in Webcon. While I run update process a portal not working and is no any warnings or communicates about the update process. I suggest add a simple banner for example: Update is processing / system upgrade. Anything what may tell users something more than empty site.

Hi, Adding new rest api user context in adminpanle , we can choose permissions to applications. When can chooses ReadWrite, but still it's giving possibility to overwrite element after creations. I think that good idea will be give new to of access like CreateOnly. To start only new element in Webcon, but not possible to overwrite by api.

I think it would be appreciated by many developers, if you would add "activate"/"deactivate" on every element in the business rule / form rule / other similar places. It would make debugging much easier in many cases. Just as it is in the actions now.

Hi, the manual filling by clicking the text layer within OCR verification process is very helpful, but it isn't work for date type form fields. It doesn't work since version 2022.1.2.59 -> i've started developing the process. Thanks and best regards Daniel ## EDIT: it works if the mask is (changed to) "empty". ...sorry the entry...

Hi, in version 2022.1.4.84 the column header isn't displayed using horizontal arrangement in group. My last version 2022.1.2.59 has displayed the header correctly. Thanks and best regards Daniel #EDIT: fixed in ver. 2022.1.4.155


Hi, I don't know when the character limit for the field multiple lines of text in item lists was added, but is it possible to change this limit? Or adding the ability to change it? The DET_LongTextX column in the database is ntext type, so is there any reason to limit the number of characters to 1000? This thread may be related - https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/2366/30, and users are complaining about this limit :)


Hi, I know this is a kind of "stupid" request. If I select an "Item list" it would be great when the order of "New form field" and "New column" would be switched. Even after years of using the Designer Studio I will create new fields instead of new columns, especially after just creating the item list. Maybe it's just me, but I doubt it. Best regards, Daniel


Hello, after changing the connection type for exchange actions from EWS Basic to MS Graph, I lost the ability to format body text in html in exchange calendar events. Problem observed in version 2022.1.4.84. Manual update with Graph works fine, however, calling it from the built-in action, there is some conversion to body content applied here - please return us the ability to format body in html :)


Hi, I had a "task" workflow with a due date and this due date was used in a timeout in a start step. At a later point in time it was decided that a "save draft" path should be added which won't validate the form. Using this path failed with "unknown exception" and the diagnostic log did not contain any hint that this was related to the timeout. Everything was fine except that there was the below stack trace. There is also no error in the event log. It would be great if there would be a h (...)

It would be great to have the possibility to edit soap message header in a way the body is editable now. I came across couple of services (e.g. National Statistics Office in Poland) requiring secret string to be passed in the header element. So it would be good to be able to map field values to soap header element. Currently there is no way to use standard invoke soap action with this service. Thanks. W