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Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
10.05.2021 23:47
09.08.2021 19:05
Improvement to "Validate form": Add "Set focus on control" option

Hi everyone, most of the time an error raised by the "Validate form" action can be fixed by the current user. It would be great if we could have a new configuration option "Focus field" where you can set an expression/field. When the error is displayed on the form the "Set Focus" action is executed and the configured value selected. I assume that the "Set focus" action already toggles collapsed groups/other tabs. Best regards, Daniel

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
06.05.2021 22:48
16.07.2021 16:55
No changes to application group headers

Hi everyone, I'm not sure with which release the application group headers are transformed to lower case, but could we get rid of it again? I can live with all upper case, but transforming all characters to lower case after the first one is simply not acceptable. - Abbreviations look like word - The corporate design may define how some words are written - It looks like a spelling error. This is even more true in German, all nouns are written with a capital case. This applies to 2021.1.2.101. (...)

Dariusz Tułacz
01.05.2021 23:23
30.05.2021 23:13
Optimization of questions to the database

Currently selection attributes, such as picker, poll the database in such a way that LIKEs are always placed in the WHERE clause. The data that the database returns are then filtered according to the picker configuration (exact match, contains phrase, starts with). In my company, we collect customer data from several CRM systems. For one of them, we have the customer's data materialized in the dictionary database. We query this data about 9 - 30 thousand times a day, on average one execution (...)

Markus Jenni
21.04.2021 04:18
10.06.2022 14:17
Allow management of WEBCON BPS Groups to other users than WEBCON Admins

The management of BPS groups is only possible for WEBCON Admins. Some customers wish, that they can do this on their own, but we don't wont to give the required rights. We solved this by means of a little helper workflow, that enabled us to configure the BPS group to manage, a responsible person and an itemlist with the assigned users. This works quite nice this way. However, it would be great, when this option would be built-in. Could be either in the same place as for the admin or a widget (...)

Thomas Dengler
02.04.2021 01:47
06.05.2021 18:14
Concat function handling

Dear WebCon Team, the Concat function is a great advantage for text handling. Unfortunately, it is very hard or let's more say inconvenient, if you forgot a text part. In my understanding it is not possible to replace concat parts or even add text parts before or change there position. e.g. concat[Happy][Weekend!] so I would like to say "Happy easter Weekend!" for this I have to delete Weekend! and type easter and then type again Weekend! Of course in this case I just have to add it to the (...)



Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
25.03.2021 01:04
13.12.2021 12:13
Duplicate: Themes: Add option for custom css file/url (Closed)

I've overlooked an already existing user voice created by Markus. Hi, could we please get an option to define an additional .css file inside the theme. It could be similar to the implementation for defining the logos which can be loaded from an URL or uploaded as a file. Benefits: - We don't need to use the HTML field on the form level, like https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/41/15 - HTML fields can't be displayed on reports so we are creating other workarounds - It's not necessar (...)



Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
24.03.2021 01:16
10.08.2021 20:32
Verify Process: Check for non existing users

The Verify Process action (Process configuration test) currently doesn't check if hard coded users still exist. For example a group could be selected in a people field which limits the available users. The group has been deleted like in the attached image. But this doesn't result in an error. Best regards, Daniel

Sebastian Gębuś
19.03.2021 21:29
01.04.2021 22:50
Searching structures -> Archive | Column customization

Hello, it would be nice if there`s a possibility to customize columns in build-in Archive report (Searching structures), independently for each application for example :)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
19.03.2021 00:58
19.03.2021 19:08
Dictionary: Changing type to multi line of field(attribute) Description

Hi everyone, I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but whenever I create a dictionary, I replace (hide) the default Description single line field with a new multi line field. Therefore I would suggest to either rename the field to "Short description" or change the default field type. I'm not sure where it's used internally so that it's disabled to change it's type. Best regards, Daniel

Bjoern Poller
18.03.2021 23:46
28.05.2021 19:33
DASHBOARD: Maybe -> "Two-and-a-half columns" section layout as new selection

Hello there, with working much more with compact start buttons, i am optimizing our older dashboard layouts. We have a few applications, which have many start buttons. So i was wondering, if, maybe, in further coming WEBCON versions there could be the possibility to add 2 more "section layouts" like i posted in the picture. Mostly the usefull one would be: half side left, and two small columns in the right half - just for start buttons. If space would be big enough, that would be a more effic (...)

Bjoern Poller
18.03.2021 23:10
20.12.2021 13:12
WEBCON 2021: Dashboard -> Compact Start Button [cuts off e.g. small 'g']

Hi there, this week i used "compact Start Buttons" for the first time. With our windows settings [FullHD, Text Scale 100%], e.g. the small 'g' is cut off a little bit at the buttom. It's no big issue, but a few more pixels in the next version should work perfect. Thanks, Bjoern Poller

Kluthe-Köhler, Tim
18.03.2021 18:54
25.10.2021 23:48
Designer Studio IDE for SQL / Javascirpt

It would be great, to have some kind of IDE in the Designer Studio while editing SQL or Javascript code. Therefore it would already help if there were line numbers and code highlighting e.g. for opening and closing brackets. Sometime it is difficult to manage your own code when it reaches a certain number of lines. For example, if you have a Javascript code and only one semicolon or closing bracket is missing, you need to look for the issue. Yes, you could copy your code to another tool (...)

Marek W.
11.03.2021 22:35
05.05.2022 12:44
E-mail notifications in Webcon BPS

Currently there's no option to manage e-mail notifications in Webcon BPS. It would be a nice feature for users to be able to manage from which process / step they want to receive notifications and from which not. Just like they can personalize portal main page. Now if user are assigned to a lot of applications, it usually create mail rule in it's mail client which move all notifications to one place, which provides to situation when some really important notifications are missed by users.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
05.03.2021 01:24
10.07.2021 00:42
Form rule: Switch to vertical /horizontal layout on all operators

There's an option to switch from horizontal to vertical layout if you click on AND/OR operators. Could this be extended to all other operators, too. :) This would reduce the scrolling and therefore improve readability a lot.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
05.03.2021 01:19
04.05.2022 13:52
Improvements to form rule alerts/confirmation

It would be nice if there were the following changes to the form rule alerts/confirmation functions: a) Modal dialog They could reuse the modal dialog from the "single row edit" instead of using the browser integrated alert/confirmation window. This would result in a more consistent user experience. Of course it would be nice to set title, body and button texts but I would be fine with setting the body at least. :) b) Allowing html for the body. Currently adding line breaks is cluttering the fo (...)

Jarosław Dziekan
25.02.2021 17:45
12.04.2022 21:35
Office Add-Ins instalation

Curently there is only one option to install Office Add-Ins from Webcon Portal - use Internet Explorer. As we know IE is realy old web browser and Microsoft is going to finish support for this browser at 21th of August 2021. We should add support for this feature for modern web browsers.

Hubert Chadaj
22.02.2021 21:19
20.04.2021 18:39
Dashboard + Reports

Hi, When We put Report on dashboard using functionality of massive action or quick path not refreshing data in report. When we use it on report it refresh data. The functionality of report when it use as report or report on dashboard should be the same.

Markus Jenni
22.02.2021 19:27
04.03.2021 21:38
SharePoint List style dynamic filtering on views

Currently, views do not allow dynamic filtering on views for datetime and people-picker fields. It can be done by extending the query in the datasource. The datasource can only be changed by administrators and designers. For end-users it would by great having the possibility to use placeholders for filtering datetime and people-picker fields. My idea is having placeholders like [now] / [today], which would take the current datetime/date and also [me] for the current user.



Thomas Dengler
18.02.2021 15:28
15.03.2022 16:41
OAuth 2.0 Authentication / OpenID for REST - Web service

Dear WebCon Team, we most urgently need the possibility to have further authentication methods using OAuth 2.0 / OpenID in the context of REST - Web Service. At the moment the limitation does us not allow to communicate with other systems in the way of microservices. This extension would be a great increase of data communication. Thanks a lot Best regards Thomas

Markus Jenni
17.02.2021 15:55
28.09.2021 03:12
Extending the audit trail to views

We recently had a presentation of WEBCON BPS for a new customer. They came up with the question if not only changes of an element are being kept in history, but also views. So we need to define the definition, what as to be considered as a view. Sometimes you can tell a lot from what you see on a report already, but keeping track of this would be too much in my opinion. The easiest and most pragmatic way to keep track of views would be opening a preview or of course a form. Maybe also viewin (...)