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Rafał Kowalewski
02.11.2020 20:07
11.08.2021 10:48
Encrypted fields

Can you please add an option to encrypt fields, and user configure who can decrypt ? Why ? Becouse, in some business appliactions, administrators not always should be able to see some confidential information send in BPS forms. Senders should decide.

Rafał Kowalewski
02.11.2020 20:02
23.08.2021 12:59
Code editors

Hi, just a simple, easy request - can you please add a usefull code editor to SQL rules, JavaScript rules and HTML fields details ? Sure, one can copy paste the code from external editors, but it takes time, having an embedded editor would be a great feature.



Hubert Chadaj
02.11.2020 14:23
17.12.2020 14:03
Use GUID identification in HTML Templates

In new versions o WebCon BPS using Word templates are now using GUID identifier witch enables using it's in all environments. But the functionality o Word templates are very simple. It's now enough flexible for control conditions for hide, show etc. information's. For example: You can not show header of table, but empty row is always. In HTML you can control this. Adding using GUID in HTML templates give the more flexible possibility to build templates witch information



Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
30.10.2020 15:59
21.06.2021 09:11
Changes to export of processes

Hi, we have the situation, that some globals and dictionaries are shared between applications. If I export an application all other applications, which use the same dictionaries, are exported too. At least I believe that the dictionaries are the case. This applies to the current version 2020.1.3.441. Of course, I can uncheck the unrelated applications, but this is error prone. In my opinion the applications are not related, if they only share elements defined in system settings, data sources (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
30.10.2020 15:41
30.07.2021 21:56
Adding expression editor to new BPS Portal "coding options"

Hi, with the introduction of BPS Portal we got a few additional options were we can add "code" and where variables from the expression editor would be useful if not even mandatory. 1. Report - SQL Filter, there are a few variables there already 2. Calculated field in Reports and BPS internal view, no option to use existing variables 3. Report - advanced formatting, no options to use existing variables Why do I think that this would be mandatory? The path example of advanced colouring will ju (...)



Christian Amler
27.10.2020 13:13
30.08.2021 10:18
Distinguish Substitution and Delegation in info panel + Rights to create substitution rules for other users

1.) Delegated tasks or tasks received because of substitution rules are always shown as "Substitution". This confuses people sometimes, because they then might think they will receive all of the delegators tasks. It would be better to show delegated tasks as Delegated. 2.) Since we updated to Version 2019 and 2020 we lost the functionality for users to create substitutions for other colleagues. They can open the form, but cant choose anyone properly in the person fields then as Substitute. The (...)



Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
23.10.2020 15:26
24.09.2021 14:05
Improvements to indicator (traffic light) icon

During a presentation there was a comment that the indicator (traffic light) icons are not easily distinguishable for colour blind people. It would be an improvement if the icons would have a different shape in addition to the colour. One idea would be a red square, orange triangle and green circle. In addition there was the question if it would be possible to provide a tooltip what each icon indicates. I've currently added an explanation above a data table but this won't help in a report. Ther (...)

Paweł Hołdak
23.10.2020 11:30
30.04.2021 11:11
Tasks process improvements

Hi guys, I've I some suggestions for the task management process : 1. Add reminders configuration for tasks * possibility to define reminder templates:list of reminders: WHO, WHEN, MESSAGE, channel (email, sms, other ?) * you can attach reminder templates to each type of tasks (workflow steps) 2. Add escalation configuration for tasks * possibility to define escalation actions. Good to define escalation templates, list of: WHEN, WHO (roles, managers), MESSAGE, CHANNEL you can attach escalatio (...)

Markus Jenni
22.10.2020 13:57
06.04.2021 12:19
Additonal styling capabilities for paths and theme

Designer Studio gives the possibility to apply additional button styles. Adding the possibiltiy to define additional class attributes on the path properties would make the styling easier. The custom styles could be defined in the new html-field (for every process we would have to define it again) or much better, let it define in the themes editor! Update 06.04.2021 Apparently is now in back-log https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/404/15

Christian Amler
22.10.2020 12:56
27.08.2021 11:29
Exporting more than 1000 Rows from SQL-Grid

We have a use-case, where people need to export data from an SQL-Grid to Excel for data-verification. Unfortunately the export to excel only allows exporting the header + 999 rows of data - At least i couldn't find a way to raise the limit. It would be very helpful to get a parameter for a variable maximum row count for the Export in the SQL-grid configuration. Thanks!

Hubert Chadaj
22.10.2020 12:42
22.10.2020 13:24
Document entry points - add choose

When User have permission to more then one entry point, the print action get first of it. User should be able to choose on witch point hi what to use.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
21.10.2020 13:23
24.09.2021 14:04
Designer: On new step creation a path is added

Whenever I create a new step in the designer studio, I need to add a path too. The only steps which don't need at least one path are the final paths, which may have already been created by the wizard. So it would save a little bit of time for everyone if there would already be a path. :) Daniel

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
21.10.2020 13:19
09.09.2021 14:10
[Done] Option to place field name above picture field

It would be great if an option would be added to place the field name above the picture field, like it is available for the 'multiple lines of text' field. The attached picture shows an ugly mockup of the result. Most pictures I have seen are rectangular instead of square, so the default value would be above. Implemented with 2021.1.3.163 Thanks, Daniel

Adam Hatak
21.10.2020 10:07
16.06.2021 15:38
Add more colours to mark arrows in BPS process design

If possible, please add more colours to mark arrows in process design. It's very useful to mark arrows with same colour as buttons (paths). Currently there are grey (default), green, red, blue. Thanks.