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Hello there,

with working much more with compact start buttons, i am optimizing our older dashboard layouts.
We have a few applications, which have many start buttons.

So i was wondering, if, maybe, in further coming WEBCON versions there could be the possibility to
add 2 more "section layouts" like i posted in the picture. Mostly the usefull one would be: half side left,
and two small columns in the right half.

With this layout options designing dashboards and grouping buttons would work much better.


P.S.: Maybe i forgot the third version 25% - 50% - 25%, if someone want to place a central image.

Daniel mentioned this kind of problem first: https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/960?messageid=960

We have this problem with version 2021.1.4.55 on our stand-alone server too. 2 Parameters, both mixed up.

As in Daniels post mentioned, WEBCON will fix this in the next version.

Nice weekend,

P.S.: We are trying to understand an other problem and will post it, when we could describe it:
There could also be a problem with General Business Rules - in some cases the logic is lost and we only have "Invalid Rule" as contents. Copying the code manually back -> ta-ta, it works again. So have a look there too.

In the notifications, if the user does not want to show the instance link and site link, the buttons keep showing up in the email but empty.
If you want to erase them, the only option is to create a new template and discover in the HTML code where the buttons are configured.

This makes no sense because the buttons don't have any other usage as showing the links so if the person chooses to hide them, it should behave as one compound only and not 2 separate things as the buttons alone, don't serve for anything at all.

And the user might not know HTML code to understand what actually needs to be erased from the template, this should be user-friendly and adapted for all types of knowledge.

Dear WebCon Team,

in our view, we found following misbehaviour of the form field typ - Floating Point. If you try to set this field with a periodical fraction like (14/15)*100 = 93,333333... you will get an error message. In our oppinion this is a misbehaviour, because the field itself should handle such an "exception". And it is hard to find ;)

A possible solution is to wrap the "Round" function around the rule/result before setting the value to the field.

Could you please check, if this could be fixed or it is an intended behaviour?
Thanks a lot

Dear WebCon Team,

we just updated to 2021.1.4.55 and recognized, that the so long working function "Attachments Count" does not work properly any longer on the intital step of a workflow as long there is no Instance ID.

For Example I would like to validate if there is an attachment uploaded or not (see picture).
If I do a path on the step itself --> Instance ID --> the rule works fine!!!
I think it is a bug.

Thanks a lot