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HI everyone,
Since I've started using Date Time picker in applications I'm always confused when using that Time control part.

Most of the time I'm pressing Today instead of Close (and i can see same happens for other users), and it's frustrating that i can't type in the hour/minutes with keyboard.
'Today' could be changed to 'Now' - as we are in context of time, and 'Close' would be more readable as 'Confirm'.

Pressing arrows with increment of 1 is not great :)

I know it is possible to type in that time part in the field after selecting date, but if I'm using picker for date, then it's not really comfy to close the picker, and type in the time manually.

In reply to: Maksymilian Stachowiak

Hi Dariusz, there is already word/character counter at least in version 2023.1.3.29.

It requires to select that it will be formatted field, but it doesn't require any formatting options to be active.
So on advanced configuration in tab "Standard" mark it as formatted, and in tab "Advanced" uncheck everything.

This is exactly what I needed. Thanks!


There is a possibility to attach an email by dragging it manually from outlook to the attachments area.
By doing so, user is asked about category, to which attachment should be added, but it's visible later only in the history, and not on the form.

I suggest, that categories should be also visible on e-mail conversations tab, so when user selects it, it is not hidden.