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Rafał Kowalewski
02.11.2020 20:25
27.01.2021 16:18
Application versions

Can you please add a simple feature - application (or process) versions ? The idea is to have a "back" button - revert to (any) previous version if something goes wrong. I know - you want us to use DEV/TEST/PROD environment. Sure. But versioning would be a nice feature, really. Two options for you to choose: 1. every save is a new version 2. save as new version button

Adam Hatak
21.10.2020 10:07
02.03.2021 13:22
Add more colours to mark arrows in BPS process design

If possible, please add more colours to mark arrows in process design. It's very useful to mark arrows with same colour as buttons (paths). Currently there are grey (default), green, red, blue. Thanks.

Rafał Kowalewski
05.11.2020 19:22
14.01.2021 16:52
"normal" HTML attributes

Hi, so HTML attributes are great, but only untill you try to do something with them - like hide for example... or export - import Seems like you keep them all in a single SQL field:-( So, some JS manipulation is needed, rule editor is useless. Can you make normal HTML attributes - every attribute in separate SQL field?

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
23.10.2020 15:26
08.02.2021 11:36
Improvements to indicator (traffic light) icon

During a presentation there was a comment that the indicator (traffic light) icons are not easily distinguishable for colour blind people. It would be an improvement if the icons would have a different shape in addition to the colour. One idea would be a red square, orange triangle and green circle. In addition there was the question if it would be possible to provide a tooltip what each icon indicates. I've currently added an explanation above a data table but this won't help in a report. Ther (...)

Markus Jenni
22.10.2020 13:57
08.01.2021 09:17
Additonal styling capabilities for paths and theme

Designer Studio gives the possibility to apply additional button styles. Adding the possibiltiy to define additional class attributes on the path properties would make the styling easier. The custom styles could be defined in the new html-field (for every process we would have to define it again) or much better, let it define in the themes editor!

Jarosław Dziekan
25.02.2021 09:45
05.03.2021 20:47
Office Add-Ins instalation

Curently there is only one option to install Office Add-Ins from Webcon Portal - use Internet Explorer. As we know IE is realy old web browser and Microsoft is going to finish support for this browser at 21th of August 2021. We should add support for this feature for modern web browsers.

Thomas Dengler
18.02.2021 07:28
04.03.2021 13:11
OAuth 2.0 Authentication / OpenID for REST - Web service

Dear WebCon Team, we most urgently need the possibility to have further authentication methods using OAuth 2.0 / OpenID in the context of REST - Web Service. At the moment the limitation does us not allow to communicate with other systems in the way of microservices. This extension would be a great increase of data communication. Thanks a lot Best regards Thomas



Markus Jenni
04.02.2021 15:01
05.03.2021 20:48
Extending Rest api to allow querying datasources

When adding or updating elements via Rest Api, for picker fields it is required to provide Id and name. Quite often the name is known, but not the id. As picker fields are usually based on datasources, it would by great, when the api would be extended with methods to query datasources. There should be at least two methods: 1) getting a list of all available datasources (overall / by application) 2) query a datasource with a filter. To make it easier, the filter should be passed in as query s (...)



Markus Jenni
20.01.2021 22:15
11.02.2021 18:41
SDK extension for reports

WEBCON BPS reporting offers great functionality for sorting, filtering. It would great having the option to implement and configure a SDK extension for reports, which would allow to execute an action based on the current selection. In my case the SDK extension would receive the selected rows with all fields and generate an advanced Pdf report. Like configuring the mass action, there should be an option to configure the SDK action. Like picking the right extension, title and maybe an icon. Som (...)



15.12.2020 12:16
23.02.2021 23:25
Quick Manual - add it on system dashboard + create "Quick Manual" element which could be added on custom dashboard

Quick Manual should be entry point, to see quick manual right now user must enter form to start process first. The order shall be the other way: first read manual, later start process.

Rafał Kowalewski
02.11.2020 20:19
19.01.2021 14:27
Portal improvements

Hi, no idea about the future plans for the portal, but you should definitely consider adding some more functions, like: - user defined left menu - pages, not just dashboards - option to turn off the default dashboard - dashboard HTML element should have some kind of HTML editor, not just a narrow window for code pasting. It's hard to make any changes without copy/paste to external editor - dashboard text element is too narrow, it should be resizable ! Almost impossible to edit large amount of (...)

Paweł Hołdak
23.10.2020 11:30
08.01.2021 10:41
Tasks process improvements

Hi guys, I've I some suggestions for the task management process : 1. Add reminders configuration for tasks * possibility to define reminder templates:list of reminders: WHO, WHEN, MESSAGE, channel (email, sms, other ?) * you can attach reminder templates to each type of tasks (workflow steps) 2. Add escalation configuration for tasks * possibility to define escalation actions. Good to define escalation templates, list of: WHEN, WHO (roles, managers), MESSAGE, CHANNEL you can attach escalatio (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
21.10.2020 13:23
27.10.2020 15:11
Designer: On new step creation a path is added

Whenever I create a new step in the designer studio, I need to add a path too. The only steps which don't need at least one path are the final paths, which may have already been created by the wizard. So it would save a little bit of time for everyone if there would already be a path. :) Daniel

Hubert Chadaj
22.02.2021 13:19
05.03.2021 17:04
Dashboard + Reports

Hi, When We put Report on dashboard using functionality of massive action or quick path not refreshing data in report. When we use it on report it refresh data. The functionality of report when it use as report or report on dashboard should be the same.

Markus Jenni
17.02.2021 07:55
03.03.2021 15:47
Extending the audit trail to views

We recently had a presentation of WEBCON BPS for a new customer. They came up with the question if not only changes of an element are being kept in history, but also views. So we need to define the definition, what as to be considered as a view. Sometimes you can tell a lot from what you see on a report already, but keeping track of this would be too much in my opinion. The easiest and most pragmatic way to keep track of views would be opening a preview or of course a form. Maybe also viewin (...)

22.12.2020 13:04
01.02.2021 15:19
Add possibility to add step column in mass notification

Adding possibility to add SQL row as a column could be also a workaround to achieve that. Right now (BPS 2020...434) is is only possible to add instance number from system fields to mass notifications.



Christian Amler
01.12.2020 10:50
04.03.2021 09:50
2-level grouping and showing available views in report-menu

Currently our report-menu for some processes is getting longer and longer. One reason for that is the fact, that some people have issues understanding they have to choose a report and can then navigate on the other side of the form by the views we have set up for them. Mostly people who count their daily clicks and tell you to change the system if they have to do 10 more a day, because you have set something up the way it makes sense. Hence: instead of discussing they get a report. Anyways... I (...)

Daniel Töpel
02.11.2020 23:25
11.01.2021 13:01
User-Preferences - (additional dictionary like substitutions) automatically create an instance per user

In many tasks we need the same info from the current user. So it would be nice, the user have to write down this only once. Preferred into an additional and self-configurable dictionary, that's called via user-icon. In this way the user can run only one instance.

Rafał Kowalewski
02.11.2020 20:07
05.03.2021 20:49
Encrypted fields

Can you please add an option to encrypt fields, and user configure who can decrypt ? Why ? Becouse, in some business appliactions, administrators not always should be able to see some confidential information send in BPS forms. Senders should decide.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
04.03.2021 17:24
05.03.2021 20:46
Form rule: Switch to vertical /horizontal layout on all operators

There's an option to switch from horizontal to vertical layout if you click on AND/OR operators. Could this be extended to all other operators, too. :) This would reduce the scrolling and therefore improve readability a lot.