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Razvan Ogrezeanu - ENCORSA Romania
25.08.2021 17:42
16.09.2021 19:14
Form rule foreach line in item list expanded functionality

It was a great addition when the foreach functionality was added in form rules for item lists, but they seem to be limited only to get and set values. There are plenty of reasons for witch you could need to disable a field or color ii differently using form rules. It would be great if styling fields with the foreach functionality would also be possible. I have attached an example where the fields marked with yellow should be disabled if the checkbox on the row is checked.

Bjoern Poller
19.07.2021 10:44
17.08.2021 09:02
[SOLVED] WEBCON: Update attachment action -> Q: How to rename attachments WITH continous numbering ?

Good morning everyone, i am wondering, if someone of you already managed to rename the attachments with a kind of numbering within webcon. Continous number or just the ATT_ID would be fine. I am using one process for picture documentation and beside 6 picturefields there is the possibility to attach as many pictures as the user wants to the attachment section. After renaming them with the "update attachment action" while going to the next step, now all have the same name. It would be great if (...)

Rafał Kowalewski
02.11.2020 20:25
28.07.2021 12:18
Application versions

Can you please add a simple feature - application (or process) versions ? The idea is to have a "back" button - revert to (any) previous version if something goes wrong. I know - you want us to use DEV/TEST/PROD environment. Sure. But versioning would be a nice feature, really. Two options for you to choose: 1. every save is a new version 2. save as new version button

Adam Hatak
21.10.2020 10:07
16.06.2021 15:38
Add more colours to mark arrows in BPS process design

If possible, please add more colours to mark arrows in process design. It's very useful to mark arrows with same colour as buttons (paths). Currently there are grey (default), green, red, blue. Thanks.

Klaus Seidler
25.05.2021 16:40
10.08.2021 11:30
Hiding Rows in Items Lists

Hi. I'm looking for a solution to hide rows of a list element depending on the value of a list element column. I.e. for a task list I would like to have the row visible for everyone, until the checkbox "done" ist set "true". I tried with the "Acceptance" function (see Acceptance.png), but the issue is that I can make the column visible for a (single) defined user, but not for multiple users. Any ideas here? The preferred would be a "HIDE ITEM LIST ROW" function in the form rules. Kind regard (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
24.03.2021 17:04
16.07.2021 07:55
Duplicate: Themes: Add option for custom css file/url (Closed)

I've overlooked an already existing user voice created by Markus. Hi, could we please get an option to define an additional .css file inside the theme. It could be similar to the implementation for defining the logos which can be loaded from an URL or uploaded as a file. Benefits: - We don't need to use the HTML field on the form level, like https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/41/15 - HTML fields can't be displayed on reports so we are creating other workarounds - It's not necessar (...)



Markus Jenni
22.10.2020 13:57
06.04.2021 12:19
Additonal styling capabilities for paths and theme

Designer Studio gives the possibility to apply additional button styles. Adding the possibiltiy to define additional class attributes on the path properties would make the styling easier. The custom styles could be defined in the new html-field (for every process we would have to define it again) or much better, let it define in the themes editor! Update 06.04.2021 Apparently is now in back-log https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/404/15

Thomas Dengler
01.04.2021 16:47
06.05.2021 09:14
Concat function handling

Dear WebCon Team, the Concat function is a great advantage for text handling. Unfortunately, it is very hard or let's more say inconvenient, if you forgot a text part. In my understanding it is not possible to replace concat parts or even add text parts before or change there position. e.g. concat[Happy][Weekend!] so I would like to say "Happy easter Weekend!" for this I have to delete Weekend! and type easter and then type again Weekend! Of course in this case I just have to add it to the (...)



Rafał Kowalewski
05.11.2020 19:22
27.08.2021 11:11
"normal" HTML attributes

Hi, so HTML attributes are great, but only untill you try to do something with them - like hide for example... or export - import Seems like you keep them all in a single SQL field:-( So, some JS manipulation is needed, rule editor is useless. Can you make normal HTML attributes - every attribute in separate SQL field?

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
23.10.2020 15:26
29.03.2021 12:53
Improvements to indicator (traffic light) icon

During a presentation there was a comment that the indicator (traffic light) icons are not easily distinguishable for colour blind people. It would be an improvement if the icons would have a different shape in addition to the colour. One idea would be a red square, orange triangle and green circle. In addition there was the question if it would be possible to provide a tooltip what each icon indicates. I've currently added an explanation above a data table but this won't help in a report. Ther (...)

Razvan Ogrezeanu - ENCORSA Romania
23.08.2021 11:55
09.09.2021 13:54
Views of instances

Hi, We have encountered a 2nd customer asking us for the following functionality: When a user is opening an instance from a report, a list with all the users who viewed the data should be available. I am not sure how that could be handled when users preview a report, as the reports could contain all the data from the instances. That functionality should probably be added on the reports somehow, but that is just my brain talking loudly.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
17.08.2021 10:43
09.09.2021 13:52
Picker: Same configuration options for Internal View, Dictionary and Template data sources

Hi, I really like the new default picker option "Show link to selected workflow instance". Unfortunately it's only available for the data source "BPS Internal view". If I select a dictionary and probably a template process, it's not available. Therefore I have to create an Internal view in addition to the automatically created dictionary data source. For those who don't know what this option does: The picker value is rendered as a link which can be displayed in the preview window. That's a rea (...)



Rafał Kowalewski
12.08.2021 10:32
09.09.2021 13:54

Please add an option to configure font size in studio. Especially with high resolution monitors studio is almost unusable due to very small fonts. This is totally not user friendly especially for people with even slight vision disabilities (wearing glasses).



Razvan Ogrezeanu - ENCORSA Romania
10.08.2021 12:21
09.09.2021 13:53
API, or any other kind of automatic deployment from one environment to another.

In WEBCON the development is so fast and agile that it started to create bottlenecks in the deployment activity. We are using Azure DevOps and it would be great if some kind of pipeline could be created in order to start and deploy things in an automated manner.



Iulian Amaricai
13.07.2021 09:01
27.08.2021 10:23
SDK Teams plugin

Hey there, I just found the GitHub from Webcon and i tried to install the teams plugin but unfortunately is continuously crashing when i try to upload it in Webcon . The error is the one showed below . I have to mention that i tried to change the version of the NuGet package but the error is the same. Type: System.IO.FileNotFoundException ------------------------------------------------------- Message: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Graph.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, (...)

Dawid Jurczyk
14.05.2021 07:30
09.08.2021 10:05
Improvement to "Show first attachment on page load"

It would be great to be able to pass any attachment id to the 'show first attachment on page load', e.g. via sql query editor.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
10.05.2021 14:47
09.08.2021 10:05
Improvement to "Validate form": Add "Set focus on control" option

Hi everyone, most of the time an error raised by the "Validate form" action can be fixed by the current user. It would be great if we could have a new configuration option "Focus field" where you can set an expression/field. When the error is displayed on the form the "Set Focus" action is executed and the configured value selected. I assume that the "Set focus" action already toggles collapsed groups/other tabs. Best regards, Daniel

Kluthe-Köhler, Tim
18.03.2021 10:54
24.08.2021 19:35
Designer Studio IDE for SQL / Javascirpt

It would be great, to have some kind of IDE in the Designer Studio while editing SQL or Javascript code. Therefore it would already help if there were line numbers and code highlighting e.g. for opening and closing brackets. Sometime it is difficult to manage your own code when it reaches a certain number of lines. For example, if you have a Javascript code and only one semicolon or closing bracket is missing, you need to look for the issue. Yes, you could copy your code to another tool (...)

Marek W.
11.03.2021 14:35
10.06.2021 19:01
E-mail notifications in Webcon BPS

Currently there's no option to manage e-mail notifications in Webcon BPS. It would be a nice feature for users to be able to manage from which process / step they want to receive notifications and from which not. Just like they can personalize portal main page. Now if user are assigned to a lot of applications, it usually create mail rule in it's mail client which move all notifications to one place, which provides to situation when some really important notifications are missed by users.

Jarosław Dziekan
25.02.2021 09:45
22.06.2021 14:02
Office Add-Ins instalation

Curently there is only one option to install Office Add-Ins from Webcon Portal - use Internet Explorer. As we know IE is realy old web browser and Microsoft is going to finish support for this browser at 21th of August 2021. We should add support for this feature for modern web browsers.