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Request for Progressive Web Application (PWA) Support in WEBCON BPS NOT NOW


While I greatly appreciate the functionalities and flexibility provided by the WEBCON BPS mobile application, many of us find ourselves predominantly using WEBCON BPS on desktop computers due to the nature of our workflows and the complex tasks we perform. However, the mobile application's interface and functionalities do not always translate seamlessly to desktop usage, where the majority of our work occurs.

The addition of PWA support would bridge this gap significantly by offering a number of compelling advantages:

1. Seamless Integration and Uniform Experience: PWAs provide a consistent and efficient user experience that matches the desktop environment, offering the responsiveness and feel of a native application without the need for a separate mobile app.

2. Push Notifications: The integration of push notifications can improve our task management and alert systems, providing timely updates directly through the web application.

3. No Installation Required: PWAs do not require users to install software from an app store, making it easier for our team to access and use WEBCON BPS without the hurdles of traditional application deployment.

I believe that implementing PWA functionality into WEBCON BPS will not only enhance the desktop user experience but also align with the evolving needs of businesses seeking more agile and efficient digital solutions. It acknowledges the reality that while mobile applications serve their purpose, the desktop experience remains paramount for many professional settings, including ours.

I kindly ask the WEBCON development team to consider this request to incorporate PWA capabilities into WEBCON BPS, thereby enriching the toolset available to us and further solidifying WEBCON's position as a forward-thinking leader in business process solutions.


Hi Razvan, the desktop interface is fully scalable and can be easily accessed via mobile device without a need for a native app (although my personal preference is to use our apps since they are meant to provide UX consistent to the operating system, i.e. Android, iOS). One thing that you mentioned and is not available with desktop interface is push notification feature. However, it's available via native apps.

Given the above and other functionalities planned for implementation, we've noted your request, but at this point we do not plan to further extend the system capabilities towards PWA.