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Adam Hatak
21.10.2020 10:07
16.06.2021 15:38
Add more colours to mark arrows in BPS process design

If possible, please add more colours to mark arrows in process design. It's very useful to mark arrows with same colour as buttons (paths). Currently there are grey (default), green, red, blue. Thanks.

Rafał Kowalewski
02.11.2020 20:02
23.08.2021 12:59
Code editors

Hi, just a simple, easy request - can you please add a usefull code editor to SQL rules, JavaScript rules and HTML fields details ? Sure, one can copy paste the code from external editors, but it takes time, having an embedded editor would be a great feature.



Paweł Hołdak
23.10.2020 11:30
30.04.2021 11:11
Tasks process improvements

Hi guys, I've I some suggestions for the task management process : 1. Add reminders configuration for tasks * possibility to define reminder templates:list of reminders: WHO, WHEN, MESSAGE, channel (email, sms, other ?) * you can attach reminder templates to each type of tasks (workflow steps) 2. Add escalation configuration for tasks * possibility to define escalation actions. Good to define escalation templates, list of: WHEN, WHO (roles, managers), MESSAGE, CHANNEL you can attach escalatio (...)

Rafał Kowalewski
02.11.2020 20:25
28.07.2021 12:18
Application versions

Can you please add a simple feature - application (or process) versions ? The idea is to have a "back" button - revert to (any) previous version if something goes wrong. I know - you want us to use DEV/TEST/PROD environment. Sure. But versioning would be a nice feature, really. Two options for you to choose: 1. every save is a new version 2. save as new version button

Markus Jenni
29.07.2021 14:46
08.09.2021 23:42
Suggestion: Limit length of text fields

Often there are scenarios, where the length of a text input field should be limited. This can basically done by means of a regular expression. However, this would still allow the user, to enter more than the allowed characters. It would be great, to have a property in the configuration section to limit the maximum length.



Jarosław Dziekan
25.02.2021 09:45
22.06.2021 14:02
Office Add-Ins instalation

Curently there is only one option to install Office Add-Ins from Webcon Portal - use Internet Explorer. As we know IE is realy old web browser and Microsoft is going to finish support for this browser at 21th of August 2021. We should add support for this feature for modern web browsers.

Markus Jenni
04.02.2021 15:01
05.03.2021 20:48
Extending Rest api to allow querying datasources

When adding or updating elements via Rest Api, for picker fields it is required to provide Id and name. Quite often the name is known, but not the id. As picker fields are usually based on datasources, it would by great, when the api would be extended with methods to query datasources. There should be at least two methods: 1) getting a list of all available datasources (overall / by application) 2) query a datasource with a filter. To make it easier, the filter should be passed in as query s (...)



Markus Jenni
09.12.2020 18:10
13.05.2021 07:26
Option to check/verify permissions of another user for Admins

It happens that special privileges have to be applied on workflow elements, dashboards or views. Unless we work on a system with different test users, it is quite difficult to check whether a certain user really has access to right artifacts or not. Sometimes i also get support tickets from customers telling they would see or not see artifacts. As an administrator oder system administrator it would be great, that we can simulate a user. Within the simulation mode, we would be able to see wha (...)



Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
23.10.2020 15:26
24.09.2021 14:05
Improvements to indicator (traffic light) icon

During a presentation there was a comment that the indicator (traffic light) icons are not easily distinguishable for colour blind people. It would be an improvement if the icons would have a different shape in addition to the colour. One idea would be a red square, orange triangle and green circle. In addition there was the question if it would be possible to provide a tooltip what each icon indicates. I've currently added an explanation above a data table but this won't help in a report. Ther (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
02.07.2021 14:16
09.08.2021 10:04
Improvement to "Validate form": Allow execution via form rule

Hi everyone, I'm currently creating quite a lot of "validate form" actions. For example: - Date one must be after date two - Date must be in the future - Integer value must be positive These are implemented as "validate form" action since I prefer validation on the server rather than on the client only. The draw back is, that it's a poor usability. So I "recreate" the same validations as form rules with alerts, which are called when the field value is changed. So I have to implement the same (...)

Dawid Jurczyk
14.05.2021 07:30
09.08.2021 10:05
Improvement to "Show first attachment on page load"

It would be great to be able to pass any attachment id to the 'show first attachment on page load', e.g. via sql query editor.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
23.03.2021 17:16
10.08.2021 11:32
Verify Process: Check for non existing users

The Verify Process action (Process configuration test) currently doesn't check if hard coded users still exist. For example a group could be selected in a people field which limits the available users. The group has been deleted like in the attached image. But this doesn't result in an error. Best regards, Daniel

Bjoern Poller
18.03.2021 15:46
28.05.2021 10:33
DASHBOARD: Maybe -> "Two-and-a-half columns" section layout as new selection

Hello there, with working much more with compact start buttons, i am optimizing our older dashboard layouts. We have a few applications, which have many start buttons. So i was wondering, if, maybe, in further coming WEBCON versions there could be the possibility to add 2 more "section layouts" like i posted in the picture. Mostly the usefull one would be: half side left, and two small columns in the right half - just for start buttons. If space would be big enough, that would be a more effic (...)

Kluthe-Köhler, Tim
18.03.2021 10:54
24.08.2021 19:35
Designer Studio IDE for SQL / Javascirpt

It would be great, to have some kind of IDE in the Designer Studio while editing SQL or Javascript code. Therefore it would already help if there were line numbers and code highlighting e.g. for opening and closing brackets. Sometime it is difficult to manage your own code when it reaches a certain number of lines. For example, if you have a Javascript code and only one semicolon or closing bracket is missing, you need to look for the issue. Yes, you could copy your code to another tool (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
19.08.2021 12:01
07.09.2021 17:13
Visual cue for closed threads

Hi, ist there any chance to display a visual cue, like in the user voice, when a thread is closed? Currently the only hint is, that the "Add Post" button is not available, even after logging in. This may be ok, if you know how things work here but for newcomers this won't be so easy to understand. Best regards, Daniel

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
17.08.2021 10:43
24.09.2021 12:18
Picker: Same configuration options for Internal View, Dictionary and Template data sources

Hi, I really like the new default picker option "Show link to selected workflow instance". Unfortunately it's only available for the data source "BPS Internal view". If I select a dictionary and probably a template process, it's not available. Therefore I have to create an Internal view in addition to the automatically created dictionary data source. For those who don't know what this option does: The picker value is rendered as a link which can be displayed in the preview window. That's a rea (...)



Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
05.08.2021 10:55
27.08.2021 10:51
Updating 'Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter' version

Hi, I've run into an 'issue' using the 'Generate a Pdf file' action. https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/770 I used 'new' HTML / CSS features which haven't been supported or even been available by the provided version of the 'Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter' engine. WEBCON BPS utilizes version 7, while the current version is 15. As far as I could find out version 7 dates back to 18 Feb 2012. https://winnovative-html-to-pdf-converter-applic.software.informer.com/versions/ Version 1 (...)



Marek W.
11.03.2021 14:35
10.06.2021 19:01
E-mail notifications in Webcon BPS

Currently there's no option to manage e-mail notifications in Webcon BPS. It would be a nice feature for users to be able to manage from which process / step they want to receive notifications and from which not. Just like they can personalize portal main page. Now if user are assigned to a lot of applications, it usually create mail rule in it's mail client which move all notifications to one place, which provides to situation when some really important notifications are missed by users.

Thomas Dengler
18.02.2021 07:28
04.10.2021 09:22
OAuth 2.0 Authentication / OpenID for REST - Web service

Dear WebCon Team, we most urgently need the possibility to have further authentication methods using OAuth 2.0 / OpenID in the context of REST - Web Service. At the moment the limitation does us not allow to communicate with other systems in the way of microservices. This extension would be a great increase of data communication. Thanks a lot Best regards Thomas

Razvan Ogrezeanu - ENCORSA Romania
25.01.2021 12:12
01.10.2021 20:35
A section in this website for common errors/bugs.

An errors section where the community can post common errors and possible solutions for them. A search by error message or code would be great. We are building one of those blogs for errors internal, but it would be great if the community can have their input on it. Also the version of WEBCON would be an useful filed to group by.