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Dashboard - Selected Element Viewer


Hello everyone,
My Tasks is pretty popular view among users at my company, but i'm getting more and more often questions if i could change the way it works.
I really like the default feature, and wouldn't change it, but I've an idea that we could have an 'Selected Element Viewer' control in the Dashboard.

I even prepared some PoC - you can check it out here: https://portal.webconbps.com/db/1/app/479/dashboards/75

Selecting item from the report on left, will update the view on the right.
Sometimes it requires double click, and side panel to loads so it doesn't look great.
But it represents the idea so for now it's good enough ;)

To make the control work, there should be a possibility to choose which report is source for the view, as there could be many reports on the dashboard.

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