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In reply to: Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)

I'm not sure about it, there's no visible indicator and it just "stops" adding more characters which again my lead to confusion.

I'm a bit allergic to red messages, like they are shown when I'm using length limitation via regular expression.

So I started to use a html field and some code to set the max length property and placed a hint either in the description of the field or used the input placeholder.
I think this might also be a good approach from an accessibility perspective.

When there is another way to display a hint about the maximal length, I'm up for it. This might be something that is best answered by an UX specialist.



would be nice, at least if this is limited to the UI, in the background it should be as it is. No changes to the export/import process.

In one case we have in the production environment two databases with the same process and one database in the test environment. When moving to production different entities are deactivated while all are active in the test environment. If one get's deactivated in the test environment for some reason, the import should leave the privileges assigned to them as they are. :)

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It happens quite often, that the length of a textfield has to be limited. This can easily be achieved by a reqular expression.

However, input fields with inputmode text allow the usage of the maxlength attribute. It would by much nicer to restrict the user to type in more than the defined letters rather than showing a red error message.

Therefore, it would be great to introduce a max length property for text fields