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Free templates

Invoice processing
Invoice Processing is a simple application whose purpose is pretty self-explanatory.
Leave of Absence
The Leave of Absence application is used to request vacation days or to notify your employer about absences/sick leave.
Marketing Orders
The Marketing orders application is used to submit orders for marketing materials (leaflets, folders, gadgets) and track their realization.
The application is used to organize the onboarding process of a new employee. It contains a list of tasks – completing all tasks end the onboarding process.
Press Releases
Press Releases is an application used to efficiently oversee the creation and publication of various text documents.
Sales Activities
The Sales activities application creates a central client database. Allows to register new clients and review the existing ones.
Travel Request
The Travel request application is used to request approval for a business trip.
Asset Management
Manage IT assets and connected data. All in one place. Asset Management application oversees your asset inventory, categorizing every asset by owner and enabling your users to submit request and return forms.
AD Account Provisioning
Simplify Active Directory account administration. Click and approve information entered by end users to create, modify or deactivate AD accounts. Automatically validate data on the form and enhance audit trail.
Change Request Processing
Users can easily request changes to company IT systems and track their status in one place. New CR initiates workflow with assigned approvers for each step. CR history reports help analyse costs and allocate resources.
Helpdesk & ticketing
Users easily register helpdesk tickets, attach all information and track status from one place in SharePoint, Outlook or mobile devices.
IT System Registry
Collect information about your IT systems: vendors, contact details, SLA parameters and infrastructure. Monitor number of errors, measure satisfaction, evaluate SLA quality. Make sure cooperation with your vendors meet your standards.