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Employee Profile

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Works with latest WEBCON BPS version


Collect information on who works for you, at what location, how to reach them and when they are at their desks.

From day to day from location to location tell us where you're going to be so that 
we can reliably know when to check to see if you're online of those hours where you said you're working.


Streamline remote work with our free business applications!

We have developed a set of 8 no-charge applications designed to support you in managing distributed workforces. Enable efficient task management, provide control over document distribution, collect employee information and more with WEBCON BPS!

Download the applications along with WEBCON BPS Express, a reduced-storage edition of the platform that may be used in production and in perpetuity, and take the next step towards digital transformation!

Learn more about Remote Work Applications & get started: webcon.com/streamline-remote-work/

Watch WEBCON BPS distributed workforce apps in action