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Hello community, I am trying to color whole ITEM list rows with SQL query. I followed, the article https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/coloring-the-background-of-the-item-list/195/3 but even the simplest SQL query (same than in article) generates the error (see figures enclosed). Any idea what I am doing wrong? Any example of your working SQL query for ITEM list coloring? Thank you.

Hello all, Does anyone know if it's possible to set up a behavior on an item list where in the picker field the user can select more than one option and it populates each option per row instead of adding multiple values inside the picker field. The user will be selecting options on the picker data source window and I would like that the system would allow choosing various options and populating the item list with the information. I know I can accomplish this with a choice field and then s (...)

I added few fields, which take data from other and recalculate them. I want to refesh old elements, so data will update in them. I've tried adding technical field and changing it's value so other values shoud recalculeate, but it doesn't work. This has to be done once. Any ideas?

Hello Everyone I'm writing to you because maybe someone has already had a task as wonderful as me :) I need information about which users and at what level they have access to each application and process. I searched the forum but didn't find anything similar. I'm going to write SQL because I don't think there is any other option. I will be grateful for the sql pieces :) Regards

Has anyone encountered this error? I installed the Word package, and when I try to edit a Word template, I receive the error "Cannot download the information you requested." Do you have any idea where I can find more information about this error? Thanks, Raluca

Hello, I'm trying to find a solution to my problem. Let's say I have a workflow with a START step, INTERMEDIATE and a FINAL step. Intermediate step is assigned to Group B by default, but I need that after 5 days, if no person from this group took any action, to automatically assign the task to Group C. Is there such a way to do this? Thank you.

Hello. I have a subworkflow here I copy the content of an item list of the parent WF (change item list values). That works fine, but the attachment I have in parent item list I don't get copied/moved/linked. Has anybody an idea? Kind regards Klaus


I've noticed that when I import from the development environment to the test or in production environment, custom visibility configurations for reports or start buttons don't get imported. For instance, I've set a button to be visible only for a certain group; the configuration remained as custom visibility upon import, but the group disappeared. The groups were created in the development environment and imported into the other environments. Thanks, Raluca

Hello. Is it generally impossible to use the above action type to create a new workflow item with a "filled" item list or do I have a mistake in my doing? I have a table (item list) where I want to start subworkflows from (depending on field value) where this line of the item list is "copied" to the new workflow. Creating the WF item is easy, but the table stays empty. Is this a bug in my query or doesn't it work at all? Kind regards Klaus

Hello, is there a way to do a repeating table within a repeating table. Nested tables, to have a parent child relationship between the tables? Thank you for your help!

Hi everyone, I have a questiion about dashboards: 1. I have a custom dashboard, where I have only HTML element. In this element I'm using REST API to get report (made earlier) and thanks to that I can customize it with js, css. The question is, is it possible to have functionality of view the element like in report? Explaining, when I have a report and I click element I have a compact view or something of element from right side of the page. More details about element. 2. When I have rep (...)


Hello, I'm trying to disable/enable fields based on the state of dropdown (using nr. 3 from this https://docs.webcon.com/docs/2023R2/Studio/Process/Attribute/Choice/Choose_field/#picker): * Allowing custom values - make fields on form enabled. * Disabled custom values - make fields on form disabled. Is there any value which i could use to check state of dropdown control? In this case i'm using autocomplete dropdown. I'm using js and global variables right now, but this doesn't work aft (...)

Hi, I would like to change the form type, and I see that there is an action for this, but after selecting this action, the user must select a certain form type. I would like the selection box to not appear and the form to change depending on some field on the form. Is it possible? or at least change the appearance and value of the fields in the pop-up window? https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/the-change-form-type-action/289

I checked all fix list from https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/webcon-bps-2022-downloads/311/10 and I don't see my issue fix. Environment: 1. I have "old" WebCon 2022.1.4.84. 2. Created doc template process 3. Imported doc template 4. checked and changed all Font for Verdena 5. changed name of column in table (from list) 6. ignored few fields (from list) 7. updated template doc 8. WebCon is ignoring font style in table (list) 9. WebCon is ignoring name column change in table (...)

Hi everyone, I'm trying to prepare an action that will send a file via the API. From the Postman app it works (screen below). How can I configure the rest API action to make the file dispatch mechanism work as in postman?

Hello community. I wrote SQL query for On timeout – Insert condition (SQL). My query is returning true value, but action is not working. See figure for details. Any idea what could be the problem? Thank you.

Hi, I'm not sure if this is supposed or it's a bug from the app. Does the item list field are not available for Dictionary processes? thank you

hi team, im trying to show a field in specific steps not in all of them, im using( if then )and (show hide) , it work in one step only.., how i can apply it in the next steps of the same workflow any idea! thanks

Hi, We would like to transfer our test license from one test server to another. Before we proceed, we would like to know the correct procedure. Does anybody care to give step-by-step instructions? Thanks in advance!

Hi guys, I have created a subworkflow that I would like to use to implement a signing process. I copy the required attachments from the parent workflow to this subworkflow. How do I get the changed (signed) attachments back into the parent workflow and how can I then exchange the original documents there? I think it's not too complicated, but unfortunately I don't know how to do it ;-) Or is there perhaps a way to use certain documents from the parent workflow directly without creating a (...)