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We use in one of our applications the option to generate HTML code (for example extra buttons performing some actions) in list item lines. For this purpose, data row field type was working well. For example such code: SELECT '<span style="margin:2px;"><button onclick="startAccessRequest( ''{SI:3201}'' );" style="font-weight:bold; color:green; font-size:12px; text-align:center;">&#x2795;</button></span><span style="margin:2px;"><button onclick="startAccessRemoval( ''{SI:3201}'' );" style="fon (...)

Hello, is there a size limit on how much data we can store in webcon dictionary? Couldn't find any info on it. Thank you for your help!

I do process where: Part I 1. On start, in first step, in form, in field = dropdown list, I pick te signature of other flow (different proces in particular step ID) 2. Then the fields are filled with data from that chosen flow form is full of data (thats OK) 3. And NOW In that chosen flow I have got Item list how to by picking from dropdown list filled new itemlist with data ? I created action (theoretically is working) but ... how to "attach" that action to dropdown list? (...)

Hi, I would like to import new elements into a process that is not a dictionary process, it is a list of employees, I know how to do it in a dictionary process using the import from Excels function, but in this situation I have no idea. Regards Darek

Hi Guys, I use MailApproval on some paths in our application. Now I have the somewhat unusual behavior that an acceptance via MailApproval is rejected with a validation error. If I carry out the acceptance in the same process (same instance) in the application, it works. The option “Form field validation” is checked on the paths. If i deselect, it works. This is what MailApproval returns: ################# Path transition operation failed: Operation on element: DEV/WAVE/2024/556 faile (...)

Hello everyone, Many years ago I was using PercussionPowerFlow for Lotus Notes. There were nice features in the workflow to "jump out/jump back" from/to current state to ah hoc state. This was very useful for prematurely terminating or suspending workflows. As far as I've dug into the Werbcon, I haven't found anything like that. Everything has to be done strictly according to the workflow definition. So if I have one start, 3 ends and 10 statuses in the middle, do I need to add a (...)

Hello Who can show me where in the DEMO-Helpdesk application there is a rule that is intended to hide the "Internal notes field" from authors (just like the documentation says)? Currently, this field is always displayed by default (including in email notifications) Similarly, limiting the display of this field in reports depending on the user?

Hi guys, i use the mailapproval function to "accept" or "decline" a step. The "accept" path works fine with mailapproval. The "decline" path actually has the comment set to required and therefore the path transition operation failed with an "validation error". What can i do to set the comment not required in case of mailapproval or even better to add a comment in the mail which is then used for the decline-Path. Hope it is understandable what's my problem ;-) Thanks, Gerd

Hi, I have a dictionary process. I built the report based on it. I can export it to excel. Can I customized this excel? On report I have 3 columns. In excel there are to more ID and DocType + headers of the columns have additional info about attributes from Webcon (type and guid). Can I modify it somehow that I will get only my 3 columns with only names in excel? BR Adam

Hi, Recently our hotmailbox started to behave strangely. When an email is received, it is simply moved to archive and the workflow is not started. If however we move the email back into inbox from archive manually, the workflow starts normally. Do you have any suggestions how we might try to troubleshoot this? Thanks!

Hi all I got a process that uses values from a dictionary process in a field [picker field] (the user can select an element from the dictionary process in the form). Sometimes an element that the user wants to select does not yet exist. I have now given the user the possibility to select with a checkbox that the element does not yet exist. After completing the input (form), i.e. when the user passes on the process, a dictionary process should now be started "automatically" for the user (...)

Hello, Is there a possibility to implement an automation mechanism for granting application privileges, such as the "Metadata access", "Access all workflow instances" permissions etc? I have created a Global action - On start (cyclical) that is creating a group and adding a user to that group, but also i have to add that group to Application privileges so they can access the app. How can i do that automatically? Thank you.

Hi everyone, I'm trying to prepare an action that will send a file via the API. From the Postman app it works (screen below). How can I configure the rest API action to make the file dispatch mechanism work as in postman?

Hi, I'm not sure if this is supposed or it's a bug from the app. Does the item list field are not available for Dictionary processes? thank you

Hi guys, I have created a subworkflow that I would like to use to implement a signing process. I copy the required attachments from the parent workflow to this subworkflow. How do I get the changed (signed) attachments back into the parent workflow and how can I then exchange the original documents there? I think it's not too complicated, but unfortunately I don't know how to do it ;-) Or is there perhaps a way to use certain documents from the parent workflow directly without creating a (...)

Hi community, I am asking for help with permissions over the process. We have created an application, in the process I have set user rights (launch new workflow instances). The user has the right to delete the created process. I created the option to display the delete and save buttons at the process level in the workflow designer. The save button is displayed under the user, but the delete button is not displayed (I am still working with the user who created the process). If I set the user (...)

hi there, i can add a business rule for condition step, but how if i need to have more than one rule for different fields in the same condition step? so i need the condition step check for more than one rule., for example: check attachment. please note that every rule separately works but together not. please any solution?

Hi all, I am currently building a process in which it is possible to go back to the 'start' step from almost any step. (There are 10 steps that can go back to the 'start') Now I have an (1x) action (action template) that should be performed when someone selects the path to 'start'. Is there a better way than adding this action to every path? (Adding the same action to all paths that lead to the same step again and again is simply inconvenient and contradicts the "Don't repeat yourself" (...)

Hello everyone I was just wondering about the best way to implement this: We want to build a process (basically it is a research proposal/request process). But we also want to be able to start a new change request for "completed" requests. The change request is equivalent to the normal request, with the only difference that you have to select the original request in the change request (so that both the request and the change request can be referenced). Now I am wondering what the b (...)


Hi everyone, I'm wondering what would be the best approach for the following use case. There may be between 300 and 500 active claim workflow instances. The costs for these claims are tracked in the ERP system. The total of the costs needs to be in the claim, so that it can be used in reports. Challenges: 1. I can only use REST for retrieving the costs 2. The ERP system supports webhooks, which doesn't help us. 3. The total changes only rarely, I don't want to create a new version for (...)