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Pawel Jawien (WEBCON)
14.10.2020 08:12
11.05.2021 14:56
Welcome to the WEBCON community forum

Welcome to the WEBCON community forum. To ensure the best possible experience for everyone, we kindly ask that you adhere to the guidelines listed below. By participating in the forum, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to follow the established rules. You also agree to keep forum discussion limited to topics best suited for this type of medium. We wish for this forum to be a place where our partners, clients, acquaintances, and anyone interested in WEBCON BPS can connect with their p (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
26.03.2021 15:27
30.08.2021 15:55
Warning: Check default schema of database user used for installation/upgrade

Hello everyone, before you install/upgrade BPS check the default schema of the database user under which the installation/upgrade will be executed. Make sure that the default schema is dbo. If this is a different schema new objects may be created using this schema. This may lead to unexpected errors later on which will be hard to debug. Here's a little script to change it. SELECT name AS [Name], SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name, type_desc, create_date, mod (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
31.08.2021 13:17
08.09.2021 23:14
Form: Changing left/right layout from 50%/50% -> 75%/25%

Hi everyone, this is just a simple JavaScript which changes the assigned space of the left and right panel from 50% for each to 75% for the right and 25% for the left. The JavaScript can be copy&pasted into a JS Form Rule (1) which gets added to Behavior tab (2) so it get's executed. window.ccls = window.ccls || {}; ccls.changePanelWidth = {}; ccls.changePanelWidth.Timeout = 0; ccls.changePanelWidth.TimeoutMax = 4; ccls.changePanelWidth.execute = function (pathId,alternativeLabel){ va (...)

Marcin Szymanek
10.08.2021 11:18
12.09.2021 23:31
Remove an application

Is there any method of removing unwanted application? Normally you can't do that from Designer Studio. When an application has any processes or other elements it requires to remove them first - the Studio prevents from having orphaned elements. It is ok unless you want to remove the whole application. The application I want to remove is quite complicated and removing all sub-elements would be very time consuming and tricky to find out which element should I remove first, etc. Is there any othe (...)

Bo Jamison
16.06.2021 16:13
12.09.2021 23:32
Modifying the attachment area?

Is there a way to do a little more modification to the attachments portion of a form? We'd like all attachments, email msgs included to be shown on the first tab. Failing that, hiding the first 2 tabs and only showing the "all attachments" tab.

George Tudose - ENCORSA Romania
04.05.2021 11:38
14.05.2021 09:42
Sticky ItemList Header

Hello, I am using an itemlist to show some data to the user. In some cases, the list contains over 50 elements. Because it also has a lot of columns, it is very hard to follow sometimes. I would like to at least make the table header sticky. How can I do that? Thank you in advance! Best regards, George

Kluthe-Köhler, Tim
25.03.2021 07:30
23.04.2021 09:50
Location of SDK Logs

When creating an SDK action there is an option to use the Logger Class to create logs (https://developer.webcon.com/2021/resources/online-documentation-sdk/html/2c254e06-3ac3-3a82-7c44-dae3d829d1e4.htm) Does anyone know where these logs are located (log file on file system or a specific database table)?

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
29.12.2020 19:28
12.09.2021 23:32
Your highlights of 2021.1.1

Yeah, the new version is released and based on the change log, these are my three highlights: 4.11. Using variables representing configuration objects’ ID Item list improvements. Ok, this is cheating but there are a lot of useful changes :) 4.17. Report views in the navigation menu I didn't list the new WEBCON BPS Designer Desk because it's not comparable and would probably be on everyone's top list.

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
15.07.2021 20:38
10.08.2021 11:11
Quick search the community using a search engine

Hi everyone, let's be honest the search option is more of an autocomplete. Nothing wrong with this since you can still get some useful information. Nevertheless, I prefer searching this site using a major search engine. Since I don't like to do repetitive tasks I put together some JavaScript which speeds this up and can be executed on any (public) site by clicking on a bookmark. Unfortunately gifs aren't allowed so I attached a screenshot: 1: Search results from the community 2: Executing the (...)

Bo Jamison
25.06.2021 17:13
18.08.2021 10:26
PrePopulated Item List

Is there a way on a new record to prepopulate an item list with static rows? The idea is for each new workflow started, an item list would have 6 rows already setup to have other data entered. Nevermind, I found it :) https://webcon.com/item-lists-repeating-data-done-right/

Raluca-Mirabela Lupu
24.03.2021 16:44
07.04.2021 11:39
SDK Action

What would be the best method to get the attachments of an instance inside an SDK plugin in order to make use of them in C# code?

Aleš Jurak
15.03.2021 15:56
12.09.2021 23:33
Add Chart to Word template

Hi, On the form, I am using the Chart data field. I am wondering whether it is possible to use the chart field in the Word printout report. Is there an alternative way to draw a chart based on the form data in the report? Maybe in HTML report. I was also thinking to put chart into the Picture field that is supported in Word templates. Any insight on how to approach this would be appreciated. Best regards Aleš

Christian Amler
04.03.2021 12:22
08.09.2021 23:22
SQL-Query for short Workflow History Data-Source

Hi all, i thought it might be a good idea to share useful queries that should be reusable for any of us as they are. Although I personally find the built in Workflow-History very useful and really like it for admin-purposes, it might be some kind of an detail-overkill for common users. In order to give users a more simple look of what happened so far in the workflow, I created a datasource that should work for all workflows and translations. Values are shown depending on the users browser la (...)

18.11.2020 15:16
11.09.2021 23:37
Missing Gantt chart in Modern Webcon BPS

Hello All, Big project regarding to reservation system is ahead of us. And one of the very useful feature will be gantt chart on the form and as web part as well. So is there any plans to implement Gantt charts in next Webcon BPS versions? Or maybe there is posibility to prepare Gant Chart in HTML attribute? I mean off course Gantt charts in Modern Webcon BPS, because we wouldlike avoid to built new app on classic SharePoint, where gantt charts are available.

Vitalii Lukash
07.09.2021 14:19
07.09.2021 14:49
Raport Export to Excel

Hello, I made a report in WEBCON Designer Studio and one of the columns is "Link". However, when I export that report to excel, that column is converted to a simple text (not a link). Can I in some way configure it to receive in the exported excel that column as link? Best regards, Vitalii Lukash

Denckert, Lutz
19.08.2021 11:13
07.09.2021 17:10
replicating an absence process with more vac types and absence chart

Hi there the absence-wizard seems to be the only way to generate an absence-process in webcon. the datasource for vact-types is seemingly hardcoded. I cannot change the dropdown, delete it, nor change the system connection to add more types. if I add a new dropdown and simply hide the provided one, the data does not go where it´s supposed to go because it is not transparent where the data is written or how the absence-process figures out at what data to look. if someone has replicated / self (...)

Dan Popescu - ENCORSA Romania
11.08.2021 09:17
30.08.2021 15:57
[CLOSED] Sending emails with "High priority"

Hello, Is there a way to send "High priority(importance)" emails using default WebCon actions? If not, can I use something else? Thanks, Dan Popescu

Laurentiu - Adrian Varzan (ENCORSA Romania)
05.08.2021 13:00
18.08.2021 10:27
Can i see deleted instances?

Hello, Is there any way I can see deleted instances ? Somewhere in the database ? Or anywhere ? Best regards, Laurentiu

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
09.06.2021 23:22
25.07.2021 20:19
Testers for "report subscriptions"?

Who runs 2021.1.2.136 and wants to help me testing "report subscriptions"? I'm currently evaluating an option to "subscribe" to reports/view. My aim is that the user will be able to select a schedule, define a report and receive this report by mail. This is currently in an alpha state. The business rule seems to work well but the BPS application is just in a proof of concept state. Maybe there's someone who can help me test the SDK/identify some issues. Fingers crossed, I'm going on vacation (...)

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
02.06.2021 15:22
29.06.2021 09:51
Warning: Provide Translations if you use REST Designer Studio in 2021.1.2.136

Hi everyone, I just noticed that for some reason step names are no longer displayed in reports or data grids using internal views. The root cause of this is that I used the REST Designer Studio. When you save a process using the REST designer studio unset translation of changed objects are saved as a blank string instead of null. This may lead to empty Step and Form Type columns in reports and other objects using internal views. If you are already affected by this you can decide whether to wa (...)