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Welcome to the WEBCON community forum. To ensure the best possible experience for everyone, we kindly ask that you adhere to the guidelines listed below. By participating in the forum, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to follow the established rules. You also agree to keep forum discussion limited to topics best suited for this type of medium. We wish for this forum to be a place where our partners, clients, acquaintances, and anyone interested in WEBCON BPS can connect with their p (...)


Hi everyone, this is just a simple JavaScript which changes the assigned space of the left and right panel from 50% for each to 75% for the right and 25% for the left. The JavaScript can be copy&pasted into a JS Form Rule (1) which gets added to Behavior tab (2) so it get's executed. window.ccls = window.ccls || {}; ccls.changePanelWidth = {}; ccls.changePanelWidth.execute = function (timeoutCounter,timeoutMax){ var items = document.getElementById("RightPanelOuter"); // verify th (...)

Dear community, Wouldn't it be great if Vacation schedule could mark all non-working days the same way as currently weekends are marked? Working days calendar system setting seams to be perfect source for non-working days, isn't it? This way all bank holidays could be marked on vacation schedule. It seams so obvious that I am surprised this is not working this way for a long time...

Hi, After upgrading from 2021.1.3.205 to ver. 2021.1.4.84, I can see a very big performance drop for reports that have more than 250k items. Very often they don't even load at all. All indexes and sql statistics are rebuilt. After verification, I found the reason, it is the column 'assigned to'. After removing this column from the report, all large reports are loaded almost immediately (even those with many calculated columns). It looks like in this version the query has been changed to the WFEl (...)

Hi, In version 2021.1.4 there was a new checkbox border color (blue). Do you know a way to restore neutral color e.g. black?


Hi everyone, WEBCON BPS 2022 has a new IIS requirement "Dynamic Compression Module". You can enable this by executing the following line in PowerShell: Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName IIS-HttpCompressionDynamic Now I'm back to testing the new version. :) Best regards, Daniel


Hi everyone, I had the requirement to provide a drop down which can be used to select a form type. Since I'm a fan of doing things the right way I've chosen to provide a multilingual label. Example: TMeasure$$de$$Maßnahme$$en$$Measure I'm not sure whether I'm missed something because of the late hour, but I didn't found a better option than creating this on my own. If someone else has a similar need, either selecting form types, workflows or whatever this command can be used as a template: se (...)

Is there a way to do a little more modification to the attachments portion of a form? We'd like all attachments, email msgs included to be shown on the first tab. Failing that, hiding the first 2 tabs and only showing the "all attachments" tab.

Hello, I am using an itemlist to show some data to the user. In some cases, the list contains over 50 elements. Because it also has a lot of columns, it is very hard to follow sometimes. I would like to at least make the table header sticky. How can I do that? Thank you in advance! Best regards, George


Hello everyone, before you install/upgrade BPS check the default schema of the database user under which the installation/upgrade will be executed. Make sure that the default schema is dbo. If this is a different schema new objects may be created using this schema. This may lead to unexpected errors later on which will be hard to debug. Here's a little script to change it. SELECT name AS [Name], SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name, type_desc, create_date, mod (...)

Hi there, as far as I know there is no official support for Azure SQL for the WEBCON BPS databases today. If we implement WEBCON BPS in a customer's own Azure tenant as their private cloud, it would be smart to use Azure SQL, because of the integrated HA features, scalability and low maintenance effort. WEBCON BPS is very well integrated with Microsoft technology and has great integrations with Microsoft services, i.e. M365. I would strongly appreciate, if support for Azure SQL could be added in (...)

Hi everyone! I've recently heard that we are soon to have electronic invoices in XML format (in Poland) instead of PDFs. This should shorten invoice processing in Webcon as we could read fields straight into the form with no errors and no OCR verification step. This sounds very good, but will Webcon be ready for this? Will there be actions allowing to read data from xml structure and map them to the form? Or maybe there is something working already? Michal

Is there any method of removing unwanted application? Normally you can't do that from Designer Studio. When an application has any processes or other elements it requires to remove them first - the Studio prevents from having orphaned elements. It is ok unless you want to remove the whole application. The application I want to remove is quite complicated and removing all sub-elements would be very time consuming and tricky to find out which element should I remove first, etc. Is there any othe (...)

When creating an SDK action there is an option to use the Logger Class to create logs (https://developer.webcon.com/2021/resources/online-documentation-sdk/html/2c254e06-3ac3-3a82-7c44-dae3d829d1e4.htm) Does anyone know where these logs are located (log file on file system or a specific database table)?


Yeah, the new version is released and based on the change log, these are my three highlights: 4.11. Using variables representing configuration objects’ ID Item list improvements. Ok, this is cheating but there are a lot of useful changes :) 4.17. Report views in the navigation menu I didn't list the new WEBCON BPS Designer Desk because it's not comparable and would probably be on everyone's top list.

Hi there, ever since OAuth2 connection was implemented I was happy and thought it would make connecting to Dynamics BC (Saas / Cloud Version) a breeze. However, so far, it was / is not. setting up the OAuth2 app authentication in Azure and webcon is pretty straightforward. - it works like a charm in Postman ( I get my bearer token back) but I have no real way to test it in webcon, so I have to assume it´s working. then you still have to set up the REST Web Service connection, then the (...)

Hello all, How is it possible to select a choice field item by index? The choice field(A) has a placeholder ("empty" in attached image) and a dynamically read value. And on value change in another choice field(B), this value is being added to the choice list(A), but I also need to have this new dynamic value selected as right now it is just queued under the placeholder. Is there a way to do this through webcon standard or programmatically? Thanks in advance :)


Hi everyone, this is just a short list of actions I had to do, when I switched from a "local" text field, WFD_AttText1, to a global WFD_AttText1Glob: 1. Fixing Start Subworkflow actions Due to the change of the field type the assignment was "lost". Internally the action uses the database name, so it's obvious, that the assignment of field {690} to field WFD_AttText1 is no longer valid. Configuration after correcting the assignment <field> <attribute>WFD_AttText1Glob</att (...)

Hi, Currently we are on 2021.1.4.55 version . Last Year 2021 big release has few bugs and the later version released after sometime to fix them. So this year we are planning to wait till the next version is being released and then upgrade to that next release. Can we directly upgrade to that next release or is it must to upgrade to 2022.1.1.41 to go to next version?


One of our customers would like to print the pdf attachment when moving to the next step. As there is no action to send a document to a printer (apart from print a barcode label), i'm wondering if anybody implemented this.