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Rules, JS, SQL

I have three environments: PROD, TEST and DEV. My current WebCon BPS version: 2023.1.3.169. There was a global problem with business rules in the TEST environment (it also occurred before the system update, i.e. 2023.1.3.76) - it is not possible to introduce a single new rule because an error immediately appears, as follows: Typ: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException ------------------------------------------------------- Wiadomość:Zgłoszono wyjątek typu 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException'. (...)

Hello, I have a little problem. My scenario is something like this: I have an item list, with 3 columns A, B(not important here) and C and I want to disable column C(data row), if column A(choice field) has value 1#Mother, for example. Even if it's a new row just added by the user at that moment, even if it's a row added previously by other user in another step.. I just simply want that column C to be "enabled" only for a certain condition. What I did, I followed the steps from this threa (...)

Hi, I have found this thread, but i really don't understand how to create a custom button for each row in item list :( I would like to create a custom button that InvokeMenuAction for the row i have selected. https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/3293 Can you help me? Thank you.

Hi all, I have a question, in a report view like the one attached, I mean the right hand side where the outstanding tasks are, is it possible to intervene to add a description? I have for example an urgent request which is also marked on the form, is it possible to include such information in this view, possibly change the colour of the tile or title. Can I do something to make it stand out? Maybe someone has already struggled with this.

Hello, I'm trying to create a rule in JS that will listen to my checkbox value change. checkbox -> TRUE do something checkbox -> FALSE do something else I've created a HTML field with a simple <script> InvokeRule </script> inside.. placed my rule, and error. :) Can you help at all? Thank you!

Is it possible to get an email notification when somebody is posting a comment without pressing any "move to next path buttons"? In the screenshot the yellow area.

I have got 3 different flows but on each flow I have got the same data in one variable (key). in flow 1 is Signature in flow 2 is WFD_AttChoose5 {72} in flow 3 is WFD_AttChoose6 {692} how to do SQL request or more interesting is how to do report where I can: filter Signature = WFD_AttChoose5 {72} = WFD_AttChoose6 {692} In Webcon reports I don't see process fields if I add 2 or more processes to report :/ so I can't do filter on request :/ so maybe in Source create Source by SQL (...)

Hello, I have a process (start - finish) that creates an instance and remains in the "Finish" state. Here, I have the following form fields: "Quantity TOTAL" (Floating-point number) and "Quantity" (Data table). In that data table, I have other instances from a different process, and in one column (Quantity Requested), I calculate the sum. How could I save that sum in Quantity TOTAL and have it consistently updated? (i mean - transferring the Aggregation type Sum value in my form field). (...)

Hello Community, I've got a problem. I've got two workflows, a parent and one subworkflow. I'm trying to transfer data from the parent workflow (single line of text attributes - 'email' and 'phone') to a table in the subworkflow with the item list update action. The table has columns ('value' - single line of text and 'contact type'(selection list: 1#Mail, 2#Phone)). How to write an SQL query to put different WFD_AttText attributes into one DET_Att column and different Att_Choose values into (...)

Hi all! I want to hide / show / mark as required some form fields based on field Guid. Is there a way to do this easily? When I look at the signature of e.g. Hide function it just seems to take some shrinked DB name (e.g. AttText35) or field id (integer), which is different between environments. Appreciate any hint into right direction. Thanks in advance & best regards, Nik

Hello everyone, I'm wondering if there is any function that will format today's date from original format into "JAN.14.2024" format. Basically to transform the month into letters and display them like that. Thank youu.

Hello Community, is it possible to check whether a value exists in a sharepoint list before I create a new entry via workflow action? What's the best way to do it? Can I use a data connection to query for a certain value in a business rule? Thanks!

Hello Everyone, Recently, we upgraded Webcon from 2021 version to 2022 version. New version 2022.1.4.326. I have this html content in one of HTML field in Webcon: <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css"> <a id="RabenCopyToClipboard"><button id="CopyClipboard" class="btn btn-md hide-on-sidebar-dash" onclick=' Promise.all([window.webcon.businessRules.executeBusinessRule(12909, "ClipboardRule", uxContext, {})]); (...)

Hi! I need your help regarding setting focus on the last row of the item list. Business wants to perform the following scenario. Batch of barcode lables from paper documents are to be scanned with hendheld scanner. Each scanned id is to be inserted into ID column of item list table. Based on the ID some additiona data are to displayed in other columns. What I have already done is the form rule that ADDs NEW ROW every time the value of ID item list column is changed. It works ok. The problem is (...)

Hello, I have a workflow and after clicking on the path button I want to assign it to the another workflow as a sub-workflow. In start step I have an attribute where I can choose the instance of workflows and after clicking the path button, this workflow will be a sub-workflow of choosen workflow. I don't know if I write it clearly :) Regards Adam

Hello, I have a parent process with Item list. This item list is list of tasks. I can add positions to this list and I have a button to initialize this list as a tasks. In this list I have a title, responsible person, status of the task and section (it should be item list with attributes in the form?). When I add the position and put in all data (title, person responsible and section) I hit the button, and I make new process Task to responsible person - new workflow. I have 2 problems: (...)

Hello, I want to hide/show the buttons in an item list for : add row, delete row and clone but based on rule. To be more specific, I want the 3 buttons to be visible when the instance is using business entity 1, 2 and 3 , but when i use the business entity 4 i want them to be hidden. The only way I made it possible is by using a form rule with a Java Script, but could not see any build in Webcon options. If anyone knows other ways to make this happen, I would appreciate it a lot. Thanx

Hello community, I am trying to color whole ITEM list rows with SQL query. I followed, the article https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/coloring-the-background-of-the-item-list/195/3 but even the simplest SQL query (same than in article) generates the error (see figures enclosed). Any idea what I am doing wrong? Any example of your working SQL query for ITEM list coloring? Thank you.

Hi everyone, I have a questiion about dashboards: 1. I have a custom dashboard, where I have only HTML element. In this element I'm using REST API to get report (made earlier) and thanks to that I can customize it with js, css. The question is, is it possible to have functionality of view the element like in report? Explaining, when I have a report and I click element I have a compact view or something of element from right side of the page. More details about element. 2. When I have rep (...)

Hello community. I wrote SQL query for On timeout – Insert condition (SQL). My query is returning true value, but action is not working. See figure for details. Any idea what could be the problem? Thank you.