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Known bugs

Hey, We've ran into another issue. Cloning a row which has the Choose attribute and then adding a value to it will result in a checksum error. If you delete the first element, it won't result in an error. Screenshot below shows the issue. Versions: both 2023.1.3.118 and 2023.1.3.131

Witam Czy jest znane rozwiązanie dla zgłoszonego bugu ACCESSING ATTACHMENTS IN ARCHIVED INSTANCES Watek: https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/2613?page=1#m2619 Po zarchiwizowaniu elementu nikt nie może otworzyć załącznika w BPS Portal, choć jednocześnie można pobrać i podejrzeć załącznik w historii elementu - w mojej organizacji jest ten sam komunikat błędu jak w wątku opisanym powyżej.

IN webcon 2022.1.4.404 I discovered error on save Action. if send config e-mail action is in "on remove item" - email is sent and revived if if send config e-mail action is in "on save workflow element" then - no email. I was try first with conduction in action , then with no condition but with "condition true / false" and on the end just with out any condition ... and in any case email was not sent when record was created and save or just saved after edition ...

Hello, I have a global cyclical action that does some things. And in "Error handling" section i've got an automation that sends a customized email It was working fine in 2022, stopped working after upgrading it to the newest 2023 version. Currently it is impossible to do such scenario. I've also tried invoking a REST API but it also fails. Those automation put somewhere else (not in cyclical actions) work fine. Message: Błąd wysyłania wiadomości e-mail: Object reference not set to an i (...)

Hey, I have a problem with calling a REST action via timeout or global action. When performing a global action moving a document a path with a rest message there is an error.... When a document is pushed via a path where a REST action has been configured,... a problem occurs. When I manually press the button on the form, the message sends and there are no problems.... ver. 2023.1.3.76

Hello, Recently I tried the new action "Clear Item List" and its working well, except when you import from one environment to another. After the import I checked the configuration of this action and there was no item list selected. I did this import twice, after I changed the configuration manually and same issue. So in case you want to use this action, please don't forget to check the configuration after each import. Have a great day! version: 2023.1.3.29

I encountered a problem with removing the connection to the data source. The studio reports that the connection is in use. The usage sheet reports that the connection is not in use. I found where it is used... I searched in studio and indeed the 'Workflow' connection was used in sql command.

Some UI strings translated into Polish, but on workflow preview names aren't translated.

Hey. We've ran into an issue with the Drop-down choice field within an Item List. Simple way to get the error: Clone a row with some data -> Try to modify the drop-down attribute value in the newly created row This results with a checksum error pointing at the choice field (see picture provided with the thread). It has happened in different applications/processes before too. We're using version 2023.1.2.123, and the error does not occur on different types of choice fields.

I've noticed after installing 2023.1.3.29 that vacation charts stopped working and investigated what is the problem. After some tests it seems that the values of used and avalilable days that were previously automatically calculated based on the items already in the workflow are the problem and probably an error occurs when the engine tries to calculate them. When I turn off the visibility of both fields and leave only the "from previous year" and "from current year" ones visible, tha chart work (...)

Hi guys, got case here where in Webcon's report there is a row from item list. This row is added as a column to the [Columns available in report] as on the screenshot, but remains unticked, therefore not visible in the default view on the report. Nonetheless, report still shows multiple lines with same data/instance ID, if there is > 1 item list row with data on the form. This should be the case if the column is used in the report - ticked either in the default view or in one of the custom views (...)


Did any of you try to make a chart with a sum aggregation on a calculated decimal column? In both 2022 and 2023, we seem to get the following error. If I select count, it works, but any other calculation (sum, avg, min, max) gives the same error.

I checked all fix list from https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/webcon-bps-2022-downloads/311/10 and I don't see my issue fix. Environment: 1. I have "old" WebCon 2022.1.4.84. 2. Created doc template process 3. Imported doc template 4. checked and changed all Font for Verdena 5. changed name of column in table (from list) 6. ignored few fields (from list) 7. updated template doc 8. WebCon is ignoring font style in table (list) 9. WebCon is ignoring name column change in table (...)


Hi everyone, if you are using BPS 2023 and the option to translate labels via Excel, make sure to save all reports again. The following numbers are referring to the second attachment. After importing the translation the report configuration will look like (1) in the database. There's nothing wrong with it and it works just fine in the current environment. When you export the application and import it to another environment, you may be in for a surprise (2). Comparing the configuration (...)

Hello, We are changing the Webcon version from sharepoint to standalone. After installation everything seems ok. However, when I enter some form and fire up the admin options such as "Finish user tasks" it shows me a "Method not allowed" error. The error also pops up when I try to edit a Word file. Has anyone encountered such an error?

Hello, step description (HTML) is not rendered correctly when you hover over the step. In version 2021.1.4.55 – it worked fine. Thank you! Balint

Hello, we use the actions "Convert word to PDF" and "Generate/Update a word file" and we assign the documents to a dynamic category. The category is not saved to the table WFDataAttachmets, the field (ATT_Attribute1) stays empty. in version 2021.1.4.55 it did work fine. Thank you! Balint

Hello, do you know if it's possible to expand the email message preview area on the form (file .eml)? Currently, the email message in the preview is cut off. You can see it in the footer.

Hi, We have upgraded to ver. 2022.1.4.248 and I found the problem with language translations for the dropdown choice attribute. It seems like it does not translate just for dropdown - other types of choice attributes work just fine. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? 2022.1.4.248

After updating to version 2023.1.1.41, errors are occurring on the portal. All processes are working correctly, did any of you have a similar problem? After analyzing the errors in GUID, I got a log as below. url: http://lowcode/api/nav/applications/mostused | action: GetMostUsed ip: | msg: An unhandled exception has occurred while executing the request. | agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 | h (...)