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Hi I am looking for a good toturial and is it possible to create a list of items where the item contains many attributes, e.g. a date field, text field, one below the other and not only just next to each other? That is, the distribution of attributes vertically and not only horizontally in the items. Found only this: https://developer.webcon.com/docs/2019.1/sdk-custom-control/

Hello everyone, I have to generate a Choice Field based on a Query that have an aditional filter. The filter should only allow entries that are higher than a Decimal Field in the Form. Somthing like in the Picture. But this did not work.... Has someone an Idea?

Hi there. I have a idea and am looking on a way to make it happen. We want to use Docusaurus for a documentation of a system. For this I need the text in markdown format/notation/language (I'm not sure what the correct word is for this). What I need on top of the "actual document" is the life-cycle of the single articles/pages, i.e. the development of the content (history) and the review and approval steps before it is published. My idea was to move the entire life-cycle into Webcon an (...)

Hello all, I have an item list with a editable column. This works if the item list does not have a lot of lines but if the item list has a long list of lines, this column becomes read-only and the user is only able to edit using the a pencil button that is displayed in each row. Is this a normal behavior? Thank you

I would like to start Flow and save it on start .. why? 1. I have got drop down list - pick signature from other flow then: a) filing the form b) invoke menu button (automation) to load item list ... but it works only if menu button is (to have it I need save flow - set Signature ) then it works but with out save and set signature menu button is invisible and can't access :/ if I start flow from other flow (start subflow acction) on path Save (Zapisz) then I have got all data like (...)


Hi, Can I collapse the categories in attachments by default without using JavaScript? Thanks, Raluca


Hi, I encountered the following error. I have an action that sets a value in a choice field. I set the choice field through the value of the ID. When I enter the form, the value is correctly set, and it displays the name corresponding to the set ID. However, when I enter the report, in that column, I see the value of the ID instead of the name. I tested by setting the value in the choice field as follows: id#name, and I no longer encountered the problem. Why does it behave differently (...)


Hello everyone, I have a pretty workflow intense process (at least for me) - from main document i can start up to 5 subworkflows per subworkflow type (right now around 5). It sums up around possible 25 subworkflows, and none of those are technical. To avoid missing information, and digging through all of those elements we've decided, that commenting should be only possible on parent workflow, and this solves almost all problems. We'd like to present those comments from parent workflow, o (...)

I have got problem (I don't see option / feature) Problems: a) Item list row no ... is not related with row ... :/ - solution >> on path (I don't need earlier) add extra column with index no. to "fix" (create relation) the row no. [semi solution] any other solutions? b) sorting by status: I have got Item List with column "status" (drop down list) I have 3 option to pick: - choice field (the fastest) - I would like to use that option - how to copy value to other cell in row? - choi (...)

Hi, When editing a step, under Forms tab, in the Task form group, there is a "Form:" dropdown, to which list you can add another form - which I did. The second form shoul present the same information as the Default form, but visually groupped some other way. I found no documentation on how to use this feature, could you please show me where to look? The actual need is to have different visual appearence for the same data - if not task form, then how can this be achieved? Thanks, Mihail

I have problem - in dictionary I have companies with have got: name like: "ABC " - Factory Company in name is quote sign on beginning (data from polish national VAT/NIP databese) I was testing: if in string is " or ' all time I have got error if I remove from string [name] " or ' - then workflow is working [code] <div style="text-align: Center;"> <button style="text-align: center;" font-weight: bold; onclick="StartElementInNewWindow(#{WF:28}#,#{DT:58}#,'WFD_AttChoose1='+encodeURI (...)

Hello Community, is it possible to deactivate in the calendar in the DateTime attribute the possibility to select dates from months before the current month and dates from months after the current month ? Example in the picture - January no possibility of selection (disable), February possibility of selection (enable).

In a form, I initialize an item list. In this list i have columns : question, response and description. In some questions I have only response called '(n/a). While the n/a answer is applicable I want to enable the description column. However, I cannot use the enable on choice field. I have tried to put condtions in a 'column edit restricion' but this does not work as it would require add another response and that is not what buisness would like.

Hello How to add Gantt control (to attributes) in Leave of absence in Demo app without adding new predefined Leave process? The Gantt control require select leave proces in config.

Hi Team, Is there a way to disable (eg. on value change if cell 1=1 then disable(cell 2)) particular cell in a row in Item List? I do not want to disable whole row nor column.

Hi, Is there a way to limit an item list number of rows depending on value? I need to limit rows to 10 for example: user is allowed to add 10 item list rows and if he try to add 11th row the system will block it. The other issue is to lock item list rows when a chckbox value is true: when I mark the checkbox to 1 then only one row can be filled in an itm list, if the checkbox is 0 the item list can allow multiple rows.

Hello, Is it possible to make the comment save button also available for the form in edit mode? Regards D.

Hello, Is it possible to center the item list column label? I see that the form rule allows you to center the value in the column -> SET CELL STYLE. Applying CSS to the entire list of items centers labels, but not all column types (works for picklist column type). Regards D.

Hello community I have to have in form field description text and picture. Is it possible? If yes, where to store and how to call the picture? Example will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I have a question: How to create a field/attribute with only the time selection (without the date)? Thank you in advance for your help