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Hi Community, for the reason of proper premissions managment I need to change the form type for 500+ instances. Obviously I would like to avoid manual work. Do you have ANY idea if the 'change form type' can be somehow automated? I need to change form type X to Y, no diferentiation whatsoever. Maybe some SQL? Changing WFD_DTYPEID in WFElements and WFHistoryElements will be enough? What do you think? Thanks in advance. Wojtek

Hi, Does anyone know how to do autosave after completing a field in form?

Hello, We moved from 2021 to 2023 version of webcon and now we have a problem with initializing item lists in preview mode. When in edit mode everything works fine, but in preview mode item lists do not initilize. Is there a way to achive such a functionality. What was the reason to change it ?

Hi guys, is it possible to display a dynamic tooltip/information via the description on a form field? I should display a value including VAT on a value field that has no VAT and i don't want to use a new field. e.g. something like that: "Amount incl. VAT : {FD:166} * 1.19" Is there perhaps another way to display a tooltip on a form field other than via the field description?

Cześć, czy istnieje możliwość numerowania elementów w danym procesie tzn. startuje nowy element w procesie, wówczas automatycznie nadaje mu się odpowiednia sygnatura ale oprócz tego chciałbym mieć swój dodatkowy atrybut, który będzie po kolei numerował każdy kolejny element w tym procesie. Dla przykładu: główna sygnatura to FV/00001/2024 a mój dodatkowy atrybut przyjmie wartość 000001 następnie 000002 itd

Hello! In the form, I have a list of items X that is sorted by column A in descending order by default. How can I set up an action to generate data into a .docx file or specify an attribute for the list of items in the .docx file so that the exported table with the list of items X is sorted by column A in ascending order? The descending sort by column A is because the data is being added to the table in the form, and there is already a lot of it - scrolling to the end of the form to see th (...)

Hi, in this version, data verification takes place for each field of the type: Choice field, regardless of whether 'Attribute validation' is selected on the path or not. I need advice on how to get around this problem in the case of paths such as: Reject, Reverse, where these fields contain random data, e.g. set via OCR - without any intervention in the fields by the user. Regards

Hello everyone, I have a question about visual element. How to change (or set) a witdh of coulmn in attribute of data presentation such as "array data" (PL: "tabela danych") I tried below example changes in global CSS style, but it didnt work: th[data-key="WFD_AttLong1"] { color: blue; width: 200px; } td[data-column="WFD_AttLong1"] { color: blue; width: 200px; }

Hi, have you ever seen "Invalid form field order (name of field...)" error on main form, global form template? Once it happens, it happens any time I try to reorder fields on the form, and the field names are random. Also, with this error, the order of the fields becomes random, and impossible to manage. 2022.1.4.297 Any help? Best, Rafał

Hi, I have a following problem. I've created a data table form field that downloads data from SQL query. In the where clause, I refer to the value of another ‘Criterion’ field on the form. The data table should display the data depending on the selected criterion. Unfortunately as I change the criterion, the table sometimes fails to refresh and displays the data for the previous criterion. How do I solve this problem? I don't want to use an item list filed because there is a character limi (...)

Hi community! I have to implement a choice field (Autocomplete or Popup), whose results should be dependent of the following: 1. Current step 2. If second choice field is selected, it should narrow down the results from a subquery (Item list) First of all Webcon doesn't accept a DECLARE statement in the first line of a custom datasource based on 'Current BPS connection'. A workaround here is the 1. statement (IF (1=1)). This query does seem to work (it is showing the right results i (...)

Hi, is there any way to change the default behaviour when a xlsx/word attachment name is being clicked on the form? The default is to download the attachment. I would like people to edit it as a default, in order to avoid potential uploading another version of the file.

Hi I am looking for a good toturial and is it possible to create a list of items where the item contains many attributes, e.g. a date field, text field, one below the other and not only just next to each other? That is, the distribution of attributes vertically and not only horizontally in the items. Found only this: https://developer.webcon.com/docs/2019.1/sdk-custom-control/

Hello everyone, I have to generate a Choice Field based on a Query that have an aditional filter. The filter should only allow entries that are higher than a Decimal Field in the Form. Somthing like in the Picture. But this did not work.... Has someone an Idea?

Hi there. I have a idea and am looking on a way to make it happen. We want to use Docusaurus for a documentation of a system. For this I need the text in markdown format/notation/language (I'm not sure what the correct word is for this). What I need on top of the "actual document" is the life-cycle of the single articles/pages, i.e. the development of the content (history) and the review and approval steps before it is published. My idea was to move the entire life-cycle into Webcon an (...)

Hello all, I have an item list with a editable column. This works if the item list does not have a lot of lines but if the item list has a long list of lines, this column becomes read-only and the user is only able to edit using the a pencil button that is displayed in each row. Is this a normal behavior? Thank you

I would like to start Flow and save it on start .. why? 1. I have got drop down list - pick signature from other flow then: a) filing the form b) invoke menu button (automation) to load item list ... but it works only if menu button is (to have it I need save flow - set Signature ) then it works but with out save and set signature menu button is invisible and can't access :/ if I start flow from other flow (start subflow acction) on path Save (Zapisz) then I have got all data like (...)


Hi, Can I collapse the categories in attachments by default without using JavaScript? Thanks, Raluca


Hi, I encountered the following error. I have an action that sets a value in a choice field. I set the choice field through the value of the ID. When I enter the form, the value is correctly set, and it displays the name corresponding to the set ID. However, when I enter the report, in that column, I see the value of the ID instead of the name. I tested by setting the value in the choice field as follows: id#name, and I no longer encountered the problem. Why does it behave differently (...)


Hello everyone, I have a pretty workflow intense process (at least for me) - from main document i can start up to 5 subworkflows per subworkflow type (right now around 5). It sums up around possible 25 subworkflows, and none of those are technical. To avoid missing information, and digging through all of those elements we've decided, that commenting should be only possible on parent workflow, and this solves almost all problems. We'd like to present those comments from parent workflow, o (...)