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Hello, Is it possible to center the item list column label? I see that the form rule allows you to center the value in the column -> SET CELL STYLE. Applying CSS to the entire list of items centers labels, but not all column types (works for picklist column type). Regards D.

Hello community I have to have in form field description text and picture. Is it possible? If yes, where to store and how to call the picture? Example will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I have a question: How to create a field/attribute with only the time selection (without the date)? Thank you in advance for your help

Hi. Usually, when a user completes his task he will be redirected to the applications dashboard. In a particular use case I have revoked access to the dashboard for certain users. Therefore, upon completion the system attempts to redirect but since there's no permission it will throw an error. Is this possible to prevent/circumvent? Thanks.

Hi all, I'm trying to create an HTML field on a form that uses the mailto:-Tag. So in the HTML I put <a href=”mailto:user@domain.com”>Message Support</a> However, on the live form this string is appended to the Portal url's pointer to the app->form itself. Looks like this: https://webcon.finnova.com/db/1/app/15/element/57427/%E2%80%9D<a href=”mailto:user@domain.com”>Message Support</a> This way it prevents from opening external links. Is this by design or am I doing something wron (...)

Hello everyone! We use WEBCON BPS in a multi-company configuration. We are the government institution, Our organizational structure consists of branches, not companies. So using the "Business entity" label can be misleading. I wonder if there is any way to change the "Busines entity" label to, for example: "Branch" label? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi. I have a big request. How to calculate the number of days entered in the calendar on the form, but excluding holidays - only working days Alternatively, the second way: How to validate the form: if in the final step date = holidays, a message will appear. Thank you in advance for your help.

What I have is working, but just for one item: 1. dictionary with shipping company: a) DHL, GLS ect. b) parcel tracking link with marking place: [tracking_no] 2. business rule is changing [tracking_no] and set to text field as hyperlink and "grab" the tracking individual string (see all screenshots) What I would like to have: the same functionality but add multiple lines (divided shipping ... :/ ) Item list, where I can add rows with shipping tracking link which opens I read this (...)

I added few fields, which take data from other and recalculate them. I want to refesh old elements, so data will update in them. I've tried adding technical field and changing it's value so other values shoud recalculeate, but it doesn't work. This has to be done once. Any ideas?

Hello, is there a way to do a repeating table within a repeating table. Nested tables, to have a parent child relationship between the tables? Thank you for your help!


Hello, I'm trying to disable/enable fields based on the state of dropdown (using nr. 3 from this https://docs.webcon.com/docs/2023R2/Studio/Process/Attribute/Choice/Choose_field/#picker): * Allowing custom values - make fields on form enabled. * Disabled custom values - make fields on form disabled. Is there any value which i could use to check state of dropdown control? In this case i'm using autocomplete dropdown. I'm using js and global variables right now, but this doesn't work aft (...)

Hi, I would like to change the form type, and I see that there is an action for this, but after selecting this action, the user must select a certain form type. I would like the selection box to not appear and the form to change depending on some field on the form. Is it possible? or at least change the appearance and value of the fields in the pop-up window? https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/the-change-form-type-action/289

hi team, im trying to show a field in specific steps not in all of them, im using( if then )and (show hide) , it work in one step only.., how i can apply it in the next steps of the same workflow any idea! thanks

1. Configuration: Form is taking data from other processes 1. Purchase Request (process) form >> you pick item and the fields are filled ... 2. Sales Company's (process) form >> again you pick from drop down list a Seller company 3. Seller Form (dictionary process) >> drop down list if you pick Sales Company, then you can pick seller And now I would like to do Doc (word) template ... but I receive error message ... more/less translation from PL to EN "The source was not found, but (...)

I have a form with drop down list. This drop down list is using static list. Static list have 8 "items". Steps are A>B>C>D I would like to use items 1-3 in step A and B where index ID of stem is for example 111 and 112, and if is in step C or D then the list have only options 4-8. of course i would like to reset value a drop down list when enter to step C . BTW: I don't know SQL yet ... and in editor in filter there is no if then else .... so .... it works only in first step ... b (...)

hi there, I'm able to apply a rule for show and hide of Text fields.., but once i run the form the default run shows me all fields without applying the rule! once i pick one of the choice field options, it starts to apply the rule and show the correct text field and hide the others...., see the attached pic the three fields ( IN , OUT , Between) must not show until i pick it from the transfer type choice field any help!

hi there, how i can modify the format of the form (default) to custom form by placing the text field first and then the name of the field., see the attachment for mor explanation please assist.


Hi, I need extract the name of form type from databases. Does anyone know where the name of the form type is saved? Thanks, Raluca

Hello Is there a way to export data to specific csv file? I want to create one either as attachment, or saved directly on comuter/server. This should be button on form.

Hello It's my firs question, so please dont "eat" me at the start :) In our workflow we assing form to specifich worker. Workers are assingned first by AD groups (which decide if they can acces webcon or not) and than by specific BPS groups. Problem arise, whet person to whom job is assingned stops working. He's automaticli removed from AD and any atempt to move proces is an error. We circumvent that by adding field: Owner, and using it as source of job assigment. This way if such situat (...)