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I want to use "Invoke rest web service request" action and in response I don't have json but message in Header: Response-Code: Forbidden (403) Response-Body: {"type":"/challenge","title":"Challenge requested","status":403,"detail":"Request to perform challenges described","instance":"fe66c6a2-2cc5-42f9-a4ce-96bea7cd716b"} Response-Header: Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2023 07:06:57 GMT Connection: keep-alive Vary: Origin, Access-Control-Request-Method, Access-Control-Request-Headers x-challe (...)

Hi all, Is there any possibility to change an URL field adding the link in the address and the text we want in the name? I want to create an URL link using a field from (through Change field action) the form but I don´t to display a more friendly name than the address. Thank you!

Hi everyone, I am quite embarrassed to have to ask this question because the answer is probably quite simple. Currently, I am reviewing a Webcon process that I created some time ago. In doing so, I started to implement some things (e.g. sending emails) in a better way. Now I have noticed that I have an "on entry" action in the step actions in some paths (which was previously responsible for sending emails). Where can I find this "on entry" automation? The automation is obviously not (...)

Hello everyone In a process I run a cyclic action in the Global Actions. This action contains a "Start a subworkflow (SQL)". When the subworkflow action is executed I just get the message 'Incorrect syntax near '}'.' in the *Last error* field. As seen on the screenshot There is no '}' in the SQL query of the subworkflow action... So now I am facing the mystery where exactly this error occurs at all and what exactly is the cause. Does anyone know where I can find more information about t (...)

Hello community, I am building application with one Dictionary process, and one standard process with 2 workflows. I would like to start second workflow many times as subworkflow of fist workflow and assign it to the several users/users groups (one per subworkflow) selected from Dictionary process. I am trying to use action “start a subworkflow (SQL)”. My understanding is that “start a subworkflow (SQL)” action (configuration of Data settings – Query returning data) works as follows: SE (...)

Hi, Is anyone having trouble calling a PowerShell script that connects to MsolService? After updating WebCon to version 2023, the action calling the script ends with the error as below.

Hi Guys I need your help. I start tasks based on a workflow but attachments do not transfer. If I do it manually as a action on path then the attachments move to subworkflow and its ok. But if I use a cyclical action to call the same action -> "create SQL subworkflow", tasks are created but without attachments :/ Example in the attachment, I trigger the same action: Uruchom zadanie TEST (en: Run the TEST task) I use version 2022.1.4.223


Hi, I need to add an event to the AAD group calendar. Webcon uses/is synced with local AD. AD is synchronized with AAD. On the AAD side, an application with API permissions has been added Adding AAD groups and adding users to groups via graph API from webcon works fine. But, for example, if you want to add an event to the group's calendar POST method https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/groups/{group_id}/calendar/events The api needs to run in the context of the logged in user, not in th (...)

Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to create an entry in an Outlook calendar with Webcon. I saw the action "Exchange Events" and as I understood it according to the documentation, it should be possible with this action. However, I do not fully understand the different settings for this action. How can I specify, if I have multiple calendars in Outlook, in which calendar I want to write my entry? Or did I misunderstand something? Thank you for your help in advance! Bes (...)


Hello everyone! I have an item list with a dropdown field where user chooses a WFD_ID value. I would like to execute an action (Update related workflow instance or Invoke REST web service) passing the WFD_ID chosen in the mentioned field to the action. Is something like that even possible? I can't find a solution myself. Thank you, M.

Hello, I have a short question. I want to generate an Excel file with my data from the BPS datasource. I created an Excel template with a worksheet(test) and a table(myTable) and a action create excel. I write the assignment like this: test!myTable and my data to the right cell. But I always get an error. (Invalid cell name) If I just want one data set and just write the cell names for each like test!A2, it works perfectly. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for some hints, Mario

Hi Guys, knowing i am a newbie, i just have a maybe quite simple question. Can i get the ID of the 'calling' action on the entry path of an action? Would like to check which ist the caller and depending on the result send an email or not. Thats it ;-) Thanks for some hints, Gerd

Hello, After upgrading to 2023.1.1.89 I'm getting error "Attempting to launch workflow instance for a form type not connected with the current workflow." I found out that the reason for this error is wrong workflow ID in hyperlink function. Everything works well on dev environment but after export and import on test environment hyperlink is not working causing above error. It seems that Workflow ID tag isn't "translated" during the import process and remains the same on TEST like it was on D (...)

Use case: We are using an offer process/workflow, where we fill in the costs in a table - e.g. columns "descripition, quantity, price per unit, total price." In case the offer is accepted and we'll need a change request of the costs we need a two separate process steps. The first step will start the change request, opening two additional columns in the table - "quantity for change request, total price for change request". This can be done for every existing row in the table. In the next wor (...)

Hi, If I am reading documentation correctly action Add attachment allows copy/move attachment from another workflow to current instance. My case is opposite: 1. I have an invoice approval workflow which in the end requires (business requirement) adding payment confirmation (PDF) from banking systems. Manual process is very time consuming. 2. Each payment confirmation has in transfer's description instance signature from the invoice workflow. 3. I've created another workflow, which is mo (...)

Hi, I am using webcon bps designer studio v. 2022.1.2.31 and I don't have actions like "Read barcode" or "Add a barcode". I just don't have these types of actions to choose from. Any idea why?

There are two date fields in our workflow. To pass the process to the next workflow step, we use an action "on timeout". Checking for a date field works. However, we need a condition for the timeout that takes both date fields into account: If date field 2 is non-empty take this date for the timeout, otherwise take date 1 for the timeout. Can this be implemented with an "on timeout" action and if so, how?

Hi! Is possible using REST WEB SERVICE to sent: { "type": 0, "firm": 0, "id": 0, "ord": 0, "description": "string", "lines": [ //Item list { "ord": 0, "value": 0, "type": 0, "percent": 0, "direction": 0, "dimensions": [ { "id": 0, "type": 0 }, { "id": 0, "type": 0 } ] } ] } When I use 'Json grid' I do (...)

Hello all, Does anyone configured a validation rule and/or control field where you need to check if the lines added in a item list were already added in another instance? I have a process for overtime registration and I want to block the user to add a new instance with dates that were already added for the same person in webcon. I've created a control field but now all the processes are moved to cancel even if the values are different. Can you help? Thank you

Hello, I have a workflow and a final step where i execute "On a timeout" automation. But sometimes, it is not executing because it says it is checked out by the user. WEBCON BPS Timeout ID (TIM_ID): 2 Message: The element has been checked out by user: Is there a way to prevent this thing? So you cannot edit the form on the final step?