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Hello Experts We have a html template with our logo in it as an image tag. When we create a PDF from the template the logo is not displayed in the PDF. In the html template itself the image is displayed. We also tried to insert the logo directly in the Generate PDF action in the tab Appearance => Show header => Html: It's the same here. The only thing that is displayed in the PDF is the alternative Text for the image but not the image itself. The logo is located as file in a template process (...)

Hello all, I need to set up a control field where I want to check if the a specific column from an item list already exists in an external database. The use case is the following: Webcon process 1. Item List with Column Invoice Number 2. Number of rows can be more than one 3. timeout that will move to the control field to check if the invoice number exists in the external database 4. Process can only be moved to Finish if all the rows have a match So this works, if I just have one (...)

Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list. SQL query: SELECT 111 as WFD_ID , 222 as PATH_ID

Hi community! I have to remove all privileges (except the author of the element) on current workflow element for security reasons. I tried putting the action 'On exit' of the current step, before executing all other actions (assigning tasks, adding certain privileges, ...) on path to next step. According to an old documentation 'On exit' actions should be executed first and should not be dependent on the path, that was taken. Unfortunately the action 'Remove privileges' is always (...)

I was following: https://daniels-notes.de/posts/2023/copy-attachment-to-other-workflow and https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/3240 [quote="Daniel"] you using the function would be one option. Other are: - Set the local parameter using an SQL command - Use the for each function to iterate through the attachments - Use the for each function in combination with a data source - Use the for each function in combination with "any collection Since there are numerous ways where th (...)

I would like to create messages in Teams channels and 1:1 chats automatically through WEBCON. Unfortunately, I get the error that delegated permissions and no application permissions are required for sending (intended for migration purposes only). I have already implemented the connection using MS Graph and the associated application permission as follows: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/integrating-ms-teams-with-ms-graph/53/4 Microsoft Learn Documentation: https://learn.microsoft (...)


Hello everyone! Does anyone know if there is a way to start a workflow instance based on xml file stored in a folder on the disk? Unfortunately the HotFolder functionality allows starting workflows only for a few supported file types. Any chance to workaround this limitation? Thank you, Martin

Hello Experts, We're currently on BPS version 2021.1.2.143 (getting ready for upgrade) I try to invoke a REST API to update form fields, and I get a proper response from the service, however, it doesn't update the fields. I'm using OData Query to filter and expand the data, and load the response definition from the service. The action configuration and action log with response are on my pictures. What can I be doing wrong? The response is complete, however it doesnt populate the fields. (...)

Hello, The question I have sounds very easy, how do I cancel all the remaining subworkflows that are not already "answered" to? Parent - 12345 - will wait for all 3 subworkflows to be done Child 1 - 12346 - finished Child 2 - 12347 - in progress Child 3 - 12348 - in progress All I need is, if I cancel 12345, then 12347 and 12348 will automatically be classed as finished. Can you help at all? Thank you!!

I have got: 1. proces with Item list where: a) I set person (from AD) b) in item list in that proces I add competitions final I have got step finish - Person - Item list what he/she can do. From that I created data sorce with columns, so i have multi rows: Person 1 = can do 1 Person 1 = can do 2 Person 2 = can do 1 Person 3 = can do 2 2. In other proces I have got attribute: a) Item list A [pick person] So I create List Person 1 Person 3 b) Item list B [sorce proces 1 ] (...)

Hello all, I'm having an issue with notifications for outside emails. I have a process where I need to send an email for the employee's personal one and the notification is never sent and looking into the history, it mentions that the email was not found in the database. If I write an outside email in the configuration, the notification is sent, but it it's dynamic, it doesn't work. I've tried with a text field, email field, nothing changes. Does anyone got a similar issue? Thank you

I try to add attachments from other flow using standard Action add attachment ... in theory is working: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/the-add-attachment-action/156/18 or https://docs.webcon.com/docs/2023R3/Studio/Action/Attachments/Action_AddAttachment but not in my case :/ and I don't know why ... "Wystąpił błąd wykonania akcji Dodaj załącznik na przycisk w menu. Błąd wykonania akcji typu dodaj załącznik: Dodaj załącznik. Object reference not set to an instance of an ob (...)

Hi, Is there any documentation on how to use Sign an Attachment action? We try to perform an internal PDF signing process. Businesses want to use an easy way to sign internal PDF documents only by using Path. I try to add the certificate to the signature but i have an error: "Error on creating digital signature: The private key for this certificate was not found."

Hello, I have STEP A and STEP B both going into STEP C. In STEP C I have made a path called BACK where I've put as destination step "Back to previous step", but now I'm wondering if I can set up an automation with actions that will act differently depending on where it goes next, STEP A or B. Is there any way to do this? Thank you!

Hi, We have a client that uses sharepoint to work with documents, for contracts. There is an item list that is used to manage these documents (so far, only upload and download) and they would like to also be able to delete some of the already uploaded documents. There is a main folder for each contract and there are a couple of subfolders for attachments, depending on when they where added. As far as i understand, i will need to use the action 'Delete a list element'. I see that i can either (...)

Hi! We're stuck with an error using the Send Custom Email action with the default User or Group attribute as the Recipient, after updating from 2023.1.2.123 to 2023.1.3.118. Any tips on how to resolve this issue? Thanks, Patryk

hi there, kindly i need help how to resubmit already archived instance again to start (with same inputs and attachments) on monthly basis? i 'm thinking of cyclical action but struggled to configure the action please advice

Hi I want to set a timeout based on the date attribute and in doing so no matter how I set the delay in the timeout settings the action misinterprets the date. Has anyone encountered something like this?

hi there, i need help on how to configure the on timeout action as i wanted once one instance starts and reach the next step, the user assigned must receive an email reminder after 5 minutes if the user didnt make and action or even if didnt yet logged and check the instance.., please note that im using a date field ( date and time) as a start date please advice


Hi, Have you encountered this situation? I deleted some instances using the 'Remove Personal Data" then "Archive workflow instances' action. Both actions delete the instance, but the instance's signature remains in the WFElementSignatures table. Thanks, Raluca