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Andreia Correia
13.07.2021 19:16
12.09.2021 23:29
Concat Function

Hello all, Does anyone tried to use the concat function using a form field? I have a form field that is single text and I want to use it plus another info like below: concat ('AaAA' 'Form Field') But I'm always getting an error saying that the rule is not correct, I tried to use a SET before and keep the information in another field but it doesn't allow to save. Anyone used this already? Thank you!

Maximilian H.
05.02.2021 08:49
28.05.2021 18:25
Attachment file handle with SDK

I try to read/load in an xml-file in the Webcon application about the attachment section. Then I build myself a choice picker, where I can chose the selected file. After that I want to run an SDK action, where I get the data from my xml-file. In my code I implemented something but the file path is static at the moment and compares the file names. Normally every read in file gets an ID in the database but I don't know how to access this data. Has anyone experience with this and kno (...)

24.05.2021 11:37
27.08.2021 10:51
Attachments saving in a different place

Hi, I have a project where I can't save attachment in a webcon database storage(becouse of company policies). I am looking for a solution to store attachments on network drive. Is there possibility to change localization of attachment ? May be some workaround? Some action, rule, ect? I thought about action which will create a folder on shared drive and webcon form will show information to user where to store attachment. But I don't know how to achieve this:/ Any idea?

Razvan Ogrezeanu - ENCORSA Romania
07.04.2021 11:31
28.04.2021 08:52
Using WebDav

Hi, I am trying to use WebDav in order to edit other types of documents (Others than office apps). I have installed the server side plugin and the client side plugins, but I have no idea how to enable any sort of edit button in WEBCON that would trigger the WebDav App. I have tried the demo in this website: https://www.webdavserver.com/ and works, but that only confirms that I have the client side plugins installed correctly. Thanks!

Iulian Amaricai
03.03.2021 10:41
07.05.2021 12:16
API Request Action in version 2021.1.2.76

Hello everyone! Have u stumble upon this error when u make a request through the action and map the body on a field? In the body field as mentioned in the picture should be the body , the json but, is shown the type of collection ( System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Object] )

George Tudose - ENCORSA Romania
24.02.2021 15:05
20.04.2021 14:10
Clearing itemlist content via action

Hello, I am trying to clear the contents of a technical itemlist which I use to put data into a word document. This itemlist works as a buffer and takes the rows of another itemslist which have with a YES/NO field selected as YES. The source itemlist always has different values so i need to refresh the buffer. I need an easy way to clear the contents of the buffer itemlist. Also, the buffer itemlist has to be COMPLETLY empty. I have found a solution but it leaves me a row with no data in it. (...)

Michał Ludwiczak
17.08.2021 10:04
27.08.2021 12:17
Form rules at path params stopped working

After upgrading to most recent version 2021.1.3.205, a simple form rule definded at path parameters stopped working (the rule on the attached screen). If I change the rule just to CONFIRM['Something'] (without the IF), then it works, but with the IF it does not. It used to work in 2021.1.1.53. Anyone experiencing such an issue?

Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)
21.07.2021 16:48
22.07.2021 10:18
Any option to complete tasks?

Hi everyone, I'm currently facing the following situation: A workflow has a 'wait for sub-workflows' step. A new request came in, to assign a task during this step, so that the workflow still get's listed in the tasks overview. So far so good, I used the 'Create a task' action to manually add a task. Unfortunately, this task isn't completed when the workflow moves to the next step. As a result there are two task in the next step. The one which is created by the path transition and the one creat (...)

Andreia Correia
01.07.2021 13:32
27.07.2021 19:15
Concurrency Error Concurrency Error

Does anyone came across an error like this? Not sure how to solve it. I attached the list of actions that occurs in the path but I don't understand what is the problem. Thank you for your help!

02.06.2021 22:44
13.07.2021 13:11
Designer studio login issue

We are in the process of setting up Sandbox environment. Installed 2021.1.2.136 version successfully , Activated temporary license received from webcon and activated it. When tried to login to Designer studio initially , it's giving that "No rights for designer Studio " message. How can I assign designer studio access? Not sure what is missing.

Nikolaus Schusser
11.05.2021 15:06
11.09.2021 22:41
Webcon DEV / TEST / PROD scenario

Hello Webcon community! We are wondering if there exist any common approaches / tools / patterns for transferring workflow data between different environments. We have an on-premise environment for DEV (with internal AD) and an environment for PROD (which resides in Azure VM and connects to Azure AD). What are your experiences to sync data, e.g. from PROD to DEV or TEST between different environments (different ADs) and is there even an easy way of how to do it? Thanks a lot in advance for (...)

Adam Hatak
11.05.2021 15:04
01.06.2021 11:09
Publishing WEBCON BPS Standalone with Azure AD Application Proxy

Dear Community, we have installed WEBCON BPS Standalone and published it through Azure AD Application Proxy. We are synchronising users in BPS with on-premises Active Directory. Currently we experience timeout issues after some time of inactivity on WEBCON BPS site. Sometimes it's few minutes, sometimes about 1 hour. See example in attachments. Please notice that WEBCON BPS and SQL Server (VMs) are placed in Azure. Does anyone experience same issues? Any feedback is more than welcome :)

Nikolaus Schusser
04.05.2021 11:41
11.08.2021 21:19
Webcon Installation & Certificate

Hello Webcon community! We have the next issue during Webcon BPS installation on customers server. This is a normal on-premise installation, no Azure AD involved here, only local domain. Customer had an invalid certificate, IIS website creation failed with error 0x80070520, so we skipped the IIS site creation for the moment. I have 2 questions on this: 1.) What kind of IIS certificate does the customer need and how to create it (self-signed, private key, encryption method, password, ...)? Do (...)

Aleš Jurak
15.03.2021 15:56
12.09.2021 23:33
Add Chart to Word template

Hi, On the form, I am using the Chart data field. I am wondering whether it is possible to use the chart field in the Word printout report. Is there an alternative way to draw a chart based on the form data in the report? Maybe in HTML report. I was also thinking to put chart into the Picture field that is supported in Word templates. Any insight on how to approach this would be appreciated. Best regards Aleš

Aleš Jurak
18.02.2021 17:19
30.08.2021 11:07
Add List item onto parent Workflow list

I have a structure where a meeting (parent workflow) has many Agenda Points (Subworkflows). On each Agenda point, I have (inter alia) two fields that I would like to include in Meeting Minutes (an item list on Meeting), where each line item corresponds to one Agenda Point. When I finish an agenda point I would like to create a line item in the items list (meeting minutes). SELECT '{1805}' AS {DCNCOL:253} , '{1891}' AS {DCNCOL:254} , '1' AS {DETCOL:1910} FROM WFElements WHERE WFD_ID = {WFD_W (...)

Maximilian H.
03.02.2021 14:35
29.04.2021 23:03
How to build and access a ConfigEditableItemList with SDK?

I try to implement a ConfigEditableItemList in a custom action in C#-code. When I go over the ConfigEditableItemList I get the message: "The class with the item list configuration must implement: IConfigEditableItemList". I implemented an example but when I upload the SDK into Webcon I get an error that there is the implementations missing and I can see nothing from the SDK. Has someone experience with the ConfigEditableItemList and can give me a better example? Photos from the case are (...)

Markus Jenni
29.01.2021 08:30
07.09.2021 10:49
How to access the current form data via javascript?

I haven't found any documentation how to access the current form data. What I know is, that all the formdata is kept in a json property called liteDate.liteModel as a json-object as you can see when calling /api/nav/db/{dbId}/app/{appId}/element/{wfdid}/desktop I guess that this liteModel must be available via javascript. I'm wondering, because there is this form from the offical 2021 release paper (see below) with the nicely presented workflow steps on top of it. And I believe that this a (...)

damian gąsienica-józkowy
24.01.2021 21:27
18.08.2021 09:58
Attachments in search

Good morning, How to disable showing attachments from a specific workflow in search results?

Nikolaus Schusser
22.01.2021 11:39
23.03.2021 09:58
Access datasource or BPS internal view via Javascript

Hi all! I am new to WebCon BPS. I wonder if it is possible to get all items of a process or a datasource/dictionary defined in BPS from client side via REST API. In SharePoint I did something like this: _api/web/lists/getbytitle('MyList')/items?select=Title... This does not seem to be possible with BPS REST API or at least I did not find it ;-) I am thankful for every hint pushing me into the right direction. Thanks in advance, best regards, Nik

Praßl, Georg (DCCS)
20.01.2021 07:19
23.06.2021 10:40
Language of Attachment-Label

Hello all, again its me =) Do you have any idea if I can change the lable of the attachment? Somehow its always in English, but customer wants it in German. I added a screenshot, that you understand what I mean. Greets and have a nice day, Georg