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Hello Please help my with importing demo applications. I get "Check if Import service role is running for current database. Modules are in safe mode and I don't know how to force run it.

Hello all, Does anyone tried to use the concat function using a form field? I have a form field that is single text and I want to use it plus another info like below: concat ('AaAA' 'Form Field') But I'm always getting an error saying that the rule is not correct, I tried to use a SET before and keep the information in another field but it doesn't allow to save. Anyone used this already? Thank you!

I have a requirement to create dictionary to enter form name, Step name, no.of business days. Form name and step name combination need to be unique and a validation error message should show if the user tries to post a entry with the same form and step combination that already exists in the dictionary. I have 3 different forms with different steps in a flow. I entered 1st entry as form1, Step1 and 1 day, saved it second record as form1, step2 and 2 days, saved it. 3rd record as (...)

We are in the process of setting up Sandbox environment. Installed 2021.1.2.136 version successfully , Activated temporary license received from webcon and activated it. When tried to login to Designer studio initially , it's giving that "No rights for designer Studio " message. How can I assign designer studio access? Not sure what is missing.

Hi there, as far as I know there is no official support for Azure SQL for the WEBCON BPS databases today. If we implement WEBCON BPS in a customer's own Azure tenant as their private cloud, it would be smart to use Azure SQL, because of the integrated HA features, scalability and low maintenance effort. WEBCON BPS is very well integrated with Microsoft technology and has great integrations with Microsoft services, i.e. M365. I would strongly appreciate, if support for Azure SQL could be added in (...)

I try to read/load in an xml-file in the Webcon application about the attachment section. Then I build myself a choice picker, where I can chose the selected file. After that I want to run an SDK action, where I get the data from my xml-file. In my code I implemented something but the file path is static at the moment and compares the file names. Normally every read in file gets an ID in the database but I don't know how to access this data. Has anyone experience with this and kno (...)

Dear Community, I have a question regarding attachments database. Size of the database is quite large and I'm trying to find optimizations here. Table / index compression is not a solution - compression ratio is barely reaches 0,5% level. I have found a lot of records in this database where attachments are deleted (column ATF_IsDeleted = 1). Is it safe to remove such records from database or it will make inconsistency of the data? Do you have any experience in it? Looking forward for any (...)

Hi! I have a process which generates subprocess (list is from sql query). The subprocesses generates correctly but there is one thing that I need to change - the author of the subprocess document should be change for the employee from field. I tried to change the login by update the WFD_CreatedBy column in WFElements table but it's not possible. I've received an error: "One or more errors occurred. Operacja została wycofana Concurrency Error Concurrency Error" In attachement you can (...)

Hi everyone! Am I blind or there is no function oposite to COLLECTION, that would remove an element from collection? How do you manage to overcome the lack of this function? I came up with an idea of making a JS form rule that takes a collection and removes a value given in one of the parameters. It works. But there are limitations that make the solution inelegant. First of all the form rule can not return a value (in opposition to business rules, but those however can not contain Javascript (...)

Hi, we have created a data dictionary with people picker field. This people picker field has few team member names. I need to setup a process to check the dictionary everyday if there inactive users. If inactive users found, send email notification to Admins. Please suggest the best way. Thank you

Dear Community, we have installed WEBCON BPS Standalone and published it through Azure AD Application Proxy. We are synchronising users in BPS with on-premises Active Directory. Currently we experience timeout issues after some time of inactivity on WEBCON BPS site. Sometimes it's few minutes, sometimes about 1 hour. See example in attachments. Please notice that WEBCON BPS and SQL Server (VMs) are placed in Azure. Does anyone experience same issues? Any feedback is more than welcome :)

Whenever I try to change the language of column "instance number", my report throws up this error "An item with the same key has already been added". How to fix this issue? Please suggest.

Hello Everyone, We have a process by which we send e-mails, but at the same time I'd like to save the e-mails sent as attachments. Does someone know a way to do so? Thank you!

Hi, I have a project where I can't save attachment in a webcon database storage(becouse of company policies). I am looking for a solution to store attachments on network drive. Is there possibility to change localization of attachment ? May be some workaround? Some action, rule, ect? I thought about action which will create a folder on shared drive and webcon form will show information to user where to store attachment. But I don't know how to achieve this:/ Any idea?

Hi, We upgraded from 2022.1.1.53 to 2022.1.2.59 and after the upgrade the action :Send standard (or custom) mail in not working. When we TEST from System settings -> E-mail notifications -> Configuration of sending e-mail, the emails are sent. When send email from action, the action is working and the email sending to queue, but I get error in Local service status. Here is the error text from Local service status: WEBCON Workflow E-mail Service Module Error Role: EmailsService (...)


Hi everyone, does someone has an idea, how I can add a mail address to a local user account? If I want to add one, I get an error, that the existing BPS Id does not match the UPN format. background information: a customer uses a single server machine for running a test environment for WEBCON BPS. The VM has no access to a domain so the installation has been executed using local user accounts. The customer will access BPS Portal using AAD. I'm not part of the AAD so I can only use the l (...)

Hello, is there any chance of presenting a picture in an item list? After getting images to be shown in my report, this would be the next component I need. Thanks for your hints in advance. Best, Ingo

Hi, Is it possible to configure Webcon to send a single "summary" report about open tasks on a workflow in a single mail? Thank you!

Hi all! We implemented a button with popup functionality to create a new workflow item. On callback of popup item we want to set new workflow element id to dropdown, but obviously the new item is not in dropdown. Is there an easy way (with Javascript) to trigger reload of dropdowns datasource? Thanks a lot in advance & best regards, Nik


Does anyone know how WEBCON did this on their support portal? Lots of custommers asked us to add form fileds in the task cards, but I thought it is not possible.