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Hello Please help my with importing demo applications. I get "Check if Import service role is running for current database. Modules are in safe mode and I don't know how to force run it.

Dear Community, we have installed WEBCON BPS Standalone and published it through Azure AD Application Proxy. We are synchronising users in BPS with on-premises Active Directory. Currently we experience timeout issues after some time of inactivity on WEBCON BPS site. Sometimes it's few minutes, sometimes about 1 hour. See example in attachments. Please notice that WEBCON BPS and SQL Server (VMs) are placed in Azure. Does anyone experience same issues? Any feedback is more than welcome :)

Hi, Is there a set of rules, an instruction on how to directly (using insert-sql) import data into the database (into the WFelements table)? Which field values should we generate so that there are no problems with the operation of the application. Of course, WFF_STPID - step ID, WFD_DTYPEDID - form ID depends on the process, and the rest, e.g. RowVersion (some hexadecimal value) ? And other?

Dear Community, just a general question about e-mail notification with Microsoft 365 accounts. On 01.10.2022 Microsoft will disable Basic authentication. How do you plan to keep working e-mail notifications with SMTP from M365?

Hello all, Does anyone tried to use the concat function using a form field? I have a form field that is single text and I want to use it plus another info like below: concat ('AaAA' 'Form Field') But I'm always getting an error saying that the rule is not correct, I tried to use a SET before and keep the information in another field but it doesn't allow to save. Anyone used this already? Thank you!

Hi, I have a situation where multiple users get assigned tasks on a certain path. The parallelism is set to Completion - All. It mostly work fine. But if certain users complete their task before other users do, the workflow goes into the next step, despite other user tasks not being completed. When I look at the element history, when other users finish their task, "Completion - All" and their name is logged. But when these "special users" finish their task, it logs "Information (editing allow (...)

Hello everyone In a process I run a cyclic action in the Global Actions. This action contains a "Start a subworkflow (SQL)". When the subworkflow action is executed I just get the message 'Incorrect syntax near '}'.' in the *Last error* field. As seen on the screenshot There is no '}' in the SQL query of the subworkflow action... So now I am facing the mystery where exactly this error occurs at all and what exactly is the cause. Does anyone know where I can find more information about t (...)

We are in the process of setting up Sandbox environment. Installed 2021.1.2.136 version successfully , Activated temporary license received from webcon and activated it. When tried to login to Designer studio initially , it's giving that "No rights for designer Studio " message. How can I assign designer studio access? Not sure what is missing.

Hi, Is it possible to include the comments field into a pdf generated based on a template? So like you can include various form fields by creating a tag e.g. {WFD_AttText1}, is there such a code for the comments field? And will it work if we include it in a template to generate pdfs? Thanks!

I have a requirement to create dictionary to enter form name, Step name, no.of business days. Form name and step name combination need to be unique and a validation error message should show if the user tries to post a entry with the same form and step combination that already exists in the dictionary. I have 3 different forms with different steps in a flow. I entered 1st entry as form1, Step1 and 1 day, saved it second record as form1, step2 and 2 days, saved it. 3rd record as (...)


Hi everyone, I'm wondering what would be the best approach for the following use case. There may be between 300 and 500 active claim workflow instances. The costs for these claims are tracked in the ERP system. The total of the costs needs to be in the claim, so that it can be used in reports. Challenges: 1. I can only use REST for retrieving the costs 2. The ERP system supports webhooks, which doesn't help us. 3. The total changes only rarely, I don't want to create a new version for (...)

After installing a new development environment, I have a problem with performing an SQL query to the BPS_Config database. The environment was installed with my administrative account. From the database level, I can also see that the users of the service and the application pool (db owner) have permissions to the database. The application pool is the account indicated in the installer as the user to connect to the database. The message itself points to a SID that I don't have in my domain. Every (...)

Hello community, I am building application with one Dictionary process, and one standard process with 2 workflows. I would like to start second workflow many times as subworkflow of fist workflow and assign it to the several users/users groups (one per subworkflow) selected from Dictionary process. I am trying to use action “start a subworkflow (SQL)”. My understanding is that “start a subworkflow (SQL)” action (configuration of Data settings – Query returning data) works as follows: SE (...)

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone knows where or in which table the "Fixed values list" are stored. I am using a "Start a subworkflow (SQL)" to migrate data from our old sharepoint workflow tool to Webcon. Unfortunately, it seems that Webcon has decided that 'Choice fields' always require a GUID#Name to be populated. (Without this format I get an error and the subworkflow does not run). Now I have some Choice fields that use Fixed values lists in Webcon and I need to concatenate th (...)

How can I in here write dinamic company from my item list (My company is in DET_att5) ? Or I have to do another way ?

Hi there. Trying to familiarize myself with the for each action. I have an item list an I want a business rule to evaluate the value for each row of a certain column (choice field) an execute an action for it. Unfortunately, as soon as I have more than one row in the item list, the BR evaluation will fail as it attempts to test against all the row values for the specified column. My BR uses: IF[GET IDs[SELECT VALUES[Item list | Column]]] = [Choice field id] I guess there must be (...)

Hi there, as far as I know there is no official support for Azure SQL for the WEBCON BPS databases today. If we implement WEBCON BPS in a customer's own Azure tenant as their private cloud, it would be smart to use Azure SQL, because of the integrated HA features, scalability and low maintenance effort. WEBCON BPS is very well integrated with Microsoft technology and has great integrations with Microsoft services, i.e. M365. I would strongly appreciate, if support for Azure SQL could be added in (...)

I try to read/load in an xml-file in the Webcon application about the attachment section. Then I build myself a choice picker, where I can chose the selected file. After that I want to run an SDK action, where I get the data from my xml-file. In my code I implemented something but the file path is static at the moment and compares the file names. Normally every read in file gets an ID in the database but I don't know how to access this data. Has anyone experience with this and kno (...)

Hi, Are "Fixed values list"s' content available through API? Not dictionaries or other process types, but "Fixed values list" object types only. The need is to synchronize Webcon data with other systems, assuming Webcon repository is master. I found this article https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/2491 which states that there would exist /api/data/v4.0/db/{dbId}/elements/resolveFieldValue/{idguid}, but this kind of call results in 404 - not found error. I did not find resolveFie (...)

Hi all, I am currently building a process in which it is possible to go back to the 'start' step from almost any step. (There are 10 steps that can go back to the 'start') Now I have an (1x) action (action template) that should be performed when someone selects the path to 'start'. Is there a better way than adding this action to every path? (Adding the same action to all paths that lead to the same step again and again is simply inconvenient and contradicts the "Don't repeat yourself" (...)