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Hello, I have a weird situation, I gave the user access to application and then to the process for access all instances and attachments. If I use the impersonation option, I can see the application, I can access it as well as reports. When I open any instance I can only see all info but no edit option. The purpose is not to manually access instances from this process, but to search for them using the global search. Sadly it does not work. It should be able to search using info from pdf t (...)

Hi, I have a question about the service configuration. In the Services configuration -> Services -> Service_name -> Configuration tab, the database components are configured. How can I increase the number of action threads for timeout? I would like to parallelize several timeouts and not wait for the transition after each of them is completed. Do you have any idea for this? Regards ;)

Hello, In Field Matrix in "Standard areas", last tab, there is a checkmark for "user manual". What does that do? Thank you, Regards

Hello there! We are encountering a similar issue as described here: https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/4743?messageid=4743 Despite checking everything, we still haven't found a solution. After a few seconds, the license service stops and gets disconnected... The problem seems to be: The connection is initially established but after refreshing a few times it gets disconnected. How can we resolve this issue? We have already set the TCP inbound rule to 8002. The system time is (...)

Hi, I've prepared a template using Word Classic and put there data rows and data tables fields. Unfortunately the data are not displayed. The same situation happens when I go to Admin Mode > Admin actions > Word Template Printout. No data from data rows/data tables fields are diplayed. I am using Webcon Express.

Hello Where can I find for download webcon ver. 2024 regarding this https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/webcon-bps-2024-downloads/458/10 There are many other artictles for version 2024 but with no links to download.

Can I delete business entity ? Even if not active, it's being used like everywhere, where the "business entity" field exist or any start with list is used.

Hello all, I'm not sure if this is something that changed in the versions or I'm missing any configuration. I checked that users with the access 'Access and Edit all Instances' are allowed to select Available Paths even if they're not the assigned person. I know that although having the rights to edit the instances, it couldn't be moved and that yellow message was shown because another person was the assignee. This is not happening in my processes and I'm not sure if that was something ch (...)


Hi, I tried to import an application from the development environment to the production environment and got the error: "Check if the import service role (part of the core roles) is running for the current databases". Has anyone had this error? Thanks, Raluca


Hi everyone, maybe someone of you has a guess what we can do. - We have an environment with 6 content databases - We have a process which manages the members of a BPS group. - We use the Add/Remove single user to BPS groups to add a single user in synchronous mode (1) - Even so the action times out after 50 seconds it's marked as completed successfully in the history (2) - The duration of the corresponding synchronization of took about 2 minutes (3) - According to the 'Details' the sy (...)

Hi, Is there a simple way to get which environment runs a process? The data should be one of the 3 possibilities: DEV, TEST, or PROD. There are many places in Webcon settings where environment is set as "Auto", but I found no variable giving the actual name of the environment. I know there's a table and inside is a row which offers this, but I thought there might be an environment variable offering this info rather than having another SQL call. Thank you, Mihail

I have a problem probably with permiossion for autoresponder. I used a action autoresponder with MS Graph. Wystąpił błąd wykonania akcji autoresponder na ścieżce. (Krok: Start, ścieżka: Autoodpowiedź) One or more errors occurred. (Code: InvalidScheduledOofDuration Message: The scheduled duration for sending automatic replies isn't valid. ClientRequestId: 9e12806a-64bf-4882-87f4-c831a7710e57 ) Code: InvalidScheduledOofDuration Message: The scheduled duration for sending automatic (...)

W designer studio chcę włączyć 'Obsługę modyfikowania obiektów w Active Directory'. Czy serwer, na którym jest zainstalowany designer studio musi być w mojej domenie? Przy próbie zapisu otrzymuje błąd dotyczący loginu i hasła, pomimo tego że są one poprawne.

Hi, I've inserted a line chart to my form. It gets data from database (4 columns). 2 columns are presented on a chart as data series. Sometimes there are nulls in one of the columns. Then Webcon interpreters it as 0. Do you know any countermeasures to it? If there is a null value from the database, then it shouldn't show that line at the given point in time. I attach a photo of that such graph with nulls as zeros. Would be grategul for your help.

I created process where I have got: 1. Parent process with Item list: a) description b) attachment 2. I start child process a) copy data + copy attachments b) i would like to populate the same in child item list with records correlated with coped attachments ... I did SQL source: [code="SQL"] SELECT e.DET_ID as 'ID wiersza dziecka', e.DET_WFDID as 'ID Elementu Detalu dziecka', e.DET_WFCONID as 'ID Listy dziecka', e.DET_Att1 as 'Rodzaj dokumentu dziecka', (...)

Cześć, na wybranych krokach w aplikacji, chcę umieścić przycisk w menu, który skopiuje zawartość wybranych pól i wystartuje nowy element w procesie ze skopiowanymi wcześniej informacjami. Czy i w jaki sposób można to wykonać? Nie chce żeby był to podobieg, nie będzie to tez lista pozycji. Po prostu nowy element, który wystartuje z kroku startowego z pobranymi już informacjami.

Hello, Has anyone else had problems with the designer? I'm talking about crashes while making changes or situations where you save your work and later realize that around 10% of the changes didn't actually get saved. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Version: 2023.1.2.68 Thanks.

Hi team, I am in the process of addressing an issue related to unexpected changes in the component state. In the initial state, I have a field that is of type "list". Upon clicking an icon, the field type changes to "text", and the selected value disappears from the field. Clicking on the function triggers a modal, but after closing it, the icon that was changed does not revert to its initial state. I would appreciate your support and assistance in resolving the rendering and component s (...)

Hi, Is it possible to nest bps groups in each other ? Kuba

Hi, Can I achieve such an effect in an calculated column? In SQL it works but in webcon I have an error If atrubut is empty display the grouped attribute from the item list Code: select ISNULL(WFD_AttChoose5, STRING_AGG (CAST(DET_Att1 AS NVARCHAR(MAX)), ';')) from WFElements W left join WFElementDetails WD on W.WFD_ID = WD.DET_WFDID group by WFD_AttChoose5 What needs to be corrected or is there no way to make it work?