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Dear Community, In one of my clients, I have an issue with registered companies. There are few companies set. If I import a process from test environments companies are added again (with new id). I have already tried to "sync" ids of companies in test and prod environment (set names assigned to id in test env from prod), but the result is the same. To get things more weird not all companies are added with every import. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any reply.

Hi, does anyone know why I can't always reply?

I have a problem with a report (simple display of a table with objects) for a process into which about 150,000 objects have been imported using the API. After opening the report, a long loading bar appears and then the message "Failed with unknown exception" and to check the calculated columns. There are no calculated columns in the report. There are no such problems for the previous case of 20,000 loaded objects. What could be the reason? Is there any optimization of the WEBCON platform aft (...)

Is it possible to filter by a column with a multi-line text field in reports? There is no filtering option in the context menu. How to improve it?

Hi, is there a way to make the description required in case a specific category is picked for that document? Pretty much what I'm saying is that if an user is trying to add an attachment and they choose OTHER for its category, to make them complete its description as well. Thnak youuu.

Hi, Are any of you indexing data from WFElementDetails in the SOLR engine? What are your experiences with it?

Hello, Can someone help with some guidelines of how i can see assigned licenses for users and designer studio? I just see the total number of licenses and the remaining licenses, but i would like to see also to whom is that licenses is assigned. Is that possible? Thank you

Hi, How can I fix the Solr error "ServiceLocationProvider must be set"? This error has been occurring since Webcon installation. Version 2023.1.1.89. Solr web interface works fine, but I don't know where to look for the cause of the problems.


Hi everyone, who else will join the WEBCON DAY? My flight and hotel are booked and I can't wait to be there again. :) Maybe we can take the opportunity to meet in person and take a picture as a group. :) Daniel

Hello, I try to render values from a rich text editor (multiple lines of text; Mode: Rich) as a column of a table on a Word-Document. But after the Wordfile generation the formatting is lost. In the database the value is stored as: <p>X<sup>2</sup>O<sub>Test</sub>Bla </p> Is it possible to generate the Wordfile with the given formatting? Thanks in advance. 1st Image: Value in the Rich-Text-Editor 2nd Image: Result in the Wordfile

Hi all, struggeling with the following: I'd like to make available a report only showing instances from a certain app -> process -> workflow -> step. No problem here through the report configuration menu under "Source". However, due to the fact that for a report consumer to be able to access instances in his report two permissions have to be present: "Access to the application" on the application level, as well as "Access all workflow instances (excluding attachments) on the process level (...)


Hello, I copied one item list from one process to another and after trying to save the process I get the below in the attached image. There are some datarow field in the item list that are showing data coming from business rules. I guess they are causing the problem. The main issue is that designer studio doesn't show the fields anymore so I'm unable to delete the item list that I copied. As you can see it looks like there are no fields and workflows defined in the process but that is not tru (...)

Since i cannot open a support ticket at the moment i have to go this way. When creating a new substitution in 2023.1.2.44 i get a "Bad request" error when saving the substitution. Attached you find the diagnostics session and develeoper tools log. Any ideas what is going wrong here? // diagnostics json { "session": { "id": 565, "sessionGuid": "2c8664cd-1862-4978-9355-1d0b7c3c47d5", "userTime": "2023-08-31T05:51:09.457", "userLogin": "xxx", "userLanguageCode (...)


Hello everyone! I have the following challenge. I need to open the pdf attached to a workflow in a popup. I successfully managed to do so using the base64 encoded string and some javascript. Now the problem is that the pdfs are larger than expected. Some of them are 5MB and even more. For those large pdfs the script is not working, nor is effective to try make it work. I can go the Python way, create a server-side endpoint that would serve the PDF to, e.g. PDF.js. But I was wondering if th (...)


There seems to be a new documentation for the latest release of WEBCON. Does anyone have that URL? I am too lazy to update to the latest version and I am very curious how it looks like. Anyone from WEBCON can get it for us?

Hello :) I have an issue with attachments. I added new .xlsx file into attachment form field - this was empty file with picture inside. Now when I am trying to open it in preview panel picture is cut like below. Does anybody have an idea what can be a reason? Thanks a lot for help

How to add list of Attachments from the Form to Word Template? 1. A created word template 2. If filled by Automation process 3. How to add to template DOC the Attachment section ? 4. How to add Comments to template DOC [Bonus] ? I don't see the fields in Word plugin to create template .... 11 - word template 12 - the section from WebCon Form

Delete attachements action seems to be buggy after upgrading from version 2022 to 2023. In my workflow I'm creating an attachement based on word template and assign it category "plik_word". After that I'm converting it to PDF, assingning the PDF a new category "plik_pdf". In the third step I dalete the attachements from the "plik_word" category. And it work perfectly in the 2022 versions, and now, in 2023.1.1.89 it does not matter what I put in the category field, the action seems to ignore it a (...)

Hello, I am trying to use the webcon REST API to create a new instance and to upload an attachment. I am having troubles finding the version that should go into the URL ex: /api/data/v2.0/db/{dbId}/elements/{id} (in this case is "v2.0"). How can I find the version for my project? I have used the following examples from webcon: https://community.webcon.com/community/public/posts/post/examples-of-using-rest-api/109#a2 https://developer.webcon.com/docs/bps-rest-api/ https://developer.webcon. (...)

Hello, I' m new in webcon and i try to fix issue connected with attachments. I don't know much about attachments database but as i saw there are two places where i can find data : [BPS_Content].dbo.WFDataAttachmets and [BPS_Content_Att].dbo.WFAttachmentFiles When im trying to add attachment like always going step by step in my workflow everything is ok - attachment is being added in both tables. But i also have a button making me back to previous step ( i am using Start Element()) a (...)