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Is it possible to create custom email that sends the information to the autor with the link to the element when user clicks on the path? If yes how so

I'm trying to connect to Webcon with Power Bi. Service I set up OData user and API key as described here https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/odata-format-in-webcon-bps/346. I do not have a problem to connect using Power Bi desktopapp but after uploading report to Power Bi service there is a problem with refreshing although I set up on-premise gateway on Webcon vm - invalid credentials. Has anyone tried to connect from Power Bi service to Webcon on premise server?

Hello, Is there a way to ensure uniqueness of items in Webcon's dictionary when importing data from Excel, to avoid duplication? Thanks.

I have request from business to create report that will be showing all instances , which current logged user had task to do in the past. Some user can have more than one task in workflow. Is it possible to prepare such report and in SQL filter make a join statement similiar to this: SELECT * FROM (SELECT *, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY [WFD_ID] ORDER BY WFD_ID DESC) rn FROM [BPS_ConfigProd_Content].[dbo].[WFElements] LEFT JOIN WFElementTasks  ON WFElementTasks.WFT_WFDID=WFD_ID (...)

Hello, Can you assist me with the following? I'm attempting to test an outgoing/sending email but receiving an issue during the installation and setup of the webcon bps. I'm now working on WEBCON BPS 2023.1.1.89 demo version. Error image attached.

Hello everyone, I have a question for you, maybe you can help me. I know you can set user privileges for each application or process separately, but I wonder if I can also restrict user visibility depending on some criteria.. For this scenario I've created: BPS user group: Software Engineer person X, person Y, person Z are part of software group Let's say there are also multiple projects and their details into a db: project 1, 2 and 3. process: Project update , each update process w (...)

Hello, I am experiencing a problem with my SharePoint connection, which had been working properly until today. I've tried with multiple users and it is not working, same error. Webcon version 2022.1.4.174 If there is MFA enabled, is there a problem? Because it worked with MFA enabled. Any ideas?

Hi All! Does anyone have experience with integrating WEBCON with SAP Success Factors, particularly Employee Central?

Hi. I need a notification when a specific date is reached. I have a form with a field "Requested stage date". I need to send a notification to an employee when such date is reached. How can I achieve this?

Hi all, I need to schedule a daily email (let say like an email from a SQL job), but I didn't find how to do it. It is a possible to do that from WEBCON? Many thanks, Ovidiu

Hi all! Is there any official (or unofficial) documentation on Webcon designer studio parameters, like --sql or --iedebug? Is there an other way to logout from designer studio, without havin designer studio started? The problem is, studio does not start anymore and I want to try a different Url or browser login, but I am not able to change this. Best regards, Nik

Hi, main request: change template „planned vacation" AND extension of the standard colors "ColorID/VACType_ColorID" version 2022.1.4.248 - is certainly not relevant We use not only the planned absence, but also the planned attendance. So for planning purposes we have to distinguish between several types (colors). Currently, neither type nor color can be specified in the "planned vacations" template. Is it possible to change that? In principle it should be exactly the same as the "vacations (...)

Hi all! We want to deactivate existing user license for designer studio and switch it to a different user. Sounds like an easy task, but I don't find a solution for this. We are running 2022.1.4.155 Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance & best regards, Nik

Hi, We installed a new webcon production environment. The configuration was done identically to the running test environment. Unfortunately, on the new production environment, when accessing a report with a list of existing elements or into one of the element, an error message is displayed: "<h2>403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.</h2>\r\n <h3>You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.</h3>" I checked the security settings for SQLLowPr (...)

Hi, i've to create a vacation report and three problems: #1 datasource template „business entities structure" and #2/#3 vacation report . Problem #1. we have employies in two or more departments (with different workload/department ~25% of employies). Now I must put one user with different depatments in the datasource template „business entities structure", but that is not possible. For now, only one teamleader will see this user in the vacation report. This must/should be changed in the (...)

Can I copy/paste a workflow and give it a different name? Our German site has a workflow which is hosted in the same server. I want to customize it for the USA site so I wonder how to copy/paste and rename. Thanks

Hi all, I was wondering what the best practice is when using SQL queries in Webcon with attributes, tables or views that have different names in different environments. One example is the views. These are automatically generated by Webcon and the name is combined from the process name and the process ID. The process ID is of course always different in the three different environments. This means that after each transport from the Dev/Test to the Prod environment, the attributes, tables o (...)

In a one week im getting this error https://pcpatchedup.com/mscjsres-dll and I don't know how to fix this error, some buddy please help me to resolve this, Thanks in Advance Selena Root

Hello, Can someone help me with some information about "Absence" process? Where can i find some documentation? Thank you.

Hi there, It's me again I have two questions right away. I'm not sure if this is an intentional behavior of Webcon or a bug or if I didn't understand the setting or the principle of it. Does anyone of you also have the problem that a set path layout in the workflow designer (flowchart) after saving (and switching tabs e.g. to General) completely loses the set layout and falls back to the default layout? [WorkFlow designer before.png; WorkFlow designer after.png] (This results in me hav (...)