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Hi all! I want to remove all element privileges on workflow element level (= all users assigned with Add privileges action) from certain workflow elements. Is there an easy (and maybe built-in way) to remove all these permissions without knowing the BPSId of these users? I know there is a table WFSecurities, which can be selected and filtered by WFD_ID, but maybe there is an easier way to do this. Didn't find anything, any help appreciated. Thanks in advance & best regards, Nik

Hello, I have item list with few rows and few columns, one is the column field type: Yes/No choice. I would like to save instance on Yes/No choice field change. I put to the field style and behavior – Form rule to be executed on value change – MOVE TO NEXT STEP XYZ. The XYZ path is starting and ending in current step (i.e. it is in fact the SAVE path). When value is changed, it is showing error message. When clicking on the SAVE button (SAVE Path) it is working correctly. Any idea what (...)

Hi how to create attribute only as hours ?

In our team we have came across an issue as above and I am wondering is it possible in version 21 or version 23 to send the text messages on the phone to the users?

Hi Where can I find demo app to download for webcon version 2023?

Hello, our information security office has detected a log4j vulnerability. We currently have the log4j-1.2.17.jar version for WebCon BPS 2023 R2 Is it possible to upload version 2.21.1 according to the article https://kb.webcon.pl/security-podatnosc-cve-2021-44228-w-apache-log4j2/? https://logging.apache.org/log4j/2.x/download.html Will the new version of BPS include this type of fix?

Hi, I'm planning to use BPS for an Agreement process. Is it possible to collaborate in a Word document with external users (users from outside of the company, assigned to the process only for the specific Agreement for 2-3 days)? Do I need licenses for those users?

Hi Guys I'm wondering if there is a better way to find out which user has completed a task in a specific step than what i'm currently doing looking to the WFHistoryElements table. In need this information to ensure that the user that has finished the task in "Author confirmation" step, cannot finish the task in the current step (review) so i can force a 4-eye principle even with active substitutions.

Hello, We have 3 environments (DEV - TEST - PROD). We have noticed that in TEST environment the action "Start a subworkflow" does not have the option "Set form field data before defaults evaluation (compatibility mode)" set to visible. In DEV and PROD this option is visible. I attached some screenshots below. Can you help me understand why the option is not visible on TEST environment? And what is there to do? Thank you.

Hi everyone, I would like to ask for your expertise. I think I generally understand how Webcon works, but there are a few areas where I still fail, or have no idea how to go about it. Currently I have a process that has a field "Reminder Date" with a date in an end step of each instance. Now I would like to check the "Reminder Date" in all instances at regular intervals (e.g. daily) to see whether it is today or in the past and then send an email to the author of the instance. However (...)

Hello, Do you know how can i find what query is exactly executed when i'm using raports in WEBCON. What SQL SELECT is inside, I knew that i can find it some where in the console(debug mode) F12, but I can't find it right now. Or there is some database table with this ?

Hello, I am trying to call this API so i can grant "readonly" privilege to a group on a instance. /api/data/v4.0/db/{dbid}/elements/{id}/admin/privileges I have added App.Elements.Admin.All permission. But i get error: Invoke REST Web service - Request Url: https://domain/api/data/v4.0/db/1/elements/2450/admin/privileges Response Code: BadRequest (400) Exceptions: Rest service call failed. Http code BadRequest (400). Inspect log to get more information. Can someone help? Thank (...)

Hi, I'm working on preparing a report based on my process. It's something similar to task manager. I can create a task with field responsible person nad some dates (deadline and end of task). I;m makieng report, where I want to show all responsible people who have tasks divided on Active task, Active task after deadline, Finished task in time and Finished task after deadline. I've made calculated column: case when WFD_AttDateTime5 < WFD_AttDateTime6 then 'YELLOW' when WFD_AttDateTime (...)

Hi everyone! We are currently using BPS 2023.1.2.44 in our office. Is it possible to exclude certain report columns from an Excel export? We need to display the columns in the Web report, but don't want to show them in Excel. Best regards, Christoph

Hello Everyone I'm writing to you because maybe someone has already had a task as wonderful as me :) I need information about which users and at what level they have access to each application and process. I searched the forum but didn't find anything similar. I'm going to write SQL because I don't think there is any other option. I will be grateful for the sql pieces :) Regards

Has anyone encountered this error? I installed the Word package, and when I try to edit a Word template, I receive the error "Cannot download the information you requested." Do you have any idea where I can find more information about this error? Thanks, Raluca


I've noticed that when I import from the development environment to the test or in production environment, custom visibility configurations for reports or start buttons don't get imported. For instance, I've set a button to be visible only for a certain group; the configuration remained as custom visibility upon import, but the group disappeared. The groups were created in the development environment and imported into the other environments. Thanks, Raluca

Hi, We would like to transfer our test license from one test server to another. Before we proceed, we would like to know the correct procedure. Does anybody care to give step-by-step instructions? Thanks in advance!

Hi, I have a problem with adding new data in item list. When I'm try to add second row everything are deleting from row first. What can be the reason? In the item list are some columns with autofilling. Problem does not occur, when I type INDEKS (first column which is the main column through which the others are filled in. ) manualy (not using pop-up suggestions)

I have smal workflow which moves big one between steps. I'm uploading attachment in "small workflow", and want this attachment to be transfered to "big workflow". Big workflow can't be modified. Is there a way to "insert" attachment to other workfolw?