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Hello, in the 2023.1.3.29 version, we have apparently identified a reproducible bug. In our case we are using a text field to store a time value. The goal is for this to automatically replace a period ('.') with a colon (':') after input (Style and behavior). The error occurs when we attempt to replace every period ('.') with another character using STRING REPLACE, specifically in the case of "15.00" where we want to replace each period ('.'). Instead of just replacing the periods, ALL (...)

Hello everyone, I'm having problems with the push notifications that should be sent automatically when a new task is assigned. In the app settings on my mobile phone (Android), all notifications are activated and the app has permission to send messages. In the Designer Studio the Chechbox is activated in the Global Parameters. Unfortunately, no push messages are triggered. Where else did I miss something? Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Matthias

If I have tasks assigned to me in a given application, are they always listed from the newest to the oldest? Can I somehow make a given application stand out so that it is at the top of the to-do list?

Hello, I have a question regarding: Global action -> On start (cyclical). If I create an automation that runs every minute (infinitely) - for example: syncing users from another external database to the local BPS groups. From your experience, do you see any concerns or risks? Are these runs saved to a table in the database? Thanks.

Can I search for historical information using report search? I mean retrieving information from previous versions of forms (with WFHistoryElements)

IS there a way to extract the information with sql about the bps groups via sql command?

Hi all! An element in a process disappeared (there is a gap in signature numbering), so I guess it must have been deleted in admin mode. Is there a way to trace any history of such an event (what was it, who deleted it)?

Hello everyone, I have an email workflow that is triggered every day at a fixed time and sends an information email to a fixed group of recipients. Unfortunately, this no longer works after the update to Designer Studio version 2023.1.3.29. But I didn't knowingly change anything about it. To find the error I am now searching the changelog. Unfortunately I can't find all objects by name. Can I somehow search for the ID to get to the relevant location? Example ID 25 Thank you in advance. (...)

Hello, I've developed a process (start - finish). In the System Settings, I've configured a HotMailbox using Microsoft Graph, specifying a user mailbox, and the connection is OK. The issue I'm encountering is that 90% of emails are returning a validation error and the workflow is not starting and e-mails are not moved to the ERROR folder either. For other emails, it has moved them to the Error folder and i dont understand why. And just for 10% it worked fine - starting new workflow in (...)

Hello, I would like to import some templates in my environment but i have version 2023_1_2 and i get this error: Incorrect branch number of application's database. Application has been exported in version 2023_1_3, currently installed version 2023_1_2. You can not import applications from older versions. Is there something i can do? Can i find these templates in other versions too? https://community.webcon.com/online-store/free Thanks.

Hello, I would like to create a Word document using a normal template, but in landscape. In my case I need to add an item list to my template, but it is too long so I thought that changing the layout to landscape would be a simple operation. Sadly when the action creates the file, it is in portrait mode. Does anyone know how is it possible to create a Word file in landscape ? Thank you!

Is there any way to compare the Production and Test environments? To compare the configurations of the same process between systems? In order to track changes. Do you have any SQL, etc.? Do you use github or something else?

Hi we would like to introduce archiving in our firm. We have read the article about the whole process and we are able to add to archive the elements and we also created the reports. However, we are wondering how is possible to get the access to the REST API data or if we have integrations with the archived elements. Cos we have tested it via the postman but we were not able to retrive the data. Are there any other way?

I am trying to configure a mass notification on Webcon System Configuration. (See picture attached) This window is popping, changes are saved on the studio, but they are not really applied. I don't understand the requirements from the popping window. Could somebody help? Thanks in advance.

The error is seen as the License Server being unreachable. The following error appears in EventViewer: ___ Faulting application name: WebCon.WorkFlow.Service.exe, version: 2023.1.3.29, time stamp: 0xe8333945 Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Exception code: 0xc00000fd Fault offset: 0x00007ff98fcd3842 Faulting process id: 0x1140 Faulting application start time: 0x01da4d635bcdedff Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\WEBCON\WEBCON BPS Wo (...)

He all, I was searching, but can't find information anywhere. Is there a possibility to run some javascript or form rules on load of the main website page of local webcon instance? I'm preparing a process where users manually confirm their being at work. It would be very appeciated, that when tey load any page of local webcon instance, there would be some code testing if they already confirmed their being at work. If they didn't, they would be redirected to the appropriate element. If they di (...)

Hi everyone, For a couple of days I've been trying to resolve this issue with no luck, so maybe you will come up with some solution. The case: I 've created an application and a process with the use of absence process wizard (the one in the main menu of designer studio). However it is not to be used for absences only, but in a similar way - for presence confirmation. The idea is simple - there is one workflow in this new application in which users confirm they worked in a given date - eith (...)

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the global email template. I receive the message attached. I once had an identical problem and I solved it by changing the portal address to a different one and returning to the original one, but unfortunately it didn't help. Can I ask for some advice?

Hi, I am currently exploring options for viewing documents within Webcon. Specifically, I am interested in understanding whether there is a possibility to visualize a document by providing a link that points to a document stored either on SharePoint or within a SQL Server database. My goal is to enable the automatic display of the associated document in preview mode when a user selects a record in the application. Has anyone had experience or insights into achieving this integration? If (...)

Hi all, Is there any way to export data from Webcon to Excel WITHOUT column headings? Can't see such an option neither in export from data table attribute nor from the report. Can this be done in any way?