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I am fetching report data from the following endpoint: https://developer.webcon.com/2023/resources/rest_api5.0/#tag/PublicApiReport/paths/~1api~1data~1v5.0~1db~1{dbId}~1applications~1{appid}~1reports~1{reportid}/get There are properties for page and size, but information on defaults and max is missing. This seems to be explicitly documented on other endpoints, so i am questioning myself if there are limits at this endpoint or not? From testing it seems that default for page is 1 and for siz (...)

Hi there I'm not sure, but I haven't found any information about this anywhere. Is it really the case that BPS groups cannot be nested? Am I the only one who expects this kind of functionality in this context? Webcon can handle nested AD groups, why not Webcon's own groups? Or did I miss a hidden function/button/setting that makes this possible? 😅 I appreciate any help.

Hi, I have a form on which I want to have an action that trigers after the fields has change, what kind of action I can add? For instace in workflow I have element called 'start' with form fields : text : dupa Number : 1000 user makes some changes in those field, after that i want to trigger my action. How can I do it?

Dear Community, I have a question regarding serach option (Search everywhere on top in portal version). When I add permissions to the process (via permissions tab in BPS Studio) for some user / group of users (i.e. permission to all elements with attachments) how can I trigger any action to index it in Solr? From user perspective, when he / she search for particular document in search everywhere not all results are available. I can edit single document and save it, so it triggers Solr i (...)


Hi everyone, maybe we can gather all the changes anyone encounters when testing the new version in a single thread. It won't take much of your time and will potentially save you more when others do the same. I will start with this one: SQL command: Varriable WFCONCOL_ID : WFD_DTYPEID = {DT:12} and {WFCONCOL_ID:153} = {WFD_ID} has been "translated" to WFD_DTYPEID = 1 and dbo.ClearWFElemId(WFD_AttChoose1) = 2 and is now replaced by the Calculated field WFD_DTYPEID = 1 and WFD_AttCh (...)

Hi, Is there the ability to run actions in the background without being forced to wait for them to finish in the loading screen? I have created an automation which invokes a SOAP service and it takes some time (20 seconds). This thing must be disturbing for the user. As i see, actions are executed synchronously, meaning the user interface waits for the action to complete before allowing further interactions. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi, i would like to automatically mark flagged some elements after few days. Is this possible? my main goal is this elements should be on the top in "my Task" list

Can a user edit comments? For example, for a simple error like a typo.

We have a server where there is an app installed and it is accesible only through VPN. If i have created an app in Webcon and i have to send data to that app invoking SOAP service action, will it work? Or how to configure?

Hello, 1. When i click on task, it always bring me into edit mode, and if there is other person assigned to this task, it is saying there is other person editing. Is there a way to block this edit mode? I mean, when i click on a task, i want to have it in a VIEW mode and then click on that EDIT button if i want to edit. 2. For ItemList there are option to Export/Import to Excel. Is there a way for Export option to configure/rename the filename? It exports with that name of my ItemList's f (...)

Hi, I have problem with moving workflow from one step to another step. I mean if i create a workflow with 3 basic steps (start, intermediate, end(positive)) on those steps i set up paths with task creation on business rule level and i set up myself (my account). When I try to open that application in portal then on first step everything is ok and i can sent task to second (intermediate) step. AND here is a problem when i try move task from that step or even when i try open task in Admin mod (...)

Hi there Does anyone know the reason for why when i try to edit a word attachment from the form i get a message "No associated application to edit the file" but Word is opening just fine? Version 2022.1.4.61 Any input would be much appreciated. Cheers Pasquale

Hi community! I am struggling with Word Add-In and data tables. The requirement is to show a table of order positions, each position contains an image field with a barcode (which should be shown in table) and some other fields. Is that even possible and if so how? Thanks a lot in advance & best regards, Nik

Hello, is it possible to color every other (even) row in the reports so that the rows are more visible. In addition, is it possible to add edges in the rows to make the reports more readable. Example attached.

Hello, my dashboard includes a three column design with one report in each of the columns. The problem i'm facing now is that because the columns are too narrow, the reports get displayed as tiles rather than a compact table row list. I can change the view mode when viewing the dashboard in the browser (see image), but I would like to define it as the default view. Is there any way to change this behavior and define a default view of narrow reports? Thanks, Philipp


Hello, I'm facing a challenge. I'm starting the workflows from a hotmailbox so I have no control over the attachments order. I'm also using the "Show first attachment on page load". I believe the system shows the attachment with the lowest ATT_ID. Is there any way to control which attachment is shown on page load? Thank you, Martin


Hello community! I’d like to pick your brain about something that has been bothering me for the last hour. :) Does anyone have a solution for this? User enters the date in the date picker field (AttDateTime) and hits TAB: - if the value is 8 digits, then SET(AttDateTime) = CONCAT(using values from AttDateTime) - if the value is 6 digits, then SET(AttDateTime) = CONCAT(using values from AttDateTime) - else do nothing I can't seem to find a way to do that. Is it even possible? Thank (...)

Hi community, is there any way to change the [|ElementAddress|] and [|WebAddress|] on global notification for different address? Our server on which we have installed webcon is called abc-webcon, but we have bindings in ISS and users use page webcon.ourdomain.pl. When we send notifications from BPS link to [|ElementAddress|] and [|WebAddress|] direct users to page abc-webcon.ourdomain.pl. Part of Global Norification: <tbody> <tr> <td style="border-top: #e8eaec 1pt s (...)


Hello everyone, I was wondering... Is there a way to start workflows by an external API without the need to exchange the token first? I'm asking the question because I'm exploring the possibilities offered by using a service as MailGun. They can parse the incoming email message and post the parsed information in form of JSON to a URL. The issue I'm having is I can only configure a URL to which the send a POST command with parsed JSON. There is no way to send the first authorization request (...)

Hi, I have collected employee signatures in graphic form (PNG format). I would like to add in the generated WORD file the signature (PNG) of the person who accepts the step in Webcon process. Is that possible or have I missed something? (Webcon version 2022.1.3.47) Best regards, Sebastian