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Hello, I am in the process of standardizing our plugin packages. I would like to put all plugins on a common basis in order to be able to reuse functions such as custom logging methods in each plugin package without copying source code. I have often used nested plugin and configuration classes within a plugin package project. This works without any problems. Example: *** shared project / solution *** Base plugin class: public abstract class MyCustomActionBase<TConfig> : CustomA (...)

Hello Community, We have problems with the different runtime environments of the WBCON Workflow Service (under .NET Framework) and the WEBCON BPS Portal (under .NET Core) and System.Data.ODBC. I have developed an SDK plugin that integrates the NuGet package System.Data.ODBC to access ODBC data sources. The target runtime environment of the plugin package is .NET Standard 2.0, so that the plugins can be executed both in the service and portal. Without the integration of System.Data.ODBC (...)

Hi there I implemented the docusign sdk and transferring docs to sign works like a breeze. BUT: checking if sent enevlopes are signed and then sending the workflow along the specified path is simply not working. I followed the docs according to this: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/docusign-digital-signatures-in-webcon-bps/36 I do get the following error(s): WebCon.WorkFlow.Model.Common.WorkFlowException: Plugin 13 load error.: Object reference not set to an instance of (...)

Hello Durning installation of the Webcon BPS for Microsoft Outlook Addin 2021.1.4.195 plugin and opening Outlook, the error "Access denied to the path c:\Users\xxx\Appdata\local\Temp\Deployment\A3Y823NQ.KMT\9J59YY7H.WXE\sk" appears when loading the plugin. \Webcon.Workflow.Outlook2010.resource.dll" (I'm attaching a screenshot). Massive deployment from sccm . Command line : Execute-MSI -Action Install -Path "v100.msi" -Transform "v100.mst" -Parameters "WorkFlowUrl=`"$envProgramData\Webcon2\Web (...)

Hello, how to bypass requirement with required field using Rest API. Even admin mode does not disable this requirement.

Changing the RestAPI mode to "admin" should allow you to update fields, including readonly. The documentation however mentions the requirement of "admin permissions" How to add requires admin permissions?. Below are excerpts from the RestAPI documentation mode -Enum: "standard" "ignoreReadonly" "admin" Optional mode parameter that specifies validation behavior. When empty or standard, all fields will be validated. When set ignoreReadonly, readonly fields won't be set but no error will be (...)

Hi there. Trying to familiarize myself with the for each action. I have an item list an I want a business rule to evaluate the value for each row of a certain column (choice field) an execute an action for it. Unfortunately, as soon as I have more than one row in the item list, the BR evaluation will fail as it attempts to test against all the row values for the specified column. My BR uses: IF[GET IDs[SELECT VALUES[Item list | Column]]] = [Choice field id] I guess there must be (...)

Hi, I have a problem with SDK Custom Action. I created a new action for Webcon2022 I added all assemblies to zip and when I want to execute the action in the response I see . Error code: 100 Could not load file or assembly 'Azure.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=92742159e12e44c8' The version is not correct because in my solution I used


Hi everyone, there's something I really don't understand. I'm currently using BPSExt-Signing-DocuSign extension https://github.com/WEBCON-BPS/BPSExt-Signing-DocuSign/releases/tag/2022.1 When I clone the branch and build it, the build folder contains another (older) "System.ComponentModel.Annotations.dll" assembly than the release. The reason for this is, that the plugin action CheckAllDocumentsStatus, which should be run in a cyclical action, fails due to an exception Could not load (...)

Hi community! Is anyone trying to write your own SDK based on Webcon 2022 Exstensions on MacOS? I wanted to try on my private macbook but when i downloaded extension, it appeard in .vsix format. It turned out that Visual studio can't read this format of file. I downloaded this from official Microsoft marketplace. I can't find it inside VS marketplace in 'extension for download' after launch application. On Windows everything goes fine. I know about VS Code but I'm searching information for Vi (...)


We are having a document template with check boxes which should be checked/unchecked based on form field values. Does anyone have experience how to achieve this? I've been trying the approach of using wingdings 2 which basically worked but failed during the conversion to pdf.

Hi, In several machines in my enviroment I get an error - Outlook turns of the webcon addin, because is slows down loading of the app. Is this normal, do you encounter the same problem? Even though Microsoft shows how to override the Outlook decision, I don't have this option in the addins dialog. I'm personally using Outlook 2016, is this too old for the addin to work?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to integrate Autenti platform via SDK plugin. I have add REST connection and try to invoike APIv2 SendingDocumentAction. Unfortunately all I got was the following error message. I have noticed however, that the 'Signature type' field is missing from the action configuration screen. Did any of you come across similar issue? How can it be resolved? Any tips much appreciated :) W System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. (A connection attempt failed b (...)

Hello all, Does anyone is having issues with the IHT, the add-in to be able to sign PDF on Webcon? I'm having some issues with the app, when I click on Edit file, I get a message in Abode saying the doc is corrupted. However, for some reason this does not happen for all the documentation. THank you all

Hi all! I am getting a strange warning when deploying a second SDK plugin package to customer environment (see screenshot). The background information is: Both SDK plugins need System.Text.JSON namespace for serializing / deserializing JSON objects, which requires a bunch of satellite assemblies to be packaged also. These assemblies are added to each package with a custom Powershell script and have exactly the same version in both packages. Why is Webcon complaining here (since versi (...)

Hi, I want to integrate bps with szafir kir: https://www.kir.pl/firmy/szafir/ I found this article https://kb.webcon.pl/podpisy-cyfrowe-autenti-w-webcon-bps/ but i'm not sure if integration with szafir is even possible ? KIR is not on that list.

Hello, ho can You install Webcon BPS add-in for word on a computer without Internet Explorer i.e Windows 11 ?

Hi, after running (WebCon.Outlook_2022_1_3_47) the "vsto" file, this error message is displayed : The solution is to manually create the "application files" directory in the source. After that, the vsto file is imported correctly, but I open outlook and there is an inactive element in the addins - "Failed to load. A startup error occurred while loading the COM architecture plugin." Where can there be a mistake? thank you, mv

Hello community! I'm not new at all programming in C#, but what I would like to know and I've never found a working solution until today: How to show line numbers in stack traces of C# SKD plugins? For example, when printing the stack trace to the SDK log? Thank you! Marco

Hi. I was very optimistic that I could sign PDF files with locally installed certificates (Adobe reader functionality) using the "IT hit Edit Doc Opener" Addin as mentioned in the Webcon Knowledge Base (https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/new-way-to-use-a-digital-signature/253). So far everything works as described until I want to save the signed attachment. Doing so I get an error message "document can't be saved. Generic Failure" ("Das Dokument kann nicht gespeichert werden. Allgeme (...)