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Hello, ho can You install Webcon BPS add-in for word on a computer without Internet Explorer i.e Windows 11 ?

Hi, after running (WebCon.Outlook_2022_1_3_47) the "vsto" file, this error message is displayed : The solution is to manually create the "application files" directory in the source. After that, the vsto file is imported correctly, but I open outlook and there is an inactive element in the addins - "Failed to load. A startup error occurred while loading the COM architecture plugin." Where can there be a mistake? thank you, mv

Hello community! I'm not new at all programming in C#, but what I would like to know and I've never found a working solution until today: How to show line numbers in stack traces of C# SKD plugins? For example, when printing the stack trace to the SDK log? Thank you! Marco

Hi. I was very optimistic that I could sign PDF files with locally installed certificates (Adobe reader functionality) using the "IT hit Edit Doc Opener" Addin as mentioned in the Webcon Knowledge Base (https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/new-way-to-use-a-digital-signature/253). So far everything works as described until I want to save the signed attachment. Doing so I get an error message "document can't be saved. Generic Failure" ("Das Dokument kann nicht gespeichert werden. Allgeme (...)


Hi everyone, did someone came across an option to verify, whether the save has been triggered by the save button or by a path transition in a form field extension logic class? I did check to no avail: - Public properties - Non-public properties - Passing {CURRENT_PATH} inside the configuration. Unfortunately it was empty too :( Does someone has another idea? Best regards, Daniel


Hi everyone, did someone use this attribute and has an sample how to set this up? I've probably used a wrong type for the property. Like it happens when one copy & pastes and changes the attribute name to Bool but the property is still string. :) Meanwhile I will search for the log table in which this GUID exists. :) Type: WebCon.WorkFlow.Studio.Logic.Exceptions.PortalWebserviceException ------------------------------------------------------- A WEBCON BPS Portal error has occur (...)

Hello! I've come accross a problem with installation of Outlook plugin (the full version of Outlook, the application, not the O365 lite one). Tried to do this in Internet Explorer, run as admin, with no luck. There is an error message saying the certificate used to sign the manifest or its' localisation is are not trusted. At the bottom of the error message there is a sentence saying the zone is incorrect: MyComputer. However there is no choice where to place the certificate or where to look fo (...)

Hi, I am creating a plugin for webcon in C#. I need to start a new task from the code level. Is there any dedicated function for this? Best regards

Hi, I would like to create an plugin that will open a link in the client side browser. I try using basic .NET method, but the browser starts on the server where Webcon is installing. Would I have to make a separate addon running on the client side? Then how to install such an add-on?

Hello webcon Community, currently I'm working on a process design which includes the automatic report generation from webcon as a PDF file. Additionally the process does always comes with an user-attached PDF file. My goal now is to merge/combine both files together into one final PDF for storage. Searching online i only found this source related to my problem: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/sdk-actions/143 ..which briefly states "Merging several PDFs into one" could be poss (...)

Hi all! We have a workflow (service order) containing an item list, which represents a shopping basket. We have a workflow containing several sales locations, which can create service orders for their location. Every time the shopping basket changes we need to send (delta) reservations to an external system with a SOAP request. So far so good, this is a common scenario ;-) What we have so far: A custom action (SDK) which builds (delta) reservation XML to be sent to external s (...)

Hello, I have made an SDK to accept all changes on a word attachment. Unfortunatelly, Webcon says that I do not have permissions to edit the attachment. Not only the user with which I have executed the action has full permissions, but I have set skip permission to true. Does anybody know why this error appears? I have attached some photo material. If I can give clarifications, please ask me. Best regards

My WEBCON App in Teams tries to call a wrong WEBCON-URL. How can i change the configuration / the URL of the WEBCON App?

Hi everyone, i locally installed the Outlook Plugin according to the manual. When adding an Email to a Workflow instance, i get an error "Insufficient attachment permissions" (see screenshot). I have to admit, that i used the Edge browser instead of Internet Explorer to install the add-in. What could i do to fix this? Thanks for considering my request, Christian


Hi everyone, does anyone have a good solution for retrieving names/translations of objects within a SDK action? Example: We have the step id: args.Context.CurrentDocument.StepID How do I get the (translated) step name? Is there some option inside the SDK? I haven't found one, so I'm thinking about passing ids/translations via the PluginConfiguration. I just thought about querying a data source. Maybe I could create a SQL view which is utilized by the data source. Did someone do something sim (...)


Hi everyone, did some try (and succeed) to use Razor within a plugin? I tried to use RazorLight, which isn't possible because it is not strongly signed, which is a prerequisite for plugins. Afterwards I tried the unmaintained RazorEngine, which fails, because the plugins assemblies are loaded dynamically and not from disk. Which in turn causes an error in RazorEngine which I'm currently trying to work around. I will have a look at this tomorrow, but maybe someone else can either confirm that (...)


Who runs 2021.1.2.136 and wants to help me testing "report subscriptions"? I'm currently evaluating an option to "subscribe" to reports/view. My aim is that the user will be able to select a schedule, define a report and receive this report by mail. This is currently in an alpha state. The business rule seems to work well but the BPS application is just in a proof of concept state. Maybe there's someone who can help me test the SDK/identify some issues. Fingers crossed, I'm going on vacation (...)

Hello, Is there any way to collect feedback from mail and send it to Webcon, like 1 to 5 starts rating? I need a solution where the client doesn't need to have an account for WEBCON.

Hello, I tried to use "ConfigEditableDropDownList" for input parameters and it will return List<string> object I uploaded the project sdk but not working. How to configure the type parameter ConfigEditableDropDownList? Best regards, Raluca Lupu

Hi, I tried to implement the Docusign SDK according to the KB Article (https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/docusign-digital-signatures-in-webcon-bps/36) but cannot get it to work. When i want to send the Process to the Signature Step i get an error from the Docusign API which i can't figure out. "Error while requesting server, received a non successful HTTP code Completed with response Body: "error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"no_valid_keys_or_signatures"}" I'm guessing that i am (...)