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Hi! We have a business request to save email in instance we have just sent out with Webcon action. I know some workarounds: - show some details from wfmails table - create hotmailbox and process cc-d email But I do not like them. I have not tried, but maybe with msgraph api it is solvable. Does anyone have a good solution to save sent email in msg/eml file as attachment? Thanks! BR Peter

Hi, Could you please help by providing some guidance / documentation regarding on how to avoid duplicates in a Dictionary process? (adding from New button and import from excel) Thanks.

Hi, Do you know how to change style of the column headers? (Webcon 2021) I want to change only headers.

Hello, Is it possible to input two different values into the 'Update Related Workflow Instance' action in Webcon BPS Designer, but have them appear on separate lines within the same field? Specifically, I would like to know if there's a way to use a newline character or any other method to achieve this. My Observatii 2 field is Multiple lines of text. Thank you

Hello, I would like to build an app based on a parallel approval. (2 different tasks) 1. Approval for Manager 2. Approval for Economics The process must wait for those 2 approvals responses and then decide on condition. (continue process or stop process) Do you have any ideas / suggestions on achieving that? Thank you.

Hello, I would like to create some daily or weekly reports based on the requests made that day/week. Is there a scheduled process that can do that? Or Is it possible to achieve this in Webcon? For example, in Power automate there is a scheduled flow that can be set to run whenever you want. Thanks.

Hello. Have any of you done archived (completed)process migration from Sharepoint? Are there any built-in solutions? I would appreciate for any hints.

Hi all. I have the requirement to create a report that aggregates process columns from multiple workflows. In the portal report configuration menu from the source tab I can choose multiple processes->workflows. However, doing so wil only allow me to pick system columns and not process related ones. Is there a way to surface process columns from across multiple workflows to build the report? Thanks.ac

I have created an app and a dictionary. Now for this app, i have to create same process, but with different set of users. What is the best way to do it? 1. Clone the workflow, set it a Custom Instance number and modify steps with the new group of users? 2. Clone the process? 3. Export that app as a template? But when i want to import it, i have to use that dictionary i have created. Thanks

Hi. I want to show in a report in a column if an item has an attachment. Does anybody have an idea how to do that? Kind regards, Klaus

Hi, I'm seeking a hint, how to show in the table report that an item is assigned to more than one person. Has anybody an idea? When a task is assigned to more than one, it is visible in the info bar in the item form, but in the tabled report (e.g. "all open instances") it shows only one name. Is it possible to show the result of a business rule in a report? Kind regards, Klaus PS: we are using V2021


Hi everyone, does anyone has an idea /have a hack to move the attachments / comments option to a tab? I'm currently trying to create a form, which should: - look good or at least ok - be usable with a big multi line text box - while using the task "view" and displayed info panel - has to compete with a paper based process with an arbitrary number of steps and options to write any information on the paper Best regards, Daniel

Hi, I have an item list with a "date" column. I figured out that filtering (or even showing it in a customized date format in a data table) is tricky as the daty type of the column is actually nvarchar(1000). What I want to reach is to filter the data table based on a "date picker" field, but I don't manage to. Kind regards, Klaus

Hi there, For security reasons, we need to add a timeout for all user logins such that after a couple of hours, after login, the user will be prompted to log in again. I looked through the GlobalParameters data base and found the following (line 44 - PortalTokenSigningKey) ..."Expiration":"00:00:00","RefreshTokenExpiration":"0.00:00:00","AuthCookieExpiration":"0.00:00:00","AuthCookieSlidingExpiration":true} I am not sure if it's the right place, what format it uses (days:hours:minutes (...)

Hi, I'm trying to update an existing instance or create a new instance with REST API. I'm using api version 3.0 and Postman. I want to put data to choice field, but I know only name from data source. It's possible at all? I tried to put a value in two ways: "formFields": [ { "guid": "c2e37260-5d57-410e-997c-1f19bb12a4c0", "svalue": "USD" } ] System always trying to fit value "USD" to Id, but ID is different, (...)

I am looking example of getting attributes from Polish GUS to get information about client (name, address, etc) ?

Hello, Question 1: Is there any possibility to give user access to form but restrict/limit form history (only user have access to current form not for previous versions)? Question 2: I have form field 'Picture' in dictionary form which (that form) is connected with user by field 'User' - do you have any idea how to present that picture on users dashboard? Do be clear: Form 1: Field User: X Field Picture: A Form 2: Field User: Y Field Picture B On dashboard User X (...)

Hi, Is there any way to remove saved comments from an element? I would like to use the native comment field, but I need to delete the old comments in a certain step. Is this possible, or should I use the AttLong attribute instead of the native comment field? Best regards, Bartek


Hi everyone, I just had the need to get multiple rows of data without having access the the SQL database. I didn't want to create a field for this one time use case. Unfortunately the 'Test' result window of the expression editor, didn't have the option to copy the result. Luckily I thought of the Administration Tools\Search Logs. As you can see in the attached picture, I was able to execute an arbitrary SQL statement and could export the result to Excel. :) Best regards, Daniel