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Hello everyone, How can I find out more information about the cause using an error ID? Where can I enter the ID in the Designer Studio to get to the form field that is causing the error? I tried to adapt a data source to a "data table" form field because not all existing values ​​were displayed. Now I always get the error "Failed with an unknown exception Error ID: 6f351188-04d9-4049-bd2b-d3da66c64976" Unfortunately the error code doesn't help me understand what exactly happened... Ma (...)

Hi there, I have following idea and search for a solution: I have an items list; now in case a certain field is changed, I want to write the "old" value before the change into a different column of this itemlist row. Any ideas? Kind regards, Klaus

Hello, I have an application that creates a folder within a document library on SharePoint and needs to upload files to the newly created folder. I am encountering difficulties in uploading the file to SharePoint using the REST action with the Graph API. I get this error: "Invoke REST Web service test (2) - Request Url: https://login.microsoftonline.com/f656719a-4d1c-482b-be59-564f8c2af72d/oauth2/v2.0/token Response Code: Exceptions: Cannot add value because header 'Authorizat (...)

Hello. I have a "Invoke REST Web Service" GET action. I would like to save a part from response to a field, more specifically an ID. I have tried multiples methods, but i did not success... This is my response. How can i save the "value/listItem/id" to a field? (id=318) { "@odata.context": "https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/$metadata#sites('test')/drives('XNOnVydrSL6yetalE8-T')/root/children(listItem())", "value": [ { "createdDateTime": "2024-01-15T16:28 (...)

Hello, I have an equipment initialization process (1) , followed by another process of allocating this equipment to a user (2). I have created a Report - "Equipment allocation" and I want to add a calculated column to this report that brings in the "Series" of the equipment from the Initialization process. I have this query: (select dbo.ClearWFElemAdv(WFD_AttChoose2)[which is the "Series" column in process (1)] from wfelements where wfd_dtypeid=102[which is the form id of process ( (...)

Hello, I have 4 HTML fields (Categories) and one Choice field (Projects), and I would like to place some hyperlinks on HTML fields that start a new instance. Can I set 'StartElement' function on this HTML field so it can define other parameters that should auto-fill in the instance? For example: I choose a project, then press a 'Category' button (one HTML field) that will start an instance, and in that instance, the project and category should be auto-filled. I have already checked th (...)

Hello everyone, it seems that in a report, you can only drag columns from one items list. If I try to add a column from another items list to the report, I receive an error message " Error adding items list column - There are already selected columns from items list ...." We need a report that combines columns from various items lists. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks Lina

Dear Community, Microsoft recently announced that the new default font for Microsoft 365 applications is changing from Calibri to Aptos: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/office/new-office-theme-e7bbfe02-d1fb-4c4d-b3b7-6a47f0cefd3f If you already have this font on your device, give it a try in WEBCON BPS. In my opinion, it looks really good in WEBCON BPS Portal. If you want to test it, just set global CSS style in your configuration: body {font-family: Aptos} This may not be the b (...)

Hello all, Does anyone know if it's possible to have the behavior of Invoke Menu Action - Create new process using Hyperlink, where the request that we configure open automatically in a new tab but instead of using Hyperlink, the system is launching a subworkflow? Thank you

Hi, I need join new started workflow as child of exist workflow in other aplication, i would like to know is it even possible?

Hello all, I'm trying to set up a calendar with a dynamic condition that will set the color of each instance taking the difference from a date field when comparing with Today's date. Does anyone knows how to set up something like this? Thank you!

Hello all, Does anyone know if the calendar can be configured to only show business hours in Week mode? Thank you!

Is there a way to have more control over the styling of the forms? For example - how to change the color of disabled fields or how to remove or change the border of inputs.

Hi! We have a business request to save email in instance we have just sent out with Webcon action. I know some workarounds: - show some details from wfmails table - create hotmailbox and process cc-d email But I do not like them. I have not tried, but maybe with msgraph api it is solvable. Does anyone have a good solution to save sent email in msg/eml file as attachment? Thanks! BR Peter

Hi, Could you please help by providing some guidance / documentation regarding on how to avoid duplicates in a Dictionary process? (adding from New button and import from excel) Thanks.

Hi, Do you know how to change style of the column headers? (Webcon 2021) I want to change only headers.

Hello, Is it possible to input two different values into the 'Update Related Workflow Instance' action in Webcon BPS Designer, but have them appear on separate lines within the same field? Specifically, I would like to know if there's a way to use a newline character or any other method to achieve this. My Observatii 2 field is Multiple lines of text. Thank you

Hello, I would like to build an app based on a parallel approval. (2 different tasks) 1. Approval for Manager 2. Approval for Economics The process must wait for those 2 approvals responses and then decide on condition. (continue process or stop process) Do you have any ideas / suggestions on achieving that? Thank you.

Hello, I would like to create some daily or weekly reports based on the requests made that day/week. Is there a scheduled process that can do that? Or Is it possible to achieve this in Webcon? For example, in Power automate there is a scheduled flow that can be set to run whenever you want. Thanks.

Hello. Have any of you done archived (completed)process migration from Sharepoint? Are there any built-in solutions? I would appreciate for any hints.