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Czy system pozwala na użycie wielu dodatkowych pól niestandardowych? Ilu dla danej tabeli?

Hi is there a way to get from the database all the permissions to all the reports that we have ? I was not able to find any column with that information and I do not know how to get such info

Hi, Are there any issues with deleting rows related to cyclical actions in those tables (WFActionExecutions ,AutomationSessionExecutions )? Thanks, Kuba

HI I need by sql query to outline the list of the appliacation that we have and a workflows to a choice field. How can I do if the app is on Main_Db and we have apps on Main_db and main_db2?

Hello, how to transfer the database to a new server? I have no problem with transferring processes in WEBCON Designer Studio, but how to transfer data?

In Designer Studio it is possible to check the use of a single connection or data source in the context of all processes. Is it possible to get such a list for all connections and sources using an sql query?

Hi I'm looking for steps or best practices how to do it correctly - restore db prod on test env ?

Hi, Does anyone know where in the database I can look for recent activities? I mean the ones that are on the Dashboard, specifically "Delete of instance".

Hello everyone. Is it possible to select all authenticated users in the portal with the date and time of authentication?

I used to update this table and chagne wft_user and WFT_user name. But from the version 2023 i got Update or insert of view or function 'WFElementTasks' failed because it contains a derived or constant field. Is there any other way to udpate the column in wfelementtasks?

My database goes into "Recovery Pending" mode which causes a program HTTP error 502.5. Restarting the SQL Server service solves the problem, but this has happened several times, does anyone know why this is happening?

Hi all, do you have any information where are kept the covers in the database on the 2023 version?

Hi, We have a project in Webcon that has many processes and dictionaries (more than 150). The application has been in production for, let's say, two years. In the first year, the database size was manageable, but now it's getting out of hand. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or suggestions for dealing with large amounts of data? Are there optimization techniques we can employ? Any opinions are welcome! Thanks!


Hi, Following a security audit, we are compelled to set the CLR Assembly Permission Sets to SAFE_ACCESS in SQL SERVER. I'm not an expert in SQL. What impact does this setting have on Webcon? Thanks, Raluca

After installing a new development environment, I have a problem with performing an SQL query to the BPS_Config database. The environment was installed with my administrative account. From the database level, I can also see that the users of the service and the application pool (db owner) have permissions to the database. The application pool is the account indicated in the installer as the user to connect to the database. The message itself points to a SID that I don't have in my domain. Every (...)

Hi, I have a problem with the execution of SQL queries in different environments using a Default connection (after moving the system to AZUR-e servers). SQL Server Profiler shows that on the TEST server execution of queries using the Default connection uses a different user than on the Dev server - installation seems to be the same (the same users etc.). Is there any option/installation parameter that causes the execution of TEST SQL may be different than the rest of the environments? (...)

Hi, I really need to understand and find out where in BPM_Content I can find all my BPS Internal View data sources, because I would like to use some columns from there that don't exist in WFElements (like STP_Name). But seems like I'm failing to find it everytime I try. I understand that all my dictionaries are stored in Views folder.. which makes me think that BPS internal views are stored somewhere separately as well. Is anyone kind and able to help me with this? Thank you

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone knows where or in which table the "Fixed values list" are stored. I am using a "Start a subworkflow (SQL)" to migrate data from our old sharepoint workflow tool to Webcon. Unfortunately, it seems that Webcon has decided that 'Choice fields' always require a GUID#Name to be populated. (Without this format I get an error and the subworkflow does not run). Now I have some Choice fields that use Fixed values lists in Webcon and I need to concatenate th (...)

I recently noticed a problem with sending emails from my environment. The most likely cause was the wrong password for the application pool account. I see a lot of entries in the WFMails table with a status of 0. I do not want all outstanding e-mail notifications to go out after changing the password. Is adding to the send queue based on the WFMails table, or is there another, dedicated database table for this purpose? UPDATE I have already found some important information: This queue is (...)

Hi, Is there a set of rules, an instruction on how to directly (using insert-sql) import data into the database (into the WFelements table)? Which field values should we generate so that there are no problems with the operation of the application. Of course, WFF_STPID - step ID, WFD_DTYPEDID - form ID depends on the process, and the rest, e.g. RowVersion (some hexadecimal value) ? And other?