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Hello, We have set a working Oracle connection. There is a procedure with 2 params, one IN, another OUT. Running a Business Rule containing a SQL Command against the Oracle connection: declare l_out NUMBER; begin ZZ_WEBCON_TEST.TEST_PROCEDURE(P_IN => {BRP:21}, X_OUT => l_out); end; where {BRP:21} is a Business Rule decimal parameter. The Rule is working, Oracle procedure gets executed (witness on Oracle db) and most probably returns l_out. My question is: how do I get the l_out (...)

Hello, The new mobile app is great, but has anything changed regarding licensing? Is the mobile app separately licensed? e.g. in the free version (WEBCON EXPRESS) I see 1 license for the mobile application.

Hello, I have a question, a curiosity... In the WFDataAttachmets table, there is a column called ATT_IsDeleted. If I want to Run SQL procedure (webcon action) and update table and set the ATT_IsDeleted column with 1 or 0. Is it a good practice? Or is it not allowed? Thanks.

Hello, on my test instance the WebCon BPS service restarts. On average every 3 minutes. I get messages like below. Have any of you encountered this type of problem? The WebCon WorkFlow Service service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 107 time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 60000 milliseconds: Restart the service. == Failed to activate some modules Category: Activation Failed to activate some modules OLAP (for db: BPS_Content ) Warning (db:BPS_Content) (...)

Hello everyone, I have a workflow where data is imported and instances are created. After the import, a timeout (minute) is defined which further delays the instance. A field value (multiline text) is set on the path. At this point, the workflow encounters an error (Concurrency Error). However, if I manually pass the WF instance on the path, the field value is set correctly. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance. Error Stacktrace: Nachricht Fehler Setze Symbol - Fehl (...)


Hi, Is there a possibility to configure exchange integration actions - create/update calendar event so it creates Teams meeting? Or only option is Microsoft Graph? Or some powershell? Do you have any examples of that? Best Regards, Dominik

Hello everyone, Is it possible to set the attachment function so that users can upload files in all workflow steps? Currently, in my app, this only works if the user has editing rights for this instance. But I don't actually want that the users have editing rights on all instances and do not want to create complicated rules, that then unlock the overall rights, but immediately revoke the rights for certain fields. In the field matrix I can only set the attachements checkbox to visible or in (...)

Hello everyone, I have an issue where the meta-information (creator and date) of attachments are no longer being displayed. In the HTML, they are present but the CSS class is set to "display:none" (see image attached). Where can I change this setting or how can I display the meta-information again? This has been the case since the update to version 2023.1.2.123. Thanks in advance. Martin

Is there any way to influence the user checkout behaviour (i.e. force discard after x ammount of time) when users are only saving an instance but not ending the edit mode of the form. I currently have the issue that there are several users who are behaving like this and we aren't able to convince them to either close their browser window/tab or at least click "Cancel editing" after they have saved their progress. I know there would be the potential risk that data is lost if i force the discard (...)

Hello community, I would like to build a form that will be used in a multi-company environment. I have configured the companies and assigned specific employee groups in the "default for" tab. For employees from different companies, I have created several forms where I fill in the default 'company' field. Based on this, I would like to create a report that will allow employees from company A to view only the forms related to company A. I will also need an 'administrative' view that will allow (...)

Hi, Are "Fixed values list"s' content available through API? Not dictionaries or other process types, but "Fixed values list" object types only. The need is to synchronize Webcon data with other systems, assuming Webcon repository is master. I found this article https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/2491 which states that there would exist /api/data/v4.0/db/{dbId}/elements/resolveFieldValue/{idguid}, but this kind of call results in 404 - not found error. I did not find resolveFie (...)

So this application is incredible... without words how much it can get on your nerves!

Hi, We tried introducing a method that will force an inactive user to log out of the portal after 10 minutes. We found the Security configuration and changed the cookie expiration time (set it to 10 minutes). Successful logout occurred after 10 minutes. After logging out, a login window appears. In some cases, the user had to enter the correct login and password several times before being able to enter the portal. The worst thing is that there are cases where the user does not log in (...)

Hello everyone, Where can I adjust in the Designer Studio so that a complaint is initially only opened in reading mode? Currently, the complaints called up are always opened immediately in processing mode. I would like to set it so that editing has to be started manually. The problem is, that users open the entry and just want to read it and then forget to cancel the editing. This means the complaint remains in processing mode and cannot be processed by other users. Where can I find the s (...)


Hi, Can you help me with some ideas? My client wishes to have a functionality similar to the mobile notification app for the desktop version as well. Email notifications are not helpful because he receives a lot of emails daily, and he would prefer to be notified in a different way than through email notifications. Is there a way I can implement desktop notifications similar to those from the mobile app? Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi, Can you help me with advice on how to quickly delete a process that is no longer in use? I should mention that the process has form rules/business rules/actions Thanks, Raluca

Hello everyone, I'm trying to create an article-based analysis. The evaluation should list how often an item is affected in a complaint. Unfortunately, although I can add the corresponding fields as columns for a list view, I cannot display them in the form of a chart. Why do these fields have the blue text [Positions] in front? What is it about these elements that I cannot select them in the view page as an element to be displayed (Image 2)? Many thanks in advance. Greetings, Matthias


Hello! I'm trying to import Slovene language pack obtained from the https://bpstranslator.webcon.com/ What I did: 1. Added a new record to the Interface language packs in System settings: sl-SI (Slovene); 2. Uploaded the .zip file downloaded from the BPS translator tool mentioned above; 3. Reloaded the configuration; 4. Reset the cache; 5. Change the language on my profile to Slovene. Translations done in Designer Studio are showing fine while all other system texts are not transl (...)

Hi! So I have this Item List in "Orders app". Lets say it has 10 columns. 6 Of those columns can be editable depending on subprocesses or other proceses. So there is a query, that if returns 1 it means that column can be edited by a user, if 0 then the column in this row is blocked. For that I am using "Column edit restrictions" from the "Permissions" tab in the studio. And it works great. For few rows. If there are more rows it works really slow. I made some analitics. The query is executed (...)

Hello, I know if we have a field type Integer you can set its appearance like a) 123456,00 or b) 123 456,00 or c) 123,456.00 I'm wondering if we can change, by any chance, the way an INT looks like inside a data table field as well. Because at the moment, into the data table is looking like d) 123.456,00 .. and I don't have the option to choose this format for other fields as well. Thank you!