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Showing multiple "assigned to" in report


I'm seeking a hint, how to show in the table report that an item is assigned to more than one person. Has anybody an idea?

When a task is assigned to more than one, it is visible in the info bar in the item form, but in the tabled report (e.g. "all open instances") it shows only one name.

Is it possible to show the result of a business rule in a report?

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PS: we are using V2021


This behavior is due to performance reasons.

If you want, you can use calculated column using query like:

(select STUFF((
SELECT '; ' +(wft_username)
FROM dbo.wfelementtasks
WHERE wft_wfdid = wfelems.wfd_id
AND wft_wfhid IS NULL
AND wft_isfinished = 0
AND wft_assigntypeid IN ( 1, 2 )
AND wft_orgid IS NULL
), 1, 1, '')