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Hi all, Yesterday i upgrade Webcon to version 2023.1.3.118 and one things change. In workflow "Faktury" (Invoice) a had an action that download using Rest Api information about working time of employee. Using this data, system fill table with invoice items (eg. cost allocation ). But in this version i get error that: "No exact match was found for:..." ("Nie znaleziono dokładnego dopasowania:...") for attribute Choice field. In previous version this work fine. And there is no pattern in this (...)

Hi! We're stuck with an error using the Send Custom Email action with the default User or Group attribute as the Recipient, after updating from 2023.1.2.123 to 2023.1.3.118. Any tips on how to resolve this issue? Thanks, Patryk

Hello community, I would like to build a form that will be used in a multi-company environment. I have configured the companies and assigned specific employee groups in the "default for" tab. For employees from different companies, I have created several forms where I fill in the default 'company' field. Based on this, I would like to create a report that will allow employees from company A to view only the forms related to company A. I will also need an 'administrative' view that will allow (...)

Hi, Are "Fixed values list"s' content available through API? Not dictionaries or other process types, but "Fixed values list" object types only. The need is to synchronize Webcon data with other systems, assuming Webcon repository is master. I found this article https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/2491 which states that there would exist /api/data/v4.0/db/{dbId}/elements/resolveFieldValue/{idguid}, but this kind of call results in 404 - not found error. I did not find resolveFie (...)

Hello all, Does anyone configured a Onedrive connection in Webcon? I'm following the topics: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/integration-with-aad-using-rest-invoke-method-and-microsoft-graph/117/18 https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/adding-attachments-to-onedrive/183/4 https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/working-with-onedrive-files/341/18 But this is explaining on how to configure using MS Graph and Rest API. However, in the connections area, there's one specific for On (...)

So this application is incredible... without words how much it can get on your nerves!

hi there, kindly i need help how to resubmit already archived instance again to start (with same inputs and attachments) on monthly basis? i 'm thinking of cyclical action but struggled to configure the action please advice


Hi, Can I collapse the categories in attachments by default without using JavaScript? Thanks, Raluca

Hi I want to set a timeout based on the date attribute and in doing so no matter how I set the delay in the timeout settings the action misinterprets the date. Has anyone encountered something like this?

Hey, anyone have any idea why the problem appeared? Version installation: current -> 2023.1.3.76 target -> 2023.1.3.118 In changelogs there was information about changes as to the columns in the AdminWFEventLogs table. Last query from profiler: IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.columns WHERE Name = N'WEL_Details_Deprecated' AND Object_ID = Object_ID(N'dbo.[AdminWFEventLogs]')) BEGIN EXEC(' IF NOT (...)

Hi all, I have a question, in a report view like the one attached, I mean the right hand side where the outstanding tasks are, is it possible to intervene to add a description? I have for example an urgent request which is also marked on the form, is it possible to include such information in this view, possibly change the colour of the tile or title. Can I do something to make it stand out? Maybe someone has already struggled with this.

hi there, i need help on how to configure the on timeout action as i wanted once one instance starts and reach the next step, the user assigned must receive an email reminder after 5 minutes if the user didnt make and action or even if didnt yet logged and check the instance.., please note that im using a date field ( date and time) as a start date please advice


Hi, Have you encountered this situation? I deleted some instances using the 'Remove Personal Data" then "Archive workflow instances' action. Both actions delete the instance, but the instance's signature remains in the WFElementSignatures table. Thanks, Raluca

Hi everyone, I am trying to upload an attachment using the REST API. I am using the REST Web service action for this. How to do it correctly? Along with the attachment, I would also like to upload a json with other information. Endpoint is configured correctly, the problem is in the BODY itself. The referenced API is written in python using FastAPI framework. This is response: { "detail": [ { "type": "missing", "loc": [ "body", "id" ], (...)

Hi, We tried introducing a method that will force an inactive user to log out of the portal after 10 minutes. We found the Security configuration and changed the cookie expiration time (set it to 10 minutes). Successful logout occurred after 10 minutes. After logging out, a login window appears. In some cases, the user had to enter the correct login and password several times before being able to enter the portal. The worst thing is that there are cases where the user does not log in (...)

Hi, Are there any issues with deleting rows related to cyclical actions in those tables (WFActionExecutions ,AutomationSessionExecutions )? Thanks, Kuba

Hello everyone, Where can I adjust in the Designer Studio so that a complaint is initially only opened in reading mode? Currently, the complaints called up are always opened immediately in processing mode. I would like to set it so that editing has to be started manually. The problem is, that users open the entry and just want to read it and then forget to cancel the editing. This means the complaint remains in processing mode and cannot be processed by other users. Where can I find the s (...)

Hello, I have 2 form fields - Person (Assignee, Manager) I would like to create a report and filter that report based on these 2 columns. It is working fine, until Assignee/Manager is multiple value. If there are 2 persons assigned, it doesn't bring that instance in the report. This is my formula (SQL filter): and (WFD_AttChoose1 like trim('##currentloginname## ' )+'#%' OR WFD_AttChoose6  like trim('##currentloginname## ' )+'#%') Do you have (...)


Hi, Can you help me with some ideas? My client wishes to have a functionality similar to the mobile notification app for the desktop version as well. Email notifications are not helpful because he receives a lot of emails daily, and he would prefer to be notified in a different way than through email notifications. Is there a way I can implement desktop notifications similar to those from the mobile app? Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi, Can you help me with advice on how to quickly delete a process that is no longer in use? I should mention that the process has form rules/business rules/actions Thanks, Raluca