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hi there, i can add a business rule for condition step, but how if i need to have more than one rule for different fields in the same condition step? so i need the condition step check for more than one rule., for example: check attachment. please note that every rule separately works but together not. please any solution?

Hi, We are in the process of setting up new servers for Webcon with SharePoint. Regarding licences: -If I understand correctly, when we want to move the new servers into production, we must first deactivate the license on the existing servers and move it to the new servers? -What about the time between installation and production? How can we see that Webcon is functioning properly on the new servers? How can we migrate applications to new servers and test them? What about the installatio (...)

I am trying to write a SQL statement to start a workflow but the data source needs to be a SQL data source rather than the Webcon database. I have defined the SQL data source (ConnectWise Companies) and it is working OK. I think the problem is what do I use in the "From" part of my SQL statement. If I omit the From part, when I test my query it does not recognise the column names and says "Invalid column name Company ID, Invalid Column name GroupID" I have tried using the Objects tab in the (...)

Hi all, I am currently building a process in which it is possible to go back to the 'start' step from almost any step. (There are 10 steps that can go back to the 'start') Now I have an (1x) action (action template) that should be performed when someone selects the path to 'start'. Is there a better way than adding this action to every path? (Adding the same action to all paths that lead to the same step again and again is simply inconvenient and contradicts the "Don't repeat yourself" (...)

Hi, does anyone know why I can't always reply?


Hi, I need extract the name of form type from databases. Does anyone know where the name of the form type is saved? Thanks, Raluca

I have a problem with a report (simple display of a table with objects) for a process into which about 150,000 objects have been imported using the API. After opening the report, a long loading bar appears and then the message "Failed with unknown exception" and to check the calculated columns. There are no calculated columns in the report. There are no such problems for the previous case of 20,000 loaded objects. What could be the reason? Is there any optimization of the WEBCON platform aft (...)

Is it possible to filter by a column with a multi-line text field in reports? There is no filtering option in the context menu. How to improve it?

Hello all, We have implemented a new ticket system called Jitbit and I would like to connect it to WEBCON via REST web service. Unfortunately, I don't understand how to configure a "Basic authentication" or "Token authentication" in WEBCON. Using Postman, the authentication including the queries already worked. Enclosed you can find the documentation from Jitbit: https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/helpdesk-api/#/?id=helpdesk-api Could you please help me with the configuration? Many than (...)

Hello all, Does anyone know if the calendar can be configured to only show business hours in Week mode? Thank you!

Hello all, Does anyone knows how to configure filters in reports that will something like: 'Field A' EQUAL Empty We always have to choose Not equal to a specific value Thank you!


Hello, Does anyone know if there's a way of adding a tooltip to custom buttons one adds to the form? I have an item list with a datarow column. Inside this column I'm creating a button like so: <div class="subelements-action-button"> <button class="webcon-button standard-focus subelements-action-button__delete-row webcon-button--padding-small standard-focus webcon-button--icon-button no-background th-hover" tabindex="0" type="button" onclick="onClickNotForMe({BRP:55})" title="Not (...)

Is there a way to have more control over the styling of the forms? For example - how to change the color of disabled fields or how to remove or change the border of inputs.

Hello Is there a way to export data to specific csv file? I want to create one either as attachment, or saved directly on comuter/server. This should be button on form.

Hello It's my firs question, so please dont "eat" me at the start :) In our workflow we assing form to specifich worker. Workers are assingned first by AD groups (which decide if they can acces webcon or not) and than by specific BPS groups. Problem arise, whet person to whom job is assingned stops working. He's automaticli removed from AD and any atempt to move proces is an error. We circumvent that by adding field: Owner, and using it as source of job assigment. This way if such situat (...)

Hi! We have a business request to save email in instance we have just sent out with Webcon action. I know some workarounds: - show some details from wfmails table - create hotmailbox and process cc-d email But I do not like them. I have not tried, but maybe with msgraph api it is solvable. Does anyone have a good solution to save sent email in msg/eml file as attachment? Thanks! BR Peter

Hi, is there a way to make the description required in case a specific category is picked for that document? Pretty much what I'm saying is that if an user is trying to add an attachment and they choose OTHER for its category, to make them complete its description as well. Thnak youuu.

hello, I need to migrate local groups from production to dev environment, do you know database table or do you have sql that will show me all local grups, even empty one ? thanks in advance.

I want to use "Invoke rest web service request" action and in response I don't have json but message in Header: Response-Code: Forbidden (403) Response-Body: {"type":"/challenge","title":"Challenge requested","status":403,"detail":"Request to perform challenges described","instance":"fe66c6a2-2cc5-42f9-a4ce-96bea7cd716b"} Response-Header: Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2023 07:06:57 GMT Connection: keep-alive Vary: Origin, Access-Control-Request-Method, Access-Control-Request-Headers x-challe (...)

Hi, how to set a filter in the data source for a data table so that search-filtering by date works. The usual filtering according to the scheme does not work: 1. "some date (iso or browser settings)" = "field in the data table with a date" (like attachment) 2. "some date (iso or browser settings)" like "field in the data table with a date"