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1. Configuration: Form is taking data from other processes 1. Purchase Request (process) form >> you pick item and the fields are filled ... 2. Sales Company's (process) form >> again you pick from drop down list a Seller company 3. Seller Form (dictionary process) >> drop down list if you pick Sales Company, then you can pick seller And now I would like to do Doc (word) template ... but I receive error message ... more/less translation from PL to EN "The source was not found, but (...)

Hello all, Does anyone know if it's possible to have the behavior of Invoke Menu Action - Create new process using Hyperlink, where the request that we configure open automatically in a new tab but instead of using Hyperlink, the system is launching a subworkflow? Thank you

Hi, I need join new started workflow as child of exist workflow in other aplication, i would like to know is it even possible?

Hi, We installed a fresh Webcon server and attached the backup of the config database to a new SQL Server and connected it to the new Webcon server. The config database now has references to the old host and the new host. Is it possible to remove the old host from the config db? Thanks

Hi, I have a problem with adding new data in item list. When I'm try to add second row everything are deleting from row first. What can be the reason? In the item list are some columns with autofilling. Problem does not occur, when I type INDEKS (first column which is the main column through which the others are filled in. ) manualy (not using pop-up suggestions)

Hi, We have a project in Webcon that has many processes and dictionaries (more than 150). The application has been in production for, let's say, two years. In the first year, the database size was manageable, but now it's getting out of hand. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or suggestions for dealing with large amounts of data? Are there optimization techniques we can employ? Any opinions are welcome! Thanks!


1. We currently have installed version 2023.1.1.56, and I cannot find it in the platform center anymore. 2. Does anyone know if importing processes from this to 2023.1.1.89 works? Or do I need to do an upgrade first? 3. Is there anything we need to consider when updating this missing version?

Hello all, I'm trying to set up a calendar with a dynamic condition that will set the color of each instance taking the difference from a date field when comparing with Today's date. Does anyone knows how to set up something like this? Thank you!

I have a form with drop down list. This drop down list is using static list. Static list have 8 "items". Steps are A>B>C>D I would like to use items 1-3 in step A and B where index ID of stem is for example 111 and 112, and if is in step C or D then the list have only options 4-8. of course i would like to reset value a drop down list when enter to step C . BTW: I don't know SQL yet ... and in editor in filter there is no if then else .... so .... it works only in first step ... b (...)

I have smal workflow which moves big one between steps. I'm uploading attachment in "small workflow", and want this attachment to be transfered to "big workflow". Big workflow can't be modified. Is there a way to "insert" attachment to other workfolw?

Hi community, I am asking for help with permissions over the process. We have created an application, in the process I have set user rights (launch new workflow instances). The user has the right to delete the created process. I created the option to display the delete and save buttons at the process level in the workflow designer. The save button is displayed under the user, but the delete button is not displayed (I am still working with the user who created the process). If I set the user (...)

Dear Community, In one of my clients, I have an issue with registered companies. There are few companies set. If I import a process from test environments companies are added again (with new id). I have already tried to "sync" ids of companies in test and prod environment (set names assigned to id in test env from prod), but the result is the same. To get things more weird not all companies are added with every import. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any reply.

hi there, I'm able to apply a rule for show and hide of Text fields.., but once i run the form the default run shows me all fields without applying the rule! once i pick one of the choice field options, it starts to apply the rule and show the correct text field and hide the others...., see the attached pic the three fields ( IN , OUT , Between) must not show until i pick it from the transfer type choice field any help!


Hello, is there any possibility to sync users from local AD, and get pictures from AAD? I've been looking at the docs, and changelogs but found config only for AAD alone. If not sync - maybe there is a way to bulk import it somehow?


Hi everyone, if you are using BPS 2023 and the option to translate labels via Excel, make sure to save all reports again. The following numbers are referring to the second attachment. After importing the translation the report configuration will look like (1) in the database. There's nothing wrong with it and it works just fine in the current environment. When you export the application and import it to another environment, you may be in for a surprise (2). Comparing the configuration (...)

Hi, I have 2 dictionaries: Countries and Cities. In the Cities dictionary, the form field 'country' is a picker field from the Countries dictionary.I would like this field to become a hyperlink which would take me to the Country dictionary instance for that country. I was expecting this to work at least in the Dictionary report Cities but it doesn't. For example when creating the Barcelona city instance in the Cities dictionary I selected Spain as a country. After saving I want to be able to (...)

How to display data from another database (added as an MSSQL data source) in a report? How to do this in a new report? Or maybe it could be added to another process report

hi there, how i can modify the format of the form (default) to custom form by placing the text field first and then the name of the field., see the attachment for mor explanation please assist.

Hi, I don't know if this is the right place, but I put in HTML element in dashboard. I want to get data from forms or reports and display them modified with CSS, JS. Is there any tips to do it? Is it possible? Regards Adam

Hello, We are changing the Webcon version from sharepoint to standalone. After installation everything seems ok. However, when I enter some form and fire up the admin options such as "Finish user tasks" it shows me a "Method not allowed" error. The error also pops up when I try to edit a Word file. Has anyone encountered such an error?