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Hello, I'm trying to create a rule in JS that will listen to my checkbox value change. checkbox -> TRUE do something checkbox -> FALSE do something else I've created a HTML field with a simple <script> InvokeRule </script> inside.. placed my rule, and error. :) Can you help at all? Thank you!

Hi, Is there any way to hook into an api that is hosted on a localhost? I have a locally fired server, I use FastAPI (the tool is built in python). In browsers the API works. However, when I try to run a query on a form I get this message. I have already tried restarting DNS, disabling the firewall. The server is on startup and the server is listening on port 8000. I am new to webcon and just learning. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello, I have a big problem. I have an order form, e.g. for a contractor, and I have created a data source that shows all the orders of this contractor. Additionally, Kontrahnet has a monthly order limit entered in the field I need the system to check whether the limit has not been exceeded during the next order. Please help me how to do this

IN webcon 2022.1.4.404 I discovered error on save Action. if send config e-mail action is in "on remove item" - email is sent and revived if if send config e-mail action is in "on save workflow element" then - no email. I was try first with conduction in action , then with no condition but with "condition true / false" and on the end just with out any condition ... and in any case email was not sent when record was created and save or just saved after edition ...

How can I read data from an Excel file containing a macro *. XLSM. This file is not seen by BPS, after changing to *XLSX the data is read correctly.

Is there any way to avoid refreshing a form after invoking a menu action? The problem is that it moves the form to the top and the form flashes.

Is it possible to get an email notification when somebody is posting a comment without pressing any "move to next path buttons"? In the screenshot the yellow area.


Hello! I'm trying to import Slovene language pack obtained from the https://bpstranslator.webcon.com/ What I did: 1. Added a new record to the Interface language packs in System settings: sl-SI (Slovene); 2. Uploaded the .zip file downloaded from the BPS translator tool mentioned above; 3. Reloaded the configuration; 4. Reset the cache; 5. Change the language on my profile to Slovene. Translations done in Designer Studio are showing fine while all other system texts are not transl (...)

Hi Guys, i perhaps have a simple question regarding the itemlist. We initalize the first row of an itemlist with default values in the coloums. I now would like to prevent the first row (init row) from deleting by the user. How can i manage this? Thanks so far Gerd

HI I need by sql query to outline the list of the appliacation that we have and a workflows to a choice field. How can I do if the app is on Main_Db and we have apps on Main_db and main_db2?

Hi! So I have this Item List in "Orders app". Lets say it has 10 columns. 6 Of those columns can be editable depending on subprocesses or other proceses. So there is a query, that if returns 1 it means that column can be edited by a user, if 0 then the column in this row is blocked. For that I am using "Column edit restrictions" from the "Permissions" tab in the studio. And it works great. For few rows. If there are more rows it works really slow. I made some analitics. The query is executed (...)

Hello, I have a global cyclical action that does some things. And in "Error handling" section i've got an automation that sends a customized email It was working fine in 2022, stopped working after upgrading it to the newest 2023 version. Currently it is impossible to do such scenario. I've also tried invoking a REST API but it also fails. Those automation put somewhere else (not in cyclical actions) work fine. Message: Błąd wysyłania wiadomości e-mail: Object reference not set to an i (...)

Hello, I have a form field - multiple lines of text (rich). When i send an e-mail, i set my form field - last entry text. If i write a text and add a new line, it multiples the number of lines in e-mail...as you can see in the attached screenshots. Do you know why is it happening? And what is there to do? Thank you.

After app migration between enviroments strange error occured which shows up every time existing instance is opened or new instance is started in all apps. Reverting back the previous version of the app did not solve the problem. Designer studio throws the error on clicking every item as well. Restarting server did not help. Has anyone came acress similar issue? Any ideas on how to find the source of the problem? What does the phrase Key: (311, 5116) refer to? Thanks in advance. Designer (...)

I do process where: Part I 1. On start, in first step, in form, in field = dropdown list, I pick te signature of other flow (different proces in particular step ID) 2. Then the fields are filled with data from that chosen flow form is full of data (thats OK) 3. And NOW In that chosen flow I have got Item list how to by picking from dropdown list filled new itemlist with data ? I created action (theoretically is working) but ... how to "attach" that action to dropdown list? (...)

Hello, I know if we have a field type Integer you can set its appearance like a) 123456,00 or b) 123 456,00 or c) 123,456.00 I'm wondering if we can change, by any chance, the way an INT looks like inside a data table field as well. Because at the moment, into the data table is looking like d) 123.456,00 .. and I don't have the option to choose this format for other fields as well. Thank you!

Hello All, as of 01.03.2024, Webcon BPS service has stopped downloading current exchange rates from the NBP. Nothing has changed in the configuration (Webcon 2021.1.5). And the server has a connection to the NBP API service. I cannot find any errors in the service logs Do you have the same problem? Is there somewhere a cut-off date until when the rate should be downloaded? Thank you in advance for your help


Hello, in the 2023.1.3.29 version, we have apparently identified a reproducible bug. In our case we are using a text field to store a time value. The goal is for this to automatically replace a period ('.') with a colon (':') after input (Style and behavior). The error occurs when we attempt to replace every period ('.') with another character using STRING REPLACE, specifically in the case of "15.00" where we want to replace each period ('.'). Instead of just replacing the periods, ALL (...)

Hello, how to transfer the database to a new server? I have no problem with transferring processes in WEBCON Designer Studio, but how to transfer data?


Hi, I encountered the following error. I have an action that sets a value in a choice field. I set the choice field through the value of the ID. When I enter the form, the value is correctly set, and it displays the name corresponding to the set ID. However, when I enter the report, in that column, I see the value of the ID instead of the name. I tested by setting the value in the choice field as follows: id#name, and I no longer encountered the problem. Why does it behave differently (...)