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SDK extension for reports
20.01.2021 22:15

WEBCON BPS reporting offers great functionality for sorting, filtering.

It would great having the option to implement and configure a SDK extension for reports, which would allow to execute an action based on the current selection.
In my case the SDK extension would receive the selected rows with all fields and generate an advanced Pdf report. Like configuring the mass action, there should be an option to configure the SDK action. Like picking the right extension, title and maybe an icon.

Some functionality that would be required to fullfill the requirements are already there (Export to excel) and there is no need to reinvent the whole architecture of reporting.

To generate the excel the api /api/db/1/app/7/report/2/export is called. To call an sdk action it could be something like /api/db/1/app/7/report/2/sdk/{actionId}.

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21.01.2021 14:59

That's an interesting idea and I have another use case /addition. :)

We have the option to create a custom UI for specific fields using the FormFieldsExtensionJS. We can also add logic to define how the field is stored but there's not a lot of options for defining how a field is rendered in a report. We need to save the value in a way which looks good enough to be rendered on the report. Even if we can somehow generate a nice rendering value, we can not filter such a field. The attachment shows an example.

It would be nice if an interface would be provided to define how the field should be displayed, which kind of filters are possible and how the select statement for these filters should look like.