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Removing default values; Reducing HTTP response size part 1 UNDER REVIEW


Hi everyone,

we had some racing conditions, when the users switched fast between instances in the task view or previews in reports.
This was caused by form rules which used G_ variables which were no longer available, the view/desktop endpoint hadn't send a response yet but a JavaScript form rule from the previous instance was still executing.

While coping with this I noticed that the response are quite big (1). About 50% of the 418 kb is the value of the jsToRegister property.
Maybe we can do something about his our selves by providing a minified version of the JS.

Nevertheless I wonder whether it would be an option to remove any default values from the response and enrich the created objects with the default values, if this is not part of the response. There are probably classes used for each so, it probably wouldn't have a real impact on the client.
In my case I removed the below default strings which reduced the compressed JSON length from 424722 (2) to 401807 (4) using a "pretty printed" version this reduced the length from 549913 (3) to 508477 (5)

Best regards,

"indicator": false,
"percent": false
"autocompleteMoreResultsCount": 100,
"hasRequirednessDependencies": false,
"isDisabled": false,
"regexValidation": null,
"isTechnical": false,
"controlStyle": "",
"labelStyle": "",
"plugin": null,
"htmlInputAttributes": null,
"htmlInputPlaceholder": "",
"showQrButton": false
"description": {"original": "", "translated": "", "translations": []},
"documentation": {"original": null, "translated": "", "translations": []},
"postbackOnChange": false,
"allowAddingCustomValue": false,
"allowMultiValue": false,
"autocompleteFirstResultsCount": 5,
"autocompleteSearchChars": 3,
"enableFieldsOnModeChange": false,
"javaScriptOnModeChange": "",
"incudeTimeZone": false
"includeTime": false,

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