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New branch level for actions on "Task triggered" level UNDER REVIEW


1. right now WebCon BPS allows to configure actions which triggers on path, on exit, on entry (and of course on a few more)
2. sometimes process is configured to assign the task to multiple users, e.g. multi-approval (without subprocesses), e.g. assign tasks to 3 users
3. again sometimes business got the need that after every approval (finalizing single task) they would like to trigger some action, e.g. email after every single approval.
in that case business desires 3 emails, 1 after every single approval
4. right now it is not possible to configure action on something alike "Task finalized" or "Task triggered"
If we configure it on exit then only one email after the final (3rd in above case) approval
It would be great to have additional branch in BPS Studio to trigger action, e.g. email on every single task finalization - task.png.
The condition could be related e.g. to Path, then we got full flexibility also to trigger action only "on singlle task finalized" only when e.g. path is approve or reject.
BR, Dominik

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